A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


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Zerg or Die

Introduction to the Stalker

Panic, Opportunity, Foresight & Complacency

I Think He Might Be In The Moors

The Lessons of Hyrakras

Bloodtail’s Path Vol. I

Rank 15 GM Warg In The Ettens

360 Infamy To Go

Full Warg Fight Scene

Benton Upsets Some Wargs

Benton The Honourary Warg

Bitmap Combat

Warg Dance

LOTRO Monster Play Basics

The Perfect Hunter Kill

The Sweet Spot

Creeps In Forochel

It’s Not Just Us Who Are Sneaky

LOTRO Memories

A Warg At Work

Easy Infamy

And They Call Us Cowards

Warg vs Rune-keeper

Freep Training Course – How To Kill A Warg

A Warg Video From Before There Were Talkies

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Warg Intro Quests Walkthrough

Warg Herd

The Warg In Rise Of Isengard

Warg Emotes

The Ideal Kill

Retro Warg


The Best Warg Video You Will Ever See


This Is Why You Don’t Go AFK

Warg vs Burger

The Highs & Lows Of the Warg Pack

The Pack At Work

Rise of Isengard: Warg Changes

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

Even The Venga Boys Can’t Save A Runner

Warg vs LM, The Good & The Bad

A Plea To My Fellow Wargs

How Did He Not Win?

How Do Wargs Mate? Why In Mid-Air Of Course!

Warg Convoy

Little Green Dot Warg

The Warg’s Greatest Enemy

A Day In The Life Of A Warg

A Proper Warg Soundtrack


The Eternal Struggle

Pack Tactics

The Pack At Work