A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


RoR: Disappear & Sprint Cooldowns

Two of the changes coming to wargs with Riders of Rohan are a reduction in the cooldown of two of our skills: Disappear/Topple and Sprint. Each skill will have its base cooldown reduced to 5 minutes whilst each skill will have an associated trait that will reduce the cooldown further to 3 minutes. Given that freep tears over these two skills could fill an ocean you would imagine that there would be a hefty dose of QQ associated with these cooldown reductions. You’d be right.

What’s the Problem?

I’m not going to go over every individual piece of QQ because this post simply isn’t long enough, but it will suffice to encapsulate the general idea behind the QQ. What it comes down to is that some are worried that with shorter cooldowns these two skills can be used to allow wargs to escape more than they do at the moment and that such cooldowns will promote a ‘low risk/high reward’ style of gameplay as a result.

Why This Isn’t A Problem

Freeing Trait Slots

The first thing to say is not every warg is actually going to slot these traits. I can hear the guffaws at that statement already, but let’s examine the issue more closely. At the moment wargs have a number of traits that are generally considered to be necessities. These include: Enhanced Skill: Stealth, Shadow Fang, Enhanced Skill: Sprint and Enhanced Skill: Disappear. Many wargs simply never unslot these traits because they are so useful that they border on being vital.

Now what if wargs had the functionality of both Enhanced Skill: Sprint and Enhanced Skill: Disappear without having to trait for it? In other words both skills on a 5 minute cooldown as standard. Well that would mean that the warg has just managed to free up two very valuable class trait slots. That’s no small prize let me assure you and there will be many wargs who are perfectly happy with the standard 5 minute cooldown and use those two trait slots to work in other traits to vary their build.

The Status Quo

Now some wargs will of course slot these traits and have the reduced 3 minute cooldowns for both Disappear/Topple and Sprint. That still isn’t a major problem though. There are two main reasons for this and the first is that it will make really very little difference compared with warg gameplay at the moment.

As things currently stand both Disappear/Topple and Sprint can be on 5 minute cooldowns. Taking another 2 minutes off those cooldowns really won’t alter how a warg plays in any substantial way. Those who keep both skills purely for escape and never fight without them will likely be the sort of players who will go to Grams and wait for the cooldowns to reset after each fight. A reduced cooldown won’t alter that to any great degree, they will simply have to wait 2 minutes less and they will still have both skills available for escape just as they do right now. Equally if the cooldown on these two skills was increased to, for example, 20 minutes, those same sort of payers would do the exact same thing, only they would be waiting a bit longer.

In either case a warg who is absolutely determined to use these skills to escape can do that right now, just as they can with Riders of Rohan and just as they can if the cooldown was 10 times as long. For wargs determined to escape this really isn’t a major alteration to their gameplay.


The second point to make here is perhaps the counterpart to the above point. For those wargs who don’t use these skills purely for escape, but use them offensively too these changes are actually a major boost. Reduced cooldowns actually encourage more offensive use of these skills.

A skill on a long cooldown is usually seen as ‘something to be saved for an emergency’. You don’t burn a 10 minute cooldown just for the sake of it, you tend to try and save it for when you feel you really need it. A skill on a 3 minute cooldown though doesn’t feel quite so sacrosanct, it isn’t such a long cooldown that you feel that you can’t press that button unless you absolutely need to. That means that you feel a little easier about using such a skill on a more regular basis. In the case of these two skills that means that you can work them into an offensive role more easily.

Counter Tactics

It’s worth briefly mentioning the fact that neither Disappear nor Sprint is an automatic escape card. Both skills can be countered by freeps who use their heads. No skill is completely infallible and likewise both Disappear and Sprint have their weaknesses. Instead of looking at these skills as magic buttons that let a warg always get away it would be a better idea to look at what works against them. There are plenty of ways to mitigate their effectiveness (and no I am not going to share those ways with you!).


These changes are a good thing, not just for wargs, but for PvMP in general. There will always be some wargs who absolutely will not use either skill for anything other than escape and that isn’t going to change. However, there are many wargs who use these skills for both escape and offensive manoeuvres, but with relatively long cooldowns they sometimes feel they shouldn’t/can’t use them offensively. Reducing the cooldowns frees up these wargs to use these skills more often. That means that not every warg is always going to get away, but it also means that wargs have a chance of getting kills more often too.


Ettenmoors Dev Diary: Warg Changes

The recent Ettenmoors diary has obviously proved interesting to many of us who PvMP and whilst it was tempting to write a piece on it right away I thought it best to take a little time to read it over carefully. I’ve done that now and as you no doubt guessed have a few thoughts on it. It’s a big dev diary so I am going to split it into two parts: part one will deal with the most important changes … the warg changed, whilst part two will focus on the general Ettenmoors changes. Please note: this is a warg blog so I am not going to bother looking at changes to other creep classes, for those go read the dev diary!

With all that said let’s dive straight in!

Warg Changes

There are quite a few changes for the warg so let’s look at them in terms of skills and traits and we shall deal with the skills first.


New Skill – Piercing Claws

Your vicious claws allow you to tear through even the toughest armour.

  • Melee attack that ignores 50% of your target’s mitigations and does 10% of the target’s max morale as damage.

This sounds like it could be a pretty good skill., but more so for use against freeps with large morale pools. A Hunter packing in 10k morale would only be dealt 1k damage before mitigations. That’s not as good as Bestial Claws can hit right now! On the other hand a Guardian or Warden running around with, for example, 25k morale would take a base hit of 2.5k before mitigations.

That the skill will ignore 50% of mitigations also suggests that this is meant for use against tough opponents. Being able to get more of the damage through a Guardian’s mitigations, for example, should help to actually land some damage.

Howl of the Unnerving

The proc chance of the fear effect is being increased to 50%! All I can say is about time! This is a much needed boost because frankly a 25% chance just doesn’t cut it. This might actually prove to be a useful skill now with a little bit more reliability.

Rabid Bite

The base magnitude of the power cost debuff is being bumped up to 40%. Again this is a much needed change. At the moment Rabid Bite’s base debuff value is 25%, but with full Audacity a freep has -20% power costs so really all Rabid Bite is doing is increasing their power costs by 5%. A 40% on the other means a net debuff of 20%, which should prove a bit more useful.


The base cooldown is being reduced to 5 minutes. I’ll deal with the inevitable QQ over such a change in a later post, but for now let me say that this is actually a very good change. Look for a full in-depth look at this change coming soon.


The base cooldown is being reduced to 5 minutes. Like Disappear/Topple above I’ll be dealing with this change in-depth later. Again I think this is a good change though.


Enhanced Skill: Rabid Bite

This increases the power cost debuff from Rabid Bite by 35% for a total of 75%. Full Audacity means that the net debuff would end up being 55%. A pretty decent debuff and perhaps something that makes slotting this trait something to consider

Enhanced Skill: Disappear

This will reduce the cooldown of Disappear/Topple by 2 minutes meaning that the overall cooldown will be reduced to 3 minutes.

Enhanced Skill: Sprint

This will reduce Sprint’s cooldown by 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Rallying Howl

We no longer have to trait to gain our heal! The Rallying Howl heal will be usable by all wargs who have gained the skill. Instead this trait will make Rallying Howl give a stacking damage buff in addition to the normal healing effects.


Again we won’t have to slot the trait to use Flayer stance. Instead a base version will be available for all wargs to use (assuming they have purchased the skill). The base version won’t have such high armour and mitigation values as we are currently used to. Slotting the trait provides Flayer stance with the values we are used to.


A pretty solid set of changes here. The revision to traits is very welcome as it should help us to free up some slots and have more flexibility in our builds. The new skills looks promising although of course we shall have to see how it pans out on the ground. The reduction in Disappear/Topple/Sprint cooldowns is most welcome as well, but I’ll get into that at a later date.

Overall some pretty decent changes coming to the warg. Nothing earth shattering, but then we are in a good place as it is so I wasn’t really expecting them to announce anything too revolutionary.

Warg Dev Diary

Yesterday Turbine posted the dev diary for the warg changes we heard about from Orion a few weeks ago. The dev diary itself doesn’t really contain anything new that we didn’t already hear from Orion. There was a typo in the diary that saw Flayer stance listed as a rank 15 skill, but Sapience quickly cleared that up and clarified that it will in fact be a rank 10 skill. Sapience also stated that Flayer stance will be replacing Shadow Howler, so if you already have Shadow Howler for your warg it should automatically convert into Flayer stance once Update 6 goes live.

I have posted the dev diary below in its entirety:


Wargs have always been the stealth class of the Ettenmoors. Using the element of surprise to their advantage, they can be devastating to square off with one versus one. However, once exposed from stealth, they usually end up dead in a matter of moments due to their low survivability. This guerilla warfare like playstyle, while fun, feel limiting. The changes made in this update were to address this specific issue.

This update the Warg will have two distinct playstyles that players can choose: The fragile stealthier or the scrapping brawler. For the Warg that has been dying to charge in and ferociously rip their opponents apart while soaking up damage, your time has come.


The Warg is being outfitted with two new stances: Shadow and Flayer.

Shadow Stance:

  • “You attack your enemy from every shadow, dealing devastating damage.”
  • Unlocks: Rank 1
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds (shared with Flayer)
  • Melee damage increased
  • Moderate in-combat power regeneration
  • Some skills will always execute as “From Stealth”

Flayer Stance (Replaces Shadow Howler):

  • “Forsaking speed and surprise for defense, you become a juggernaut on the battlefield.”
  • Unlocks: Rank 10
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds (shared with Shadow)
  • Cannot stealth or disappear while in this stance.
  • Moderately Increases:
    • Armour value
    • Tactical mitigation
    • Physical mitigation
  • Places a morale bubble on the Warg which refreshes every 7 seconds. When the bubble pops, the Warg receives 1% of its max health. If the bubble is not popped, the Warg gains 5% of its max health.
  • Unable to stealth in this stance.
  • Certain abilities have “Brute Bonuses” which have a chance to add additional debuffs to your target.

Skill Changes:

The following skills will be altered to help drive players into the two new stances.

Stealth and Brute:

Stealth will become a new ability in Flayer named Brute. Brute will increase your chance to unlock the brute bonuses for your abilities.

Disappear and Topple:

Since you are unable to stealth in Flayer, Disappear will also become a new ability named Topple.


  • Knocks your target to the ground for a long duration.
  • Shares a cooldown with Disappear.

Throat Rip and Muscle Tear:

While in Shadow Stance or no stance, Throat Rip will function as it had previously; silencing your target for a long duration. However if you are in Flayer Stance, Throat Rip becomes Muscle Tear.

Muscle Tear:

  • Decreased target’s movement speed and attack speed for a long duration.

Changes to Snap:

In Flayer Stance or no stance, Snap will do the following:

  • Reduce melee, ranged, and tactical damage on the target.
  • On critical: disarm the target for a short duration.

In Shadow Stance, it will become Snap! The major difference is instead of disarming the target; it will silence them for 5 seconds.

Claws Changes:

  • No Stance: Claws
    • Deal good common damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • Light power cost
  • Shadow Stance: Bestial Claws
    • Increased damage of Claws
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • Increased power cost of Claws
  • Flayer Stance: Raking Claw
    • Same up front damage as Claws
    • Applies a damage over time effect that does about half the upfront damage
      • This effect stacks up to three times.
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Places a wound on the target that will interrupt inductions every few seconds for duration of effect

Maul Changes:

  • No Stance: Maul
    • Deal common damage
    • Common bleed damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • On critical: Reduces incoming healing
  • Shadow Stance: Sudden Maul
    • Slightly increased Maul damage
    • Slightly increased Maul bleed damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • On Critical: Grants attack speed buff.
  • Flayer Stance: Agonizing Maul
    • Moderately increased Maul damage
    • Moderately increased Maul bleed damage
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Reduces incoming healing.

Savage Fangs Changes:

  • No Stance: Savage fangs
    • Increases attack duration of target
    • Reduces target’s block rating.
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
  • Shadow Stance: Shadow Fangs
    • Increases induction duration of target
    • Reduces target’s parry rating.
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
  • Flayer Stance: Brutal Fangs
    • Increases attack duration of target
    • Reduces target’s parry rating
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Reduces armour rating of target.

Dire Howl Changes:

  • No Stance: Dire Howl
    • Silences multiple targets
  • Shadow Stance: Howl from the Shadow
    • Silences even more targets than Dire Howl
  • Flayer Stance: Howl of Aggression
    • Disarms multiple targets.

Changes to Eye Rake:

  • No Stance: Eye Rake
    • Deals good damage
    • Interrupts inductions
  • Shadow Stance: Eye Gouge
    • Deals good damage
    • Increased damage from behind
    • Interrupts inductions
    • From Stealth:
      • Decreases range of all ranged skills
  • Flayer Stance: Eye Gash
    • Deals good damage
    • Interrupts inductions
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Lowers target’s block, parry, and evade rating.

Changes to Pack Hunters:

Pack Hunters will be the only racial skill that will be changing to accommodate the new stances. If a pack of Wargs successfully uses all the variations of this skill to their advantage, they can become a force to be reckoned with.

  • No stance: Pack Hunters
    • Adds a damage boosting effect to the target.
    • Cooldown: 30s
  • Shadow Stance: Shadow Pack
    • The Warg marks his territory, lowering the defenses of all enemies who enter it.
    • Cooldown: 60s
  • Flayer Stance: Pack Flayers
    • Applies an unbreakable root to the target and the Warg. During this channel, the target is unable to block, parry, or evade.
    • Cooldown: 60s

Warg Changes Analysis Part III – Flayer Bubble/Heal

The recently announced changes for the warg class coming with Update 6 have of course brought out the usual uninformed hysteria that characterises any half decent creep update. One such morsel of freep rage was this comment posted on the forum the other day:

You guys wanted your massive warg buff? Enjoy. Just try not to complain if a champ uses multiple bubbles against you now, since the whole ‘bubble every 7 seconds/5% morale heal if not/1% morale heal if removed’ skill is the most OP thing I’ve ever seen.

The poster was speaking about the new bubble/heal mechanic associated with Flayer stance. Now before I get into why the above statement is just plain ludicrous let’s take a look at what we know about the Flayer stance bubble/heal mechanic.

Orion stated that the bubble would refresh once every 7sec, however, Orion hasn’t given a value for the bubble, he merely said that it would be ‘small’. Now that is a bit vague of course, small could mean anything from 50-500 morale. Once every 7sec a check is made for the bubble: if the bubble is burned through the warg is healed for 1% of his maximum morale and the bubble is reapplied. If the bubble has not been burned through the warg is healed for 5% of his maximum morale.

Warg morale can vary considerably depending upon how the warg is traited and what rank he is. Lower ranked wargs might only have 8.5k morale, whilst a higher ranked warg might have as much as 13k. For lower ranked wargs a 1% heal might only equate to 85 morale. For a higher ranked warg it might be in the region of 125 morale. Hardly big numbers.

In terms of the 5% heal we might be looking at anywhere from 425-625 morale. Again hardly major numbers. There is an additional factor to consider with the 5% heal; it only procs if the bubble is still there at the end of 7sec. How likely will that be? Well that depends upon how big the bubble is, but if it is indeed ‘small’ then I think it’s a safe bet to assume that it probably won’t be holding up very well in the face of some of the massive crits freeps can achieve. Thus we may have a situation where the 5% heal simply doesn’t proc very often.

Is This The Most OP Thing Ever?

This is about as far from the most OP thing ever as you can get. It looks to be a fairly well balanced system that will offer some additional survivability, but not take the warg into the realm of … well Champions. What is particularly striking about the quote above is the suggestion that Champions are not currently using multiple bubbles when fighting wargs. I can’t say I have seen many Champions holding back on these.

Currently Shadow Howler (the stance Flayer stance will replace) offers wargs 2,000 temporary morale per minute. I would be highly surprised if Orion had implemented a system that drastically changes this. We don’t know the value of the bubble, but by the looks of the heals we’re not looking at any large numbers here.

Warg Changes Analysis Part II – Pack Flayers

One of the hot button topics right now is a new skill being proposed for Update 6 called Pack Flayers. This isn’t technically a new skill, more like a modified version of the existing Pack Hunters skill that becomes Pack Flayers when in the new Flayer Stance. Before we get to why this skill is causing such an outcry amongst the usual freep whining brigade let’s take a look at exactly what it does.

Pack Flayers

Pack Flayers: Locks the warg and his target in place removing the ability to block, parry or evade. The warg cannot use other skills during this effect and cannot be interrupted or cc’d.

The above is the description of the skill Orion posted on the forum the other day. Essentially this a root that cannot be interrupted.  However, both the warg and the target are locked together. The target looses the ability to block, parry and evade, however, the warg cannot do anything else whilst using this skill. Because the skill cannot be interrupted the warg cannot be interrupted or cc’ed during the skill.

What’s The Problem?

From the warg’s perspective, and anyone looking at the ability objectively, there isn’t one. However, as per usual when creep side gets something that looks half decent the whiny freep brigade comes out in force. That’s not to say every freep is like that, far from it, but a vocal minority of them do seem to become aghast at the mere notion a creep class might have anything that is comparable in power to a freep ability.

The main thrust of the arguments against this ability boil down to the following:

  • The target cannot escape, which is over powered
  • The warg is completely immune to CC during this skill, which is over powered
  • This skill will promote more warg packs, which are over powered and boring
  • There is no counter to this skill because it is completely immune from interruptions, which is over powered and unfair

Is It OP, Unfair, Etc?

The short answer is … no!

Ok I should back that answer up with some facts. Let’s start with the notion that there is nothing that can be done to counter this skill. That’s a pretty easy point to counter … kill the warg locking you in place! It’s that simple. Kill the warg and the lockout ends. Now some might say that will be hard to do if a pack of wargs is after you, but if a pack of wargs is after you chances are you aren’t going to be alive very long anyway.

That the warg is immune to CC and interrupts misses a very crucial point: the warg can’t do anything. Orion states that a warg using this skill cannot use any other skills. The warg is therefore a sitting duck. Unless the warg has packmates or other creeps there to help him he is simply sitting there with a freep inches away who can pound him into the ground.

That leads us to the idea that this will promote more warg packs. This is a really really really stupid thing to say. Wargs will ALWAYS group together in packs no matter what skills we have. It’s built into our nature. We groups in packs no matter what. You may find wargs who like to solo or who like to join raids. That’s fine. However, there are far more wargs who enjoy grouping in packs. That isn’t going to end nor will it get ‘worse’ (from a freep perspective) because of this skill. If anything this skill might actually encourage creep raid leaders to include wargs in their raids more often. More wargs in raids means fewer wargs in packs.

Lastly we need to remember one very important point: this skill is only available when Flayer stance is active. Flayer stance bars stealth use, which means the warg has to be unstealthed to use this skill. Thus the freep can see the warg coming.

How Will We Use It?

This is obviously a group skill, whether in a pack or a general creep group. The warg using it can’t do anything else so he will need other creeps to actually kill the target he has locked in place. I see two major applications for this skill:


Creep raid leaders might want to use this skill to lock down targets so that the creep raid’s firepower can be focused on particular targets. It might even be the case that wargs are made the RAT for the raid and told to lock down targets so the Reavers can charge in and pulverize them. It will obviously be good for the creep raid when the freeps have wiped and the survivors are attempting to flee.


In packs this skill will probably be used mostly for holding slippery targets like Champions in place. With a 45sec Sprint duration a Champion can run fast long enough to get away from a full pack given their bubbles, etc. This skill should help to counter that and allow wargs to get those kills more often.

Warg Changes Analysis Part I – Stances

Orion posted up a lot of changes for the warg that will be coming in Update 6. If you haven’t read through them yet then click here. I’ll be going through the changes piece by piece and giving my thoughts on them. In this first post I’ll be focusing on the two new stances: Shadow and Flayer.

Flayer Stance

This will be replacing the current Shadow Howler stance according to Orion. By the looks of things it’s modelled on Shadow stance, but with some modifications. Let’s look at the details first:

  • No stealth use
  • Increases armour
  • Increases physical mitigation
  • Increases tactical mitigation
  • Small morale bubble that refreshes every 7sec
  • 1-5% self-heal from morale bubble
  • Enables Brute skill and brute bonuses

Unfortunately Orion didn’t provide any numbers, but note that Flayer stance will give a bonus to physical mitigation. At the moment Shadow Howler only increases armour and tactical mitigation so the addition of physical mitigation is definitely an upgrade. The morale bubble is interesting too. Orion says that this will be a ‘small’ bubble, again no hard numbers, but it will refresh every 7sec. Shadow Howler currently gives a1k morale bubble every 30sec. That’s 2k a minute. For this new morale bubble to be at least comparable to that it will have to be at least 250 based on the 7sec refresh rate.

The heal is interesting too. If the morale bubble is burned through the warg is healed for 1% of maximum morale and the bubble is re-applied. Based on a max morale of 12,500, for example, that works out to around 1k of healing per minute, roughly equivalent to a pot per minute. If the morale bubble isn’t burned through at the end of the 7sec refresh cycle the warg is healed for 5% of maximum morale. What worried me though is that the bubble is described as being ‘small’ so what are the chances that the bubble won’t be completely burned every time and thus the warg will likely never get the 5% heal in-combat?

The Brute systm is something I am going to cover in a later post.

Shadow Stance

There wasn’t much said about this stance other than it will be the stealth stance. It will increase damage output and ICPR. Beyond that we don’t know much about it.

Stance Swapping

Wargs will NOT be able to switch stances on the fly. Orion was very clear on this:

General information of the stances is that there will be no stance dancing. This is going to be a hard-line call on this one. If you switch out of one stance, you will be delayed from entering the other stance, the benefits and merits of the two stances, while complimentary, coupled with the linear design of monster players would make the ability to quickly switch between the two simply overpowered. We’re not backing down on this one. It is set in stone.

From the sounds of that the stances will have some sort of shared cooldown or activation mechanism. It isn’t clear whether these stances can be used in-combat. Hopefully that is the case to allow for some degree of choice when entering fights otherwise we’ll be forced to run around unstealthed if we want to use Flayer stance.

Skill Changes

The two stances will alter some of our skills when they are activated. There are quite a few of these changes so again I will cover this in a later post.

Proposed Warg Changes For Update 6

Orion has just posted up a long list of proposed warg changes for Update 6. I’ll be going through the changes in depth in a subsequent post, but for now here is Orion’s post.

I had intended to put this up in my blog, but the maintenance we have been doing today has put me in a tough situation. I promised an update on the Warg, and so I must keep my promise by returning to these hallowed halls.

Warg Update 6

The first thing that you need to know is that these changes are a collaboration of myself and another designer, jinjaah. You have yet to meet him, but will soon since he is handling the complete dev diary on the Warg. Go easy, he’s new to all of you and you can be a little rabid from time to time. The second thing that you need to know is that this is still in flux and could change considerable before release. The third thing that you need to know is that there were goals with this update and they are as follows:

  • Improve upon and highlight the strengths of the Stealth Warg
  • Provide Wargs with a secondary method of playing the class that gave them more survivability though a little less damage
  • Highlight that wargs are pack hunters


We are taking the warg and giving them two stances; Shadow and Flayer. These are to accentuate the different ways of playing the warg while keeping the flavor wholly intact.

General information of the stances is that there will be no stance dancing. This is going to be a hard-line call on this one. If you switch out of one stance, you will be delayed from entering the other stance, the benefits and merits of the two stances, while complimentary, coupled with the linear design of monster players would make the ability to quickly switch between the two simply overpowered. We’re not backing down on this one. It is set in stone. Second, the stances will modify existing skills – sometimes wholly overwriting them while other times leaving them intact. All of this is covered herein.

Shadow Stance

This is the stealth stance. It increases damage, power regeneration in-combat and is the primary driver for stealth skills.

Flayer Stance

This stance replaces Shadow Howler (OMG ORION YOU KNOW NOTHING! WE NEED THAT TO SURVIVE! – Players Yes, yes, you do. – Orion) In fact, this stance is all about surviving so it makes sense that we usurped this skill. You cannot stealth in Flayer. Increases your Armour, tactical and physical mitigations. Adds a small morale bubble on the warg that attempts to refresh every 7 seconds. If the bubble is still present this results in healing the warg for 5% of its max health. If the bubble is not present, the bubble is re-applied. When the bubble breaks the warg is healed for 1% of their max health. Grants access to Brute and brute bonuses.

Skill Changes


When you are in Flayer stance you lose access to Stealth but gain access to Brute. Brute is a short term buff that enhances your chances to score Brute bonuses when using skills enhanced with Brute. Brute bonuses have a small chance to apply. This skill increases that chance considerably.


When you are in Flayer stance you lose access to Stealth so Disappear is also replaced, becoming Topple. Topple will knock and opponent to the ground for a good chunk of time and shares its cooldown with Disappear.

Muscle Tear

When you ar in Flayer stance Throat Rip becomes Muscle Tear. This skill decreases your target’s movement speed and attack duration for a good chunk of time.


In Flayer or no stance
Reduces melee, ranged and tactical damage output on the target. On a critical will disarm the target for a short time.

In Shadow this becomes Snap!

On critical, the target becomes silenced for a short time.


No change to the neutral or non-stance.


Raking Claws: Equivalent damage to claws with a DoT equal to about half of the initial damage. This effect can stack up to three times. Brute bonus: Places a wound on the target that will interrupt inductions every few seconds for the duration of the effect.


Bestial Claws: Increases damage done by the claws initially and applies a DoT on the target that can stack up to three times. Bonus damage is applied when you are behind the target and the power cost of the ability is increased.



Agonizing Maul: Increased damage, increased bleed damage. Brute bonus: Reduces incoming healing on the target.


Sudden Maul: Bonus damage from behind and on a critical increases attack speed.

Savage Fangs


Applies an attack duration debuff on the target, reduces target’s parry rating and on Brute reduces armour rating of the target.


Increases induction durations, reduces parry rating.

Dire Howl


Howl of Aggression: Disarms multiple targets.


Silences a greater number of targets.

Eye Rake


Eye Gash: Interrupts Inductions. On Brute lowers the target’s block, parry and evade ratings.


Interrupts Inductions and on critical will reduce the range of all ranged and tactical based skills of the target.

Pack Hunters

In no stance, nothing changes.


Pack Flayers: Locks the warg and his target in place removing the ability to block, parry or evade. The warg cannot use other skills during this effect and cannot be interrupted or cc’d.


Shadow Pack: The warg marks and area of the ground lowering defences of all those within or who enter it. Leaving the area will apply a lesser version of the effect. This can be used from stealth.

Change is on the wind.