A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Camping Spots – South West

As always the traffic routes presented below may vary from server to server.

Freep travel routes are denote din blue. Warg camping spots are marked in red.

South Western Intercepts


In the map above we have three main areas of interest for camping. The first is the general area of the Hithlad Outpost and the routes leading into it. The second is the general River Outpost area and the routes leading into and away from it. The third is the Hoarhallow area.

Hithlad Outpost – Glan Vraig/Lumber Camp

Freeps travelling down towards the Hithlad Outpost from Glan Vraig will generally take one of two routes; a route that hugs the southern most edge of the map and another that veers a little closer to the Lumber Camp. Freeps may also tarvel towards the Hithlad Outpost from the Lumber Camp.

For the first two routes there is a common camping spot and it’s a good distance away from the outpost. I have marked this camping spot on the map as being a little bit south of the Good Grimwood map point. The reason for this is that this is the area where the two routes can diverge so this spot gives you a chance to intercept freeps using either route. The other major advantage of this spot is that is far away from any friendly freep forces so you shouldn’t have to worry about freeps running for safety.

The third route, the one from Lumber Camp to the Hithlad Outpost, is a little more tricky. More often than not freeps travelling from Lumber Camp to the Hithlad Outpost will probably be doing so after having just captured the Lumber Camp. That is to say they are probably travelling as a group. Nevertheless there may be stragglers. This si why I have placed the camping spot in the general area in front of the bridge leading to the Hithlad Outpost. This means that you have a chance to catch any stragglers, but at the maximum distance from the Outpost (an the rest of the freep group) and possibly freep NPCs at the Lumber Camp. It’s not an ideal camping location, but a quick thinking warg who gets into position after the Lumber Camp has been captured by freeps might bag himself a kill.

River Outpost – Hoarhallow/Elf Camp

There are two routes here: the first between Hoarhallow and the River Outpost and the second between the River Outpost and Elf Camp.

For the first of these routes the idea is that the River Outpost is currently either neutral or under creep control with freeps heading toward sit to take it. The camping spot for this route is by the riverside beneath the River Outpost. A lone warg might catch a straggler here or a pack could net itself a small freep group. Either way this can be a good camping spot if there is know outpost flipping going on.

The second route is between the River Outpost and Elf Camp. This spot is really only good if the River Outpost has just fallen and you can get into position quickly. You might be able to catch the freeps who just captured the River Outpost heading towards Elf Camp. It’s a situational route, but again if you are fast it can pay off.

Hoarhallow – Cow Field

The third route is between Hoarhallow and the general direction of the Good Tol Ascarnen Map point. Freeps may be travelling along this rote for various reasons: to search for creeps at the Good Tol Ascarnen map point, to head towards Tol Ascarnen itself, to head up towards the Lugazag graveyard, etc. Whatever the reason it can be a lucrative route.

The camping spot for this route can really be anywhere between Hoarhallow and the Good Tol Ascarnen map point, but I would suggest that it be no farther away from Hoarhallow than about half way between those two points. That ensures that you aren’t too close to Hoarhallow with its freep NPCs, but also that you don’t go so far that freeps start branching off the route towards other areas. It also means that you are relatively close to the Good Tol Ascarnen map point in case you need to call in help.

This can be a good route to camp during quiet periods as freeps tend to think that this is a quiet area for creeps. That canw ork to your advantage as freeps might consider it semi-safe territory, which means more freeps passing through hopefully.


Some of these trade routes can be situational and require you to be in position fairly quickly. That’s the nature of them though, but conversely they are in spots that tend to see at least some traffic because of the outposts and so on in the area. It can be worth taking a sniff at these locations if other areas are proving to be dry wells.

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