A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Guide: Wargs vs Burgers

Considering how important the pack is to wargs I am beginning a series of guides on pack tactics. I already have a few 1vs1 guides up that you can check out (with more to come), but this series will specifically focus on group play in the form of the warg pack.

If you are unfamiliar with the warg pack as a concept or just want to read up on the theory and ideas behind the pack then I would suggest reading the posts below before you read this one.

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Where better to start than with Burgers? A warg pack versus a Burger pack can be both a tremendous challenge and great fun. Before we get into the nitty gritty of it though let me set out some ground rules so we know what we are dealing with here.

The Burger Pack

First of all let’s look at what a Burger pack is. In simple terms it is the Burger’s version of a warg pack. However, it is a crude and base approximation of the elegance and awesomeness of the warg pack. Still Burgers are the only freep class to form these groups with any regularity and in any appreciable size.

The Burger pack differs from the warg pack in several key points, each of which is important to understand if one wants to know the enemy and knowing the enemy is the first step on the road to beating them. So what are these differences?

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Risk


In simple terms Burgers’ theoretical maximum stealth speed is not as fast as our theoretical maximum stealth speed. When we are fully traited and using the Destiny Point buff we can move at 130% whilst stealthed. We also have maps to teleport us around the Ettenmoors. Burgers have mounts, but they can’t use them whilst stealthed. Thus we have an advantage here, one of the few real advantages we have over Burgers. How best to use this is something I’ll come to later.


We group in packs because we draw strength from our brothers. Our Rallying Howl increases in effectiveness the more wargs that use it; our DoTs become a potent weapon the more wargs that stack them, and our tracking abilities become a chained skill to find anyone the more wargs we have to negate freep countermeasures.

Burgers on the other hand draw very little from grouping other than the basic principle of  ‘safety in numbers’. They are simply not built for packs like we are. They have no group support abilities beyond conjunctions, which don’t work on creeps anyway. If their friend is in trouble they can’t heal him, nor can they pool their resources as effectively as we can.


Both wargs and Burgers are cowardly by nature, but for very different reasons and with very different results. Wargs’ cowardice stems from our lack of survivability; we have no ‘Oh Shit!’ buttons to keep us in a fight, only to escape. Burgers’ cowardice stems from their abundance of  ‘Oh Shit!’ buttons and how much they come to rely on them for everything they do. Without those panic buttons Burgers generally don’t know what to do and are averse to taking risks. Wargs on the other hand, not having so many options, don’t know what they’re missing so to speak and thus might go for actions that Burger’s wouldn’t attempt without their magic win buttons.

The Win Buttons

One last thing to mention about Burgers is there win buttons. Below you can see a list of their magic abilities so that you will know what you will be up against.

Tools of The Trade

Touch and Go – This skill increases the Burger’s evade chance by 50% for 30 sec. That doesn’t mean that it will increase a 15% evade chance to 22.5%, it means it adds a flat 50% to their existing evade chance e.g. a 15% evade chance increases to 65%. This skill is on a 5 minute cooldown.

Find Footing – This skill is similar to Touch and Go, except that it is only usable when a Burger has been stunned, mezzed or knocked down. Activating this skill breaks the Burger out of all of those states. In addition to adding 50% to the Burger’s evade chance it also gives them a hefty heal. The extra evade chance lasts for 30 sec. It’s this skill that causes many wargs to say “Never stun a Burglar!“.

Hide in Plain Sight – Commonly called HiPS, this skill works similar to our Disappear skill. However, it has some additional functionality that Disappear doesn’t have, namely it sets the Burglar’s movement speed to 100% for 10 sec when activated. This skill is normally on a 10 min cooldown, but a legendary weapon legacy can reduce it to 7 min.

Knives Out – This skill reduces incoming melee damage by 80% and reflects 30% of incoming damage back at attackers, however, the Burger cannot block, parry or evade whilst using this skill. It also deals damage to 3 targets in a 5 metre radius. It has a cooldown of 5 min.

Ready and Able – This is a reset button that will instantly reset the cooldown of Touch and Go, Find Footing, Hide in Plain Sight, and two of the Burger’s conjunction starting skills. This skill has a 30 min cooldown.

Safe Fall – This skill prevents the Burger from taking falling damage short of death. The cooldown is 1 min.


How To Break The Tools


Touch and Go – This is a fairly simple skill to force the Burger to burn, you just have to hit them hard enough. Once the Burger is taking enough damage he will probably pop this skill and you will notice a lot of your attacks being evaded.

Find Footing – Again this is a simple skill to force the Burger to burn, just stun him. He will almost certainly immediately activate Find Footing, especially if he has already taken some damage as he will want the heal it gives.

Hide in Plain Sight – This is pretty much the same as the two above; deal enough damage to the Burger to get him close to death and he will likely activate HiPS. If you are alone this will probably be the last skill you force the Burger to burn as you will likely have to force him to burn through both Touch and Go and Find Footing first before you can do enough damage to get him to a point where he has taken enough damage that he feels he needs to escape and use HiPS.

Knives Out – This is similar to HiPS in that the Burger will probably opt to use Touch and Go first so you may have to work on him a little before you see him use this skill. Just keep hitting him and at some point he will activate this skill to stay alive, especially if he is low on morale.

Ready and Able – Unfortunately the only reliable way to make a Burger burn this cooldown is to make him burn through Touch and Go, Find Footing and HiPS first. Essentially you have to do all of the above steps twice.

Safe Fall – With a cooldown of 1 min there isn’t really any way to keep this thing off cooldown long enough for it not to be a factor. You will likely just have to ignore it.

Hunting The Burgers

Before your pack can rip their stupid faces off you first have to find the Burgers! You might think that this would be difficult given that Burgers can use stealth too, but in reality is is usually not all that hard. Burgers may be able to use stealth too, but in my experience they tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

Because Burgers aren’t quite as mobile when stealthed as we are they tend to pick a spot and stay there longer than we would because it requires more effort and is more dangerous for them to move around different spots quickly. This means that as soon as they give themselves away e.g. attacking someone at a GY, etc chances are they will still be there when your pack arrives.

Another important tool we have for finding Burgers is of course our stealth tracking ability. It’s range may be limited, but it is effective nonetheless. With at least three packmates equipped with stealth tracking it is possible to run down a Burger, successively negating his HiPs to get the kill.

The Fight

When your pack is actually engaged with the Burger pack there is a very basic strategies you can go for, which I have detailed below.

The Mass DoT

The concept here is very simple, the pack will take down the Burgers one at a time primarily through Maul DoTs. The first Burger that is targeted should hopefully be hit whilst the pack is still in stealth. This should be easy enough to accomplish if stealth tracking is employed to find the Burgers.

It is absolutely imperative that EVERY member of the pack strikes as one here and uses Maul on the same target at the same time. The first target will likely not have Touch and Go activated yet so it is possible to get this first target down quickly if he is hit with enough Maul DoTs. After each warg has applied Maul each warg should then use Swipe to finish him off. The Burger will have probably activated Touch and Go by this point so Swipe is the key here in that it cannot be evaded. The combination of DoTs and mass Swipe should do the trick and take this first target down.

Of course if your pack is using Shadow stance then using wipe isn’t as necessary since you cans imply use Bestial Claws.

As soon as that first Burger dies EVERY warg MUST use Rally Howl immediately. This is the key to winning the battle. Failing to do this will almost certainly result in defeat.

Once Rallying Howl has been activated you can then proceed onto the rest of the Burger pack. The other Burgers probably won’t be as easy to take down once the fight has started and they have composed themselves. They important thing is to pick one target and stick to him like glue, battering away at him until he either dies or HiPs. Only then do you switch to a new target.


This is a really important point because the Burgers are only going to go down if your pack is acting as one and all hitting the same target over and over again until he’s dead. The Burgers will probably be doing the same in return to your pack so whichever warg is currently being targeted needs to kite. Just have that warg run around as fast as he can dragging the Burgers with him whilst the rest of the pack concentrates on burning one of the Burgers down.

Heal Your Brothers

Every time a Burger goes down make sure your pack are all using Rallying Howl. As I mentioned above this is really important. When stacked Rallying Howl is a powerful heal, but it only works well when stacked. Every time a Burger goes down you get a chance to heal up through Rallying Howl and that not only helps you out, it puts pressure on the Burgers and panics them as they see your pack’s morale bars climbing up.

Key Points To Remember

  • Use Shadow stance
  • Keep Crippling Bite applied to the target for as long as possible
  • If kiting Burgers use wound pots to remove their Dust In The Eyes slow effect
  • Use Rallying Howl after every kill

Take No Prisoners

In all likelihood if the battle goes well the Burgers will probably HiPs and try to flee. In case of this eventuality try and keep one warg in stealth and out of the fight. That warg can then immediately use his stealth track to hunt for a fleeing Burger.

Obviously if your pack is not large enough to support having a member stay out of the fight ignore this and resign yourself to letting the Burgers get away, but if possible this is a really good strategy to adopt.

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