A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Common Questions For Pups

New wargs often have many questions about a variety of topic that simply aren’t covered on the forums, in tooltips, or elsewhere. These can be really basic questions that new wargs simply can’t find an answer to through the normal channels so I am going to try and answer some of them here. This is by no means an exhaustive list and if you have a question or piece of information you think should be added here please leave a comment below.

I’ve organised the information into topics for easy reference.


How Does Stealth Work?

Every player who enters stealth has a ‘stealth rating’, which is equal to their level i.e. a level 85 player has a stealth rating of 85. Whenever a player using stealth passes close to another player they have a chance to be spotted in stealth. The game makes a roll between the two payers and if the roll succeeds the stealthed player is spotted. Note: spotting a player in stealth doesn’t break that player out of stealth they are just spotted. Increasing your stealth level makes it harder for other players to pass that roll and thus harder to spot you in stealth.

Can Freeps Hear Me Moving Through Water/Howling/Etc Whilst I am Stealthed?

No. You can hear those sound effects, other players cannot, except if they are in the same group as you.

I Can’t Move Very Fast In Stealth, Why?

This is probably because you don’t have the trait Enhanced Skill: Stealth equipped. This trait will increase your movement speed in stealth by 55%. NEVER UNSLOT THIS TRAIT!

I Have Equipped All The Stealth Traits, But Hunters Can Still Track Me. Why?

Stealth level has nothing to do with tracking. It doesn’t matter how high someone’s stealth level is, they can always be tracked. For more information on dealing with tracks click here.

I Used Disappear, But NPCs/Pets Still Attack Me. Why?

Disappear is currently bugged (indeed it has been bugged since the game launched). If you use Disappear freep pets can still see you and will carry on attacking and on some occasions NPCs will also still be able to see you and attack you.


What Is Positional Damage?

Positional damage is the extra damage wargs get when they hit a target from behind. Wargs will hit for 50% extra damage if they are behind a target so always try to get behind your opponent. Burglars and some other classes have similar positional damage bonuses.

Can The DoT From Maul Be Removed?

No. This DoT is incurable.

Why Do I Get The Error Message “Not Within Range” When Trying To Attack A Freep?

This is probably a result of lag. Even though it looks to you that you are right beside your target you are probably lagging and the target has moved, but the game hasn’t updated quickly enough on your screen.

What Does It Mean If A Skill ‘Acts As If From Stealth’?

If you use an attack whilst in stealth that attack cannot be blocked, parried or evaded by the target. So if a skill says that it acts as if you were using it from stealth it means that it too can’t be blocked, parried or evaded. For example, Bestial Claws in Shadow stance acts as if it were being used from stealth, even when you are not in stealth.

What Are Damage Types?

Each skill in the game that deals damage has a damage type attached to it e.g. common damage, shadow damage, fire damage, Beleriand damage, etc. Different players and different NPCs will be more resistant to certain damage types than others. For example, common damage is pretty weak against everyone because almost everyone is very resistant to common damage. Therefore it would be better to use a different damage type.

Skills & Traits

How Do I Get Racial Traits?

You can acquire racial traits through one of two means: by reaching rank 5 or by purchasing them from the LOTRO Store. You gain access to your first racial trait at rank 5 and it costs 1,000 commendations to buy from your skill trainer. You can purchase racial traits at any rank from the LOTRO store for a few hundred Turbine Points each.

Can I Shorten The Cooldown Of Disappear/Sprint?

Yes. There is a corresponding trait for both Disappear and Sprint: Enhanced Skill: Disappear and Enhanced Skill: Sprint respectively. Each of these traits will reduce the cooldown of their respective skill from 3 min to 1 min 30 sec.

I Bought The Sense Prey Skill, But I Can’t Track Stealthed Targets. Why?

Sense Prey only allows you to track targets that are not in stealth. To track stealthed targets you will need both the Sense Prey skill and the trait Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey.

Does Sprint Negate Falling Damage?

No. Using Sprint sets your run speed to 200% for 20sec, but if you take falling damage the falling damage will override Sprint and your movement speed will be reduced as normal.


How Do I Know If I am Being Tracked?

If a freep tracks you then a message will appear in your chat window that says “You feel as though you are being followed …”. For more information on how to deal with tracks click here.

How Do I See The RAT?

You can activate the RAT (Raid Assist Target  so that it displays on your screen by activating the Social Panel and then selecting the Raid tab at the bottom. You then need to check the box labelled ‘Assist Window’. The RAT will now appear on your screen if one has been set. Note; the RAT will only appear when you are in a group and if one has been set.

How Do I Activate The In-Game Voice Feature?

To activate in-game voice go into the game settings menu and select the Audio option. Near the bottom is a check-box labelled ‘Voice Enabled’. You need to check this box to activate voice.

How Do I Get Maps?

There are two ways of getting maps: from doing quests and by purchasing them in the LOTRO Store. Each of the five keeps in the Ettenmoors has quests associated with it. Doing these quests advances a deed, which has three tiers to it. Completing each tier of these deeds grants one map for each of the keeps. For example, completing tier one of the Tol Ascarnen deed gives you one map for Tol Ascarnen. Completing the second tier would give you a second map and so on.

Each keep has three maps of varying levels of effectiveness. The first maps are called ‘crude maps’ and have 30 min cooldowns. The second tier of maps are called poor maps and have shorter cooldowns. The third tier are called good maps and have shorter cooldowns again.

Each maps takes you to a different location.

4 responses

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  2. Pingback: Common Questions For Pups 2.0 « The Art of Warg

  3. Happyholly Homemaker

    At about what level do wargs get good at soloing? I am r6, Aud 12, and still too squishy to solo freeps even 2 levels below me. Or am I doing something wrong?

    11/01/2013 at 6:36 am

    • Without knowing the specifics of each situation all I can say is that every situation is different. Wargs are great against some freep classes, good against others, and not so good against others again.

      At rank 6 with 12 Audacity you should be able to successfully solo the likes of Hunters and the less skilful Rune-keepers and Lore-masters on your server. Tougher opponents like Champions and Minstrels are probably still going to be out of your reach though.

      11/01/2013 at 12:01 pm

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