A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

How To Get Into Warg Packs

For wargs new to the Ettenmoors getting into a pack can be a  challenging experience. Sometimes the established wargs on the server don’t like taking new pups into their packs or it might be the case that packs on a server are being run by tribes as tribe only groups. This can make it difficult for new wargs to experience the great fun that packs can bring. I can’t guarantee that you will get into a pack, but hopefully the following advice will make things easier for you.


Before you even think about joining a pack make sure you are ready to join one. It isn’t as simple as just joining a group because warg packs expect certain standards from the wargs that join. If that sounds a bit daunting don’t worry because it is very easy to prepare for the pack.

First of all make sure that you have the in-game voice system activated, You don’t need to have a microphone or to speak, but you must be able to hear what the pack the leader (the Paw) is saying. A sure fire way of being refused entry to a pack is not having the in-game voice system activated.

Next make sure that you have bought and equipped the trait ‘Enhanced Skill: Stealth’. This serves two very important purposes: i) it allows you to keep up with the pack whilst you are stealthed and ii) it makes it harder for freeps to see you in stealth, which means it makes it harder for the freeps to spot the pack. Many pack leaders insist that you have this trait equipped at the very least and may refuse to let you join if you don’t.

The last thing you need to do to prepare is to have a decent supply of consumables. At a basic level this means you should have morale and power pots as well as stun and root pots. These can make the difference between life and death for you, which means they can make the difference between a kill and a wipe for the pack. Make sure you have them!

Get To Know Your Brothers

If you already know some of the regular wargs on your server that’s great because you will already have a link into the existing warg community and the packs being run. However, if you don’t know any other wargs who can vouch for you then you need to start making friends.

The first thing to do is to find out who the regular warg pack leaders on your server are. You want to be nice to these people because it is up to them whether they let you join their packs or not.

You might also want to discretely ask around if your server has a warg only chat channel. Some servers have this, but usually the wargs that use it don’t like it being broadcast for everyone to see. If you are allowed access to this channel use it to introduce yourself and say hello to the other wargs.

Don’t act like a dick. This is a simple piece of advice and really just boils down to common sense. If you annoy people, whether it’s other wargs, or creeps in general, then they will probably start blackballing you from their groups. Be civil towards other creeps and try to help out your fellow wargs and creeps. They will notice this and it will earn you some respect.

Don’t Take Rejection Badly

If you are declined an invitation to a warg pack don’t take it personally. It might be that the pack is full or that it’s a group of friends playing together. Just accept it and maybe you will have better luck next time.

Definitely don’t spam the chat channels asking for invites. That is a sure fire way of annoying people and will probably just result in people putting you on their ignore lists. Similarly don’t keep asking if someone can create a pack you can join. If someone feels like leading a pack they will, but pestering them to do it isn’t going to go down well.

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