A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Max Survival Build

Just as the Max Damage Build has at its core Shadow stance so too does a max survivability build centre around Flayer stance. The goal here is to heighten survival options at every turn, which will come at the cost of damage output. Like the Max Damage Build the Max Survivability Build presented here is an ‘extreme’ build in the sense that it focuses on one particular aspect to the exclusion of all else.


The corruptions used for this build are as follows:

  • Critical Protection Boost x3
  • Morale for Damage Rank 1 & Rank 2
  • Morale for Power Rank 1 & Rank 2
  • Tactical Mitigation Boost x3
  • Two free slots

Note that tactical mitigation boosts are being used as standard rather than physical mitigation boosts. With the inclusion of Pack Elder in the racial traits section (see below) along with the increase in physical mitigation that comes from consumables slotting three physical mitigation corruptions wouldn’t be the best use of these slots.

There are, however, two free slots available so extra physical mitigation can still be slotted if you feel you need it. Alternatively the two free slots can be used to bolster your resistance rating or to provide more critical protection or tactical mitigation.

Racial Traits

Foe of the Light is, as ever, included for the extra stealth levels it provides, but it also provides a small boost to tactical mitigation. Pack Elder provides a fairly hefty increase to physical mitigation so it fits in perfectly with a survivability build. Pack Mentality rounds off our defensive traits and provides a moderate boost to various defensive stats.

The other two racial traits are more utility focused with Howl of the Unnerving providing some extra CC (even if it isn’t particularly reliable). Pack Hunters is included because it can provide good utility for your group/raid in allowing you to root targets. If you are solo you might want to swap this for Pack Alpha to provide a little more punch to your damage.

  1. Foe of the Light
  2. Four-legged Foe
  3. Pack Elder
  4. Pack Mentality
  5. Pack Hunters

Class Traits

Let’s get the two mandatory traits out of the way first: Enhanced Skill: Stealth & Enhanced Skill: Flayer. Next we will choose Armour Boost, which will increase our mitigations and thus reduce incoming damage. Long Strides is next to help mitigate slows whether in the midst of a raid battle or when trying to shake off a chasing freep. We have three slots left so we are going to go for Enhanced Skill: Disappear and Enhanced Skill: Sprint. Lowering the cooldown of both Disappear and Sprint gives more opportunity for them to be used both offensively and defensively and in the case of Sprint helps to avoid being kited more often too. The last slot goes to Resistance Boost, not because it is a good trait, but rather because we are seeking to maximise defence.

Note that the enhanced version of Eye Rake is listed as an alternative; this is because shortening the cooldown on Eye Rake should provide more utility in fights (as well as dps) by allowing healers to be interrupted more often.

  1. Enhanced Skill: Stealth
  2. Armour Boost
  3. Enhanced Skill: Flayer
  4. Enhanced Skill: Disappear
  5. Enhanced Skill: Sprint
  6. Long Strides
  7. Resistance Boost/Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake


You will be as tough as it is possible for a warg to be. The extra morale is the key here because it will not only allow you to soak up more damage, but it will also mean that your Flayer stance heals are increased, even if only slightly. The psychological impact of having a lot of morale is not to be underestimated either. Freeps will instinctively pick the target with the least morale, whether that is actually the easier target or not.

It is useful to use some consumables in conjunction with this build, such a the extra resistance ratings, morale boosting food and so on. They will enhance the choices made with traits and increase your toughness further.

The real weakness with this build is the lack of offensive firepower. You aren’t going to be doing much damage to be honest so it may take a while to take down tougher opponents. Having said that this build can be useful for raid play in that it allows you to stay in a brawl longer with all the shit that freeps fire at you e.g. pools of fire, AOE, etc. For solo play it can work too, but against tough targets you may find that it simply takes too long to wear your opponent down, or even that it results in a stalemate.

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