A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


Video: Warg Herd

I have posted this before, but I had forgotten about it and only just came across it again and I thought it was worth sharing again. The sole reason for posting this video is the sheer number of wargs involved. Seriously I have never seen so many wargs in one place; presumably there was some event on. The EC scene at 1:32 shows just how many wargs were there; when you think they are all inside more keep pouring in!


Perfect Imbalance

I came across a most interesting video on the official forums and I thought I would share it with you here. What is so interesting about it is that the ideas it espouses could fit LOTRO’s PvP setup so well. I am not going to say too much about the concept at the moment (I will later), but for just now take a look and have a think about the idea of perfect imbalance.

Video: Zerg or Die

Years ago on my server full raids of wargs were a fairly common sight. The newer wargs amongst you may have never experienced a warg raid before, but the video above will at least give you an idea of how these leviathan packs operated.

There wasn’t really much to it to be honest and the title of the video is very apt: zerg or die. With so many wargs together it really was a case of melting anyone and everyone that the pack came across. That may not sound fun (especially for the freeps), but there was fun to be had from those ‘super packs’. Running around the Ettenmoors and roflstomping anything that came within sight does have a certain charm attached to it.

As ever a quick note about the choice of music … annoying. Like so many of these videos the music is overly dramatic and loud when it doesn’t need to be. That is a minor quibble though as the video offers a great deal of wargs killing freeps, which is always fun to watch. Oh and look out for the treat at the end … that whipping boy of the Moors, the Hunter class, gets a jolly good thrashing.

Video: Wargs In The Hobbit

I’ve been trying not to watch too many of the trailers and teasers released ahead of the upcoming Hobbit film, but I couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek at the wargs. They look awesome!


Grtz On R13 Bloodspill!

I totally missed this so apologies Bloodspill! A belated grtz on achieving rank 13!

Video: Introduction To The Stalker

This won’t be of much interest to anyone who has played a warg for any length of time, but for those thinking of creating a new warg to play it’s a nice wee introduction to the class.

Video: Panic, Opportunity, Foresight & Complacency

An interesting video this and for a number of different reasons. As ever with these videos the music is a bit of a pain and distracts from the action, but at least it isn’t the out and out annoying cacophony of heavy metal crap that so many use in their videos. There are four key scenes to look at so let’s dive right in.

Fight 1

The first fight I want to look at starts at 00:48. It’s the warg versus a Champion and the Champion is already engaged with an Auroch NPC. Now you might be thinking that attacking a Champion who is already being attacked by an NPC is a good move because the NPC will be doing some damage to him. Well yes, but that’s really a secondary benefit. Watch what happens when the warg attacks … the Champion panics and runs.

This is really important because not only is the NPC hitting the Champion, the Champion isn’t hitting anything. He does compose himself after a few seconds, but he has already given the warg a good opportunity to get in what are essentially free hits. The NPC helps out, not so much with the damage, but by causing the freep to panic as he initially thinks he has too much to handle. If he had just stayed calm at the start of the fight he would probably have won.

Fight 2

The second fight we’re going to look at begins at 2:29. The warg attacks and kills a Minstrel. That’s super, but it’s what happens next that’s interesting. A Hunter ventures out from TR gate and decides he’ll have a pop at our warg friend. He mezzes, but our warg uses Disappear and Sprint to turn the tables on the Hunter.

This is a really great move because the Hunter was looking at a nice easy kill. He started from range, the warg had just been in battle and the Hunter was beside a friendly keep. However, by burning his cooldowns the warg was able to turn that around and bag himself an extra kill.

Fight 3

The next fight we’re going to look at in this video starts at 3:16. It’s a Grothum effort and the warg has spotted a Minstrel killing NPCs. Now the obvious thing to do here would be to charge in and attack whilst the Minstrel has an NPC on him. However, it is Grothum and thus there isn’t a clear line of sight around you. Our warg friend uses his tracking ability and checks to see if any other freeps are around … and there are! A Hunter!

The warg can then go for the easier target of the Hunter before turning on the Minstrel later. This is a great move and shows the benefit of a little bit of foresight. Something as simple as a track not only meant that the fight with the Minstrel became easier because the Hunter couldn’t join in, but the warg managed to net himself another kill into the bargain!

Fight 4

The last fight we’re going to look at in this video is right at the end, starting at 5:21. Now the first part of this fight isn’t too important. It’s the warg fighting a Rune-keeper and he does reasonably well although it is a close run thing. The important part comes after he has defeated the Runekeeper. Look what the warg does … he runs around a bit, carefree and not really minding what he’s doing. SPLAT!

A Burger comes up and whacks him.

The lesson here is to get your kill and get the hell out afterwards. Don’t hang around and don’t be complacent because chances are there is a freep around somewhere waiting to finish you off once you are nice and weak.