A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Flayer Stance

Flayer stance is one of the two stances available to wargs. Here we are going to take an introductory look at Flayer and see exactly what it does.

What Is Flayer Stance?

Simply put Flayer stance is one of the two stances available to wargs and using it will impart certain benefits whilst also imposing certain restrictions on you. Flayer stance makes wargs a lot tougher than normal; whilst in Flayer stance your armour, physical and tactical mitigation ratings will be increased. You will also receive a morale bubble that can absorb some damage as well as heal you. You gain access to both the Flayer stance skill and the Enhanced Skill: Flayer trait at rank 10.

When activated Flayer stance provides the following benefits:

Armour Bonus – 2,700

Physical Mitigation Bonus – 1,261

Tactical Mitigation Bonus – 1,261

Morale Bubble – 1,016 temporary morale

Self-heal – every 7sec heals for 1% max morale (if morale bubble has been depleted) or 5% max morale (if morale bubble has not been depleted)

The values above are the base values for Flayer stance. You can equip the trait Enhanced Skill: Flayer to increase the magnitude of Flayer stance’s bonuses.

Armour Bonus – 3,900

Physical Mitigation Bonus – 1,801

Tactical Mitigation Bonus – 1,801

The morale bubble and self-heal functions have the same values as the untraited version of Flayer stance.

One last thing to note is that when using Flayer stance you will be unable to use any of your stealth abilities i.e. Stealth and Disappear. To enter stealth you must first drop out of Flayer stance.

Skill Modifications

Flayer stance also changes how many of our skills function. Below you can see which skills change.

sk_mp_warg_bestialclawsClaws – This becomes Raking Claws and now puts a DoT on the target in addition to its standard damage. The DoT can self-stack up to three times. Additionally Raking Claws has a 5% chance to place a debuff on the target that will increase induction times by 50%.

sk_mp_warg_maulMaul – This becomes Agonizing Maul. This skill deals some base damage as well as putting a 10sec DoT on the target. This DoT does not stack with itself, but multiple wargs can put multiple DoTs on a target. Agonizing Maul has a 5% chance to place a debuff on the target that will lower the target’s incoming healing by 25% for 10sec.

sk_mp_warg_savagefangsSavage Fangs – This becomes Brutal Fangs. The skill functions exactly the same as the normal Savage Fangs version e.g. places a DoT on the target is Crippling Bite is present and increases attack duration by 10%. However, Brutal Fangs also places a -4,444 evade debuff on the target instead of a block debuff. Brutal Fangs has a 5% chance to apply a debuff to the target that will lower the target’s armour value by 1,667 for 45sec.

sk_mp_warg_stealthStealth – This becomes Brute. Whilst in Flayer stance some of our skills have a small chance of procing an extra effect, these are called ‘Brute Bonuses’. The standard chance of these effects applying is 5%. Using Brute the chance is increased to 25% for 30sec. Brute has a 45sec cooldown, which it shares with Stealth as they are the same skill. Using Brute and then dropping from Flayer stance will mean Stealth will have to work through the 45sec cooldown it inherited from Brute before it can be used.

sk_mp_warg_throatripThroat Rip – This becomes Muscle Tear. Instead of a silence Muscle Tear reduces the target’s run speed by 50% for 10sec. It also increases the target’s attack duration by 33% for 10sec.

sk_mp_warg_disappearDisappear – This becomes Topple. Topple will cause the target to be knocked down for 10sec (before Audacity CC reduction is factored in). Topple shares a cooldown with Disappear and the trait Enhanced Skill: Disappear will also reduce the cooldown of Topple.

sk_mp_warg_eyerakeEye Rake – This becomes Eye Gash. Eye Gash works exactly the same way as Eye Rake except that it now has a 5% chance to apply a debuff to the target that will reduce b/p/e ratings by 808 each.

sk_mp_warg_direhowlDire Howl – This becomes Howl of Aggression. Howl of Aggression will disarm 4 targets within 10m of the warg for 5sec.

trait_mp_warg_racial_skill1Pack Hunters – This becomes Pack Flayers. Using Pack Flayers on a target will root both the target and warg in place. The target looses all b/p/ ratings and the warg becomes completely immune to crowd control. The only way to break this root prematurely is for the target to activate a sprint skill such as the Champion’s Sprint skill or by using HiPS if a Burglar or Feign Death if a Minstrel.

When To Use Flayer

Flayer stance can be used any time really, but it usually most effective either in situations where using stealth would be difficult orwhen there is a lot of damage flying around. For example, when fighting in enclosed spaces such a sinside keeps Flayer stance can be useful to help soak up freep AOE damage which would make it difficult to use stealth anyway. Similarly if he group you are in has pulled NPCs and you are unable to stealth Flayer is a good choice to use.

Flayer stance can also be useful when fighting solo against especially tough/long lasting opponents such as Champions and Wardens.

Tip: When activating Flayer stance the animation for the skill can take a second or two to play out. You can interrupt this animation by using Eye Rake, which is an immediate skill. This means that upon activating Flayer stance you can break the animation whilst also getting off an attack at the same time!


It is important that you realise that Flayer stance does not turn a warg into a tank. It makes us tougher than normal, much tougher than normal, but wargs are inherently squishy creatures so even a big boost in our survivability doesn’t bring us up to the same level as a full blown tank. Don’t get carried away and think that you can survive a freep raid focusing their dps on you because you can’t.

It is also worth remembering that you will be doing less damage whilst using Flayer stance than you would if you were using Shadow stance. You can still pump out appreciable damage, but you won’t be able to burn opponents down quite so quickly.

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