A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


A sometimes overlooked part of a warg’s armoury are consumables. These are pots, foods, buffs, etc that you either buy with gold or barter for with stones from DoF. There are a variety of different consumables, some of which are more useful than others to wargs.

Morale & Power

 Morale Pots – These come in two different varieties; standard morale pots bought with gold from the quartermaster and superior morale pots bartered for with commendations. There is a third type, store morale pots, but I’m not going to cover them here since they are not obtainable in-game for wargs. The standard morale pots are gated by rank, with the lower ranked pots being considerably weaker than the higher ranked ones. The same is true of the superior morale pots bartered for with commendations although the commendation pots are better than the standard gold bought ones.

You should always have a good supply of morale pots with you. Don’t skimp on them, buy the best ones you can afford because they can often be just enough to help you escape or prolong a fight long enough to get a kill.

 Power Pots – These function in the exact same way as morale pots except than instead of restoring your morale they restore your power. They too come in different varieties; gold bought versions and commendation versions and again are gated by rank.

It isn’t quite as important to have a good stock of power pots as it is morale pots, but you can’t go wrong having a few to hand. If you find yourself strapped for cash though then definitely prioritise the morale pots over these.


Wound Pots – These are bought with gold and are called ‘Bottled Uruk Effluvium’. These are actually extremely useful for wargs because they cure two very important debuffs that can be placed upon you: Burgers’ ‘Dust in the Eyes’, which increases your miss chance, and also the Hunter’s Quick Shot and Cry of the Hunter slows, which reduces your run speed. Try to always have a few of these on you.

 Disease Pots – Again bought with gold these are called ‘Bottle Orc Scream’. To be frank I’ve never had the need to use one of these and in fact I don’t ever recall even buying one. You can probably safely ignore these.

 Poison Pots – They’re called ‘Bottled Spider Chitter’ and can be useful for removing both the Guardian’s Hounding Fear slow effect as well as some Warden DoTs. They’re pretty useful to have.

 Fear Pots – These are called ‘Bottled Warg Breath’ and are very useful for us. They DO NOT cure fear effects placed on you by freeps so don’t waste your money on them trying to use them for that. What they are useful for is removing some tactical effects such as Lore-master DoTs. You should definitely have a supply of these.

Comms Fear Pots – These are the real deal so to speak and are called “Phials of Mazuk’s Resolve’. These WILL cure freep fear effects and are all but essential. I would highly recommend that you get yourself a good supply of them.

Comms Poison Pots – These are called ‘Phials of Gorgoris’ Kiss’ and really aren’t terribly useful. Freeps don’t have many (any?) poison effects to place upon you so these are pretty redundant and a waste of commendations in my opinion.

 Anti-stun & Root Pots – These come in two varieties; standard gold bought ones and commendation ones. The standard versions hit you for 250 damage and break you out of stuns and mezzes/roots whilst also making you immune to those effects for 5 sec. They have a 2 min cooldown. There is a second kind, bartered for using commendations and they are called ‘Vials of Gundzor’s Breath’ (anti-stun version), and ‘Vials of Gundzor’s Strength’ (root version). These work in the exact same manner as the standard gold bought versions, only they don’t have the -250 morale penalty.

If you can afford to barter for the commendation version great, but I find that buying the standard gold version works fine and is considerably cheaper to boot. Whichever way you go make sure you have a good supply of both anti-stun and root pots because you will likely use a lot of them and they can really save your bacon.


Armour Buff – Again these are commendations pots and again there are three different versions gated by rank, and which get progressively stronger. The lowest rank version is frankly worthless. The highest rank version version, the top tier, increase your armour value by a decent amount, which is the same amount as the Armour Boost trait. I wouldn’t really bother with these pots until you can buy the top tier version, at which point they become useful, although not strictly necessary.

Evade Buff – These work in the same fashion as the armour buff commendations pots. The lowest tier version is actually not too bad in that it increases your evade rating by a respectable amount. The highest tier version increases your evade rating quite considerably. Like the armour buff pots these are great to have, but not wholly necessary. I’d recommend buying them, at any tier, if you can afford to do so.

Resistance Buff – These function along the same lines as the Armour and Evade commendation buffs. Again not wholly necessary, especially if you are low on commendations, but buy them if you can afford them.


The food available to wargs is pretty much the same no matter which type you opt for. The only real difference between the different types is the amount of regen they provide. The foods are rank gated, with the higher ranked food providing more regen than the lower ranked food. Food is also split between gold bought and commendations bartered versions.

I would strongly recommend that you have some food on you at all times. It’s highly useful for helping you stay in a fight longer, whether it’s a keep take or a 1vs1. I personally wouldn’t bother bartering for the commendations variety unless you have commendations to burn.

Special Note

Run Speed Buffs – There are three separate DoF pots that increase your out of combat run speed. They are rank gated and the cheaper ones have a lower buff magnitude than the higher ones. The starting value is an extra 10% run speed and can be used at any rank. The next tier is +15% and requires rank 2 whilst the top tier is +20%and requires rank 4.

These are nice to have, but not essential. I tend to think of them as a luxury item that I buy if I have spare DoF stones.

NOTE: These pots are no longer available to purchase, but any existing pots you may have had before they were removed from the game will still be in your inventory.

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