A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Shadow Stance

In the last article we looked at Flayer stance and how it affects our gameplay. In this article we are going to be looking at the warg’s other stance: Shadow.

What Is Shadow Stance?

Shadow stance is our damage stance. We receive an increase in our base damage output as well as various changes to our skills, but it comes at a price. In Shadow stance we aren’t particularly tough so we can’t hang in a fight too long. Additionally we tend to burn through our power pool quite quickly meaning we can’t sustain our damage output for too long. This is because Shadow stance increases the power cost to use our skills.

Shadow stance provides us with two base benefits, which are detailed below:

Melee Damage – +15% increase

In-Combat Power Regeneration – +513

The damage increase affects all of our skills, including our DoTs. The power regeneration increase is quite moderate and only partially offsets the higher than normal power costs that we experience when using Shadow stance.

Skill Modifications

sk_mp_warg_bestialclawsClaws – This becomes Bestial Claws. Bestial Claws deals more base damage than Claws does and importantly it is treated as if it were being used from stealth, even when we are not in stealth. What this means is that Bestial Claws cannot be block, parried or evaded.

sk_mp_warg_maulMaul – This becomes Sudden Maul. This skill functions in the same manner as Maul except that the DoT is places on the target lasts for 20sec instead of 10sec. Additionally Sudden Maul will grant you a buff of -25% attack duration whenever you land a critical hit with it.

sk_mp_warg_savagefangsSavage Fangs – This becomes Shadow Fangs. Shadow Fangs will place a debuff on the target that increases induction times by 25% as well as placing a DoT on the target is Crippling Bite is present. Instead of the block debuff that Savage Fangs places on a target Shadow Fangs will place a debuff on the target that reduces their parry rating by 4,444 for 45sec.

sk_mp_warg_eyerakeEye Rake – This becomes Eye Gouge. This works in the exact same manner as Eye Rake except that it now also decreases the range of ranged skills by 10m for 10sec. This debuff only applies to ranged skills that have a range of at least 20m to begin with.

sk_mp_warg_direhowlDire Howl – This becomes Howl from the Shadow. This works in the exact same manner as Dire Howl except that it will now silence up to 4 targets instead of 2.

sk_mp_warg_snapSnap! – This becomes Snap! The name of the skill doesn’t change. The only difference is that whenever the skill lands a critical hit it will silence the target for 5sec instead of disarming the target.

trait_mp_warg_racial_skill1Pack Hunters – This becomes Shadow Pack. Shadow Pack places a pool on the ground that lasts for 10sec and will debuff any opponent that walks through it. Whilst an opponent is stood inside the pool their physical and tactical mitigation values are lowered by 3,939. If your opponent moves out of the pool they receive a debuff that reduces their physical and tactical mitigation values by 563 for 10sec.

When To Use Shadow Stance

Shadow stance can be used for most fights, but against tougher opponents or in fights that last a while it isn’t such a good choice. You will be quite squishy in Shadow stance so against a tough opponent you will likely see your morale drop quite quickly. So too your power pool will disappear fairly quickly in longer fights because of the increased power costs to use skills.

Shadow stance is an excellent choice when fighting squishy opponents such as Hunters. You can pump out a lot of damage fairly fast and burn them down quickly. Fighting squishy classes shouldn’t take too long so your own squishyness shouldn’t pose too much of a problem … as long as you get the jump on your opponent of course.

Shadow stance is also great for when you are in a pack With multiple wargs all attacking at once the extra damage can often take down an opponent very quickly and again it won’t matter if you are squishy.


Apart from the squishiness and power issues mentioned above it is important to remember that Shadow stance doesn’t turn you into a glass cannon. It does give your damage a boost, but you aren’t going to be pumping out anywhere near the damage a Hunter, Champion, Rune-keeper, etc can. Bear that in mind.

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