A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Why People Whine About Wargs

In my last post I discussed how people whine about the Bloody Maul DoT and today I’d like to expand on that to discuss why people whine about wargs in general.

Speaking with a friend recently I was introduced to the idea that what people are complaining about is not wargs, but the tactics wargs employ, whether they realise that or not.

Simply put wargs are not particularly powerful as individuals. I can already hear the guffaws from some quarters at that statement, but it is true. Wargs have little real dps, some rather poor DoTs, no real heal to speak of and they have insufficient power to maintain what dps they do they have. Sure against squishy targets they can prevail 1 vs 1, but in most cases a warg is simply not a match for a freep if skill level on both sides is comparable.

However, when wargs band together in packs their deficiencies are negated and their strengths are amplified and together they become a very powerful entity. The weak Bloody Maul DoT is suddenly turned into a major offensive weapon when half a dozen are applied together just as Rallying Howl is turned into a powerful heal when half a dozen of them are stacked together.

The pack is the warg’s biggest advantage and through the pack wargs can accomplish some impressive feats. It’s through this strength of numbers that wargs become powerful and where the complaints arise. Complaining about individual skills is not only pointless, but completely useless because even if you removed Bloody Maul, for example, a dozen wargs striking with Bestial Claws from stealth are still going to kill their target.

That’s something people need to realise and accept because if they did they might find themselves focusing more on how to effectively combat their real nemesis, the pack, rather than waste their time complaining about skills.

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