A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Camping Spots – Lugazag

As always the following freep travel routes may not apply equally on all servers.

Freep travel routes are denoted in blue. Warg camping spot are marked in red.

Lugazag Intercepts


The map above may look a little confusing at first with various lines and circles seemingly all over the place. However, it’s actually a very simply map with three main areas to look at. The first concerns freeps travelling from the Lugazag graveyard towards Lugazag itself. The second concerns freeps travelling between Lugazag graveyard and Tol Ascarnen. The third revolves around freeps travelling towards Elf Camp from elsewhere on the map.

Note: These travel routes assume that Lugazag, and thus its graveyard, are under freep control.

Lugazag – Graveyard

Assuming that freeps have some reason to travel between the Lugazag graveyard and Lugazag itself such as the keep being under attack by creeps these routes can be just as busy as the ones over at Tirith Rhaw. There are two main routes freeps can use between the graveyard and the keep: headed towards the front of the keep via Lugazag Hill or headed towards the back of the keep (or even on towards the front of the keep) via a route that takes them behind Lugazag.

For the direct route towards the front door via Lugazag Hill there are two main spots that are good for camping. The first is between the graveyard and Elf Camp. It’s best if you actually position yourself a little way to the side of Elf Camp rather than right smack dab in-between it and the graveyard. This means that any freeps you encounter will have a slightly harder time of it in reaching the relative safety of Elf Camp. Personally I don’t favour this spot because I consider it too close to both the graveyard and Elf Camp, either of which can be used as a safety point for freeps.

The second, and better in my opinion, camping spot is on Lugazag Hill just above Lugazag Crossroads. This has the advantage of being far from the graveyard and relatively far from Elf Camp so that there is less chance of a fleeing freep reaching safety. The other advantage you have here is that should something go wrong and you have to flee you have trees around you to provide some cover and break line of sight.

For the route that takes freeps behind Lugazag I have marked the camping spot as being behind the keep. Note that the camping spot is not directly behind the keep at the back door. Rather it is on the plain below the back of the keep. This affords you a good spot to intercept any freeps seeking to travel up behind the keep and you can intercept them before they get up the hill to Lugazag.

Lugazag Graveyard – Tol Ascarnen

This is a fairly simple route that sees freeps travelling between Lugazag graveyard and Tol Ascarnen, either going to Tol Ascarnen from the graveyard or vice versa. A fight at Tol Ascarnen could see freeps running back there from the graveyard or conversely if there is a fight at a creep held Lugazag graveyard freeps may be coming towards the graveyard from Tol Ascarnen to join the fight. In either case the camping spot are the same.

Again you could use a camping spot a little way off from the graveyard, between the graveyard and the Crude Tol Ascarnen map point. This could work if the graveyard is creep held, but there will likely be freeps around this area if there is a fight at the graveyard so it probably isn’t your best option. Likewise if the graveyard is freep held this location might just be too close to the graveyard and freeps may be able to run back there for safety.

A better camping spot in my opinion is at the shallow river crossing between Tol Ascarnen and the Crude Tol Ascarnen Map point. This has the advantage of being far away from both the graveyard and Elf Camp so freeps can’t easily reach either for safety. It is perhaps a little too close to Tol Ascarnen that if Tol Ascarnen is in freep hands freeps could potentially reach friendly NPCs, but even so it’s still a good option because it is a natural crossing point and is likely to see traffic.

Elf Camp – Cow Field

This route covers those freeps trying to reach Elf Camp via the cow field. They will have to cross the river at some point during this route, but I don’t recommend fighting in the water as it presents difficulties and what we are looking for here are quick clean kills and a fast exit. You don’t want to be stuck swimming whilst a freep shoots you from the river bank. Instead I would recommend a camping spot on the Elf Camp side of the river, pretty much half way between the graveyard and the Crude Tol Ascarnen Map Point.

As above this presents difficulties if the freeps control the graveyard because they have a nearby point of safety. However, because this are ais a catchment area for the above two routes as well it can be worth it sometimes if there is significant enough traffic.


Like the Tirith Rhaw routes these trade routes are really only viable when there is substantial activity in the area. At other times they can be pretty quiet. However, when they are busy they can see a steady stream of freep traffic and that means kills. You have to be a little extra careful with positioning on these routes because of the various points of safety freeps have in the area, but with patience and good positioning these can be very worthwhile camping spots.


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