A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Basic Warg Guide

Note: This is intended as a general guide for the brand new warg to the Ettenmoors. It deliberately omits mention of things like stances and other more advanced trait and skill options. For more information on such abilities please see the relevant sections using the menus at the top of the page.

Know Yourself – The Strengths & Weaknesses of the Warg

Before you can take your prey you must first understand yourself; your strengths and your weaknesses …


Stealth – This is your single biggest advantage as a warg, it is your greatest asset and your most powerful skill. Beyond the obvious benefit of allowing you to move about unseen it gives you something no other creep class has … the ability to choose your fights.

You can pick whom and when you strike and this is something not to be underestimated. However, this ability requires patience to use, you need to wait and watch for your target making a mistake or getting into just the right position. Used correctly this ability to choose and setup a fight can prove very effective.

Speed – As a warg you get various boosts to your speed, both in and out of combat. Out of combat you can trait to move relatively quickly, even in stealth, which is something that Burglar’s can’t do easily. Out of stealth you will run faster than any almost any other creep and faster than most freeps on foot. In stealth you will be faster than Burglars when they use stealth and can easily keep up with other freeps.

Wargs are able to boost their running speed to 200% both in and out of combat for 20 seconds. This makes you the fastest player class in the game for those 20 seconds and, even in stealth, you can out run anyone else, even a freep on horseback.


Squishy – Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a tank or can stand toe to toe with a good freep player just because you soloed that Hunter. You are very much a squishy class and should behave accordingly.

Wargs are built for burst damage; you run in, do your damage and you get out as quickly as you can. In a protracted fight your power will wear down, your morale will drop, and you will die. Wargs have no panic button that will keep them in a fight, sure they have panic buttons that will take out of danger, but that’s not the same as lasting longer in battle.

Hated – Wargs are almost universally hated by freep players. This stems from wargs being a stealth class and, as is so often the case in MMOs, stealth classes are the ones most despised by the opposing team. You need to be aware of this fact because it will have a big impact upon your gameplay.

Entire freep raids have been known to wipe themselves just trying to kill one warg (it happened to me!). Freep players will often go out of their way to kill a warg even when there is another easier target present. This means you have to strike when you are confident of success and not take silly risks, because one mistake on your part and the freeps will do everything they can to kill you.

Your First Days – Be Prepared

Before you venture onto the Moors you must be prepared …


There are some things you should aim to do straight off the bat such as get your maps. For those new to PvMP these are the quick travel maps that creeps use to get around the Ettenmoors in place of the mounts the freeps have. You get the maps (three for each of the keeps) by doing quests for each location, the more quests you do the better the version of the map you get until you have all three maps for each location. Each time you earn one of these maps you also earn some commendations, which are used to buy skills, traits, etc, so it is also a very good way of earning enough commendations to purchase your skills, etc. Maps are especially important for wargs because they allow you to act as a very effective scout and will allow you to keep up with the other creeps so you don’t miss the fights.

Skills & Traits

The other thing you will want to do is get some of your skills and traits. When you start off as a new warg there are a few skills and traits that are very important to buy as soon as possible. In order of importance (most important first) you should acquire the following skills/traits as soon as possible:

trait_mp_warg_stalker_enhancedskill1Enhanced Skill: Stealth – This increases your stealth level, which makes it harder for freeps to spot you when you are in stealth. It also makes you move a lot faster when you are using stealth. This trait is essential in order to play a warg. Never unslot this trait!

trait_mp_warg_stalker_edge2Shadow Fang – This trait will cause your attacks to do shadow damage. When you first start as a warg your attacks do common damage, which isn’t very effective against freeps as they have good mitigations against this damage type meaning you hit them for less damage. Shadow damage is much better to use against freeps so this is a very important trait to have. Never unslot this trait!

sk_mp_warg_shadow_stanceShadow Stance – This skill allows you to use one of the warg’s two stances: Shadow stance. When you are using Shadow stance you will do more damage and some of your skills will gain extra effect. For more information on Shadow stance click here.

sk_mp_warg_disappearDisappear – This skill allows you to immediately enter stealth, even in combat! It also makes it impossible for anyone to break you out of stealth for 10sec.


You will also want to get some Audacity. Audacity reduces the amount of damage you take as well as other beneficial effects. It is divided into ranks with each rank increasing the overall effectiveness of Audacity. The first seven ranks are quite cheap so try and get them as soon as you can. However, make sure you buy the skills and traits listed above first.

Tools of the Trade – Starting Skills

Knowledge is the key to victory and knowing your skills is a step on the path to infamy …

Let’s spend a moment looking over the skills you start out with at Rank 0 as these are your bread and butter abilities that you will use no matter what rank you are.

sk_mp_warg_cripplingbiteCrippling Bite – This is a debuff skill that reduces your opponents speed by 25%. This is a very useful skill for slowing freeps so that they can’t run away from you and gives you more time to kill them. Crippling Bite also applies a second effect to the target, which is used to make add extra functionality to Pounce and Savage Fangs (see below). This second effect is completely unrelated to the 25% slow Crippling Bite applies to a target.

sk_mp_warg_pouncePounce/Sudden Pounce – This skill changes name and effect depending upon the conditions you use it under. There are three ways to use this skill: from stealth, unstealthed without Crippling Bite, and unstealthed with Crippling Bite.

Stealthed – using pounce from stealth will stun an opponent for a few seconds. This is the usual warg opening manoeuvre to disable a target at the start of a fight. In addition to the stun this skill has a chance to start a conjunction (conjunctions only work on NPCs). Note: whilst stealthed Pounce is renamed as ‘Sudden Pounce’.

Unstealthed with Crippling Bite – if you have applied the Crippling Bite debuff to an opponent and use Pounce it has a chance to stun your opponent (around a 50% chance) and furthermore has a chance to start a conjunction (conjunctions only work on NPCs). A successful stun will use up the Crippling Bite buff and it will have to be re-applied in order to try and stun the target again (the run speed debuff from Crippling Bite is a separate mechanic and will remain in place until its timer expires irrespective of whether you use Pounce or not).

Unstealthed without Crippling Bite – using pounce without having applied the Crippling Bite debuff will simply cause damage, there is no chance to stun them.

sk_mp_warg_savagefangsSavage Fangs – This skill can be used in one of two ways, either with or without Crippling Bite.

With Crippling Bite – If used on a target with the Crippling Bite debuff applied this skill will apply a curable DoT to the target. This DoT does not stack. The target will also have their attack duration increased by 10% and their block rating reduced by 3,777 for 45sec. Using Sabafe Fangs like this will remove the Crippling Bite buff and you will need to re-apply Crippling Bite to the target in order to use Savage Fangs like this again (the run speed debuff from Crippling Bite is a separate mechanic and will remain in place until its timer expires irrespective of whether you use Pounce or not).

Without Crippling Bite – if used on a target without the Crippling Bite debuff this skill will still apply its debuff effects, but not the DoT.

sk_mp_warg_bestialclawsClaws – This skill is the same when used from stealth or when unstealthed and is your basic melee skill. It is also one of your highest damage attacks.

sk_mp_warg_maulMaul – This skill functions the same way when stealthed or when unstealthed. The skill applies a 10sec DoT to the target as well as dealing some upfront damage. If you land a critical hit with this skill it will place a debuff on the target that reduces their incoming healing by 25% for 30sec.

sk_mp_warg_stealthStealth – This is a toggle skill that puts you in and out of stealth. It can only be activated out of combat.

sk_mp_warg_sprintSprint – This skill increases your speed by 200%  both in and out of combat and may be used at any time, including during combat. The effect lasts for 20 seconds and it is on a 5 min cooldown, which can be reduced to 3 minutes with a trait.

NOTE: When you use damage skills they will hit for 50% more damage when used from behind the target. This is called ‘positional damage’.

Tracking – Finding Your Prey

Before you can kill your prey you must first find it …

This is the most time consuming and often most boring part of being a warg … waiting for someone to slip up. You are looking for the old and the sick so to speak. In game terms that means you are looking for the lone freep who has wandered off on their own; the level 80 freep that decided he’d see what the Ettens was all about; the foolish freep that is riding just a little behind the main group, etc. In other words you are looking for freeps who have either slipped up or who are too weak to defend themselves. That may sound harsh, but it’s a dog eat dog world in the Ettens!

This is genuinely a matter of having a lot of patience because you need to keep watching your target looking for that moment when they make a mistake or fortune smiles on you. It can be something as simple as them getting a lag spike as they ride off causing them to fall behind the main freep group or it could be a poor choice they make such as venturing just a little too far from the safety of the freep NPCs. Whatever it is you need to be watching and ready to strike. If not you won’t be getting much infamy.

The Fight – A Simple Guide

Once found the prey must be engaged …

For the sake of simplicity I have presented two scenarios below to demonstrate skill use, but please note that these scenarios are very simplistic and only meant to give you a general idea.

Scenario 1 – The Lone Freep

You are out hunting alone and spot a lone freep wandering around. Tracking your quarry from stealth you creep up behind him and use your ‘Sudden Pounce’ to stun him for a few seconds. Whilst the target is stunned you apply ‘Crippling Bite’ to slow your target and then ‘Maul’ to deal damage and apply a DoT. Once the target awakens you proceed to hit the target with ‘Claws’ and ‘Maul’ until you see the anti-stun icon disappear from your initial stun. Once this has disappeared you use ‘Pounce’ again since the target has your ‘Crippling Bite’ debuff active, which means you might stun him again. You repeat this procedure until the target is dead. During the fight you try to stay behind your target because you do more damage from behind.

Scenario 2 – The Pack

You are part of a small warg pack stalking a lone freep out in the Moors. The leader of the pack nominates himself to make the initial ‘Sudden Pounce’ to stun the target and orders everyone else to use ‘Maul’. You wait for the leader to stun the target and then use ‘Maul’ before spamming ‘Claws’ and ‘Maul’. The leader will apply ‘Crippling Bite’ and attempt to stun the target again when appropriate to do so, you continue to spam your damage skills whilst doing your best to get behind the target as you will do more damage when attacking from behind.

In both scenarios the procedure is basically the same:

  • Stun target
  • Apply slow
  • Apply DoT
  • Spam Claws/Maul
  • Re-Stun
  • Spam Claws/Maul

Note that in neither scenario do you use ‘Savage Fangs’ to apply a bleed since this will remove the ‘Crippling Bite’ buff, which means the target cannot be re-stunned by using Pounce until ‘Crippling Bite’ is re-applied.

Also note that attacking from behind the target deals more damage. This is hard to do in a 1 vs 1 situation, but in a pack situation get behind the target unless of course the target is attacking you, in which case stand in front of him and allow the rest of the pack to get behind.

Make sure you have morale, power, stun, etc pots available to use. They can be crucial in winning (or escaping from) a fight! For more information on consumables click here.

That’s the basics of warg combat, there are some additional rules, but we’ll get to them in the advanced combat section and class specific sections later on. For now those basic rules should steer you right.

What If It Goes Wrong?

This is what you have Sprint for. If the target is getting the better of you or something goes wrong e.g. more freeps show up then you need to escape. Don’t try and hang around too long because you aren’t built for it, you are built for quick kills, not a sustained fire fight.

Using Sprint is as much a matter of timing as it is actually pressing the button. You have to know when to use it because you don’t want to waste the cooldown if you don’t have to. This is something that really only comes with experience, you learn to know your limits and when you are approaching the point of no return. Remember, you are looking for the moment when you can no longer win the fight, but when you still have enough juice left to actually get away i.e. there is no point in hitting Sprint if you have 100 morale left and 5 Hunter DoTs on you!

Once you have pressed Sprint make sure you do two things: i) run away from the freeps and ii) put some sort of cover between yourself and your pursuers. Cover is anything that breaks their line of sight e.g. trees, walls, pillars, rocks, etc. You don’t want to be mezzed or rooted whilst trying to escape so make sure you make it hard for them to target you. Duck and weave and use the landscape to your advantage, going over a hill works just as well as going behind a wall. As long as the freeps can’t see you it’s all good!

Advanced Combat Tactics

There is more to combat than mere claws …

The warg gains a variety of debuffing skills as it ranks up and these can have a significant impact upon a fight, often swinging it in your favour.

sk_mp_warg_throatripThroat Rip – One of the most useful debuff skills the warg gets comes nice and early at Rank1 in the form of ‘a silence called Throat Rip. Obviously the effectiveness of this skill varies with individual freep classes, but it has a few very important uses. Not only does it render a Lore-master near helpless until they cure it it also prevents Hunters using one of their fears on you, which will render you unable to do anything for 10 seconds. It prevents Minstrels fearing you too as well as from healing. Try and get this silence applied as early in the fight as possible and make sure you re-apply it whenever possible.

sk_mp_warg_rendfleshRend Flesh – The next debuff skill comes at Rank 4 and is called ‘Rend Flesh’. Not only does this skill do some damage itself it also increases the incoming melee and ranged damage your target takes by 10%. Obviously the earlier you apply this the better. This skill can only be used after you have landed a critical hit with another skill.


As a warg you need to be devious, and at times underhanded. The following list is by no means a comprehensive list of tactics, but I have found these tactics to be useful over the years and they are all viable for a new warg:

Bait – If you spot another creep running around by themselves take a moment or two to follow them. A lone creep is great bait for a freep to attack, especially if the creep is low ranked. If a freep should pop up and attack let him waste his cooldowns on attacking the bait and then jump in and finish him off.

Bait can also be useful for establishing whether Burglars are present. Remember if the odds are against you don’t break stealth, leave the bait to die and get yourself to safety.

Landscape – The terrain can be your friend if used properly. As a warg you don’t want to be running around too much in combat, you want to be up close and in a freep’s face so try fighting in spaces where the freep can’t kite you much. It would be tempting to think you should pick small enclosed spaces, but always fight somewhere that has an avenue of escape!

Fighting uphill of an opponent can be handy at times because of camera angles. It’s possible, especially on a steep slope and with Hobbits and Dwarves, for the freep player to have an awkward camera angle or have to re-adjust his view, potentially giving you an edge.

NPCs – If possible try and drag a freep closer to friendly NPCs. Most will not fall for this except when you are very low on health as they will think they can get a quick kill and survive. The trick here is to to move towards the NPCs when your health goes down and use Disappear to vanish whilst the freep now has the NPCs on him. Once the freep has suffered a suitable amount of damage to make the kill easy run in and stun him then finish him off. Obviously only attempt this if you have the Disappear skill.

Shark Attack – This  is a pack tactic and you will need at least 3 wargs to execute it, but more are preferable. How it works is the pack moves underneath a bridge with freeps on it whilst a lone warg runs onto the bridge and attacks a freep before jumping off the bridge. If one of the freeps follows and jumps off he will not only break his legs and be unable to parry or evade, but he will also have the entire pack waiting for him below.

Use Orcs – Orcs are great for doing the leg work whilst you sit back and watch the infamy roll in. In a farming situation, where the freeps are moving forwards a little and then back a little, position yourself so that when one of the freeps moves out just a little too far you run in pounce him and immediately run out. Hopefully the Blackarrows and Spiders get enough DoTs on him and the Reavers sacrifice enough of themselves to ensure a kill and net you some infamy!

Dumb Pets – You can spot a n00b Lore-master a mile away because they will allow their pet to continue to attack you even if you are dragging it towards friendly NPCs. Once the pet is killed by the NPCs they run towards the Lore-master. This is especially effective inside a keep where you can drag a pet towards the Tyrant.

Think Outside the Box

Do not be predictable, think differently …

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and do things that seem counter intuitive.


Whilst this is a great escape skill it is also a great offensive skill. It allows you to run down prey, even on horseback, but remember that using it like this means you don’t have it to escape so make sure that target you are chasing is going to die.

You can also use Sprint in combat to overcome slow effects, but moving at 200% speed in anything except a straight makes it very hard to steer properly!

Another potential use is in a pack situation where one warg will use Sprint to race through an enemy camp and drag out the enemy NPCs inside so the rest of the pack can then go in and kill any freep(s) inside more easily.


On the face of it Disappear would appear to be an even more straight up escape skill than Sprint, but it too can be used offensively.

It can be used to give yourself an immediate stun ability should you need it since a Pounce from stealth is a guaranteed stun.

It can also be used in the above example of dragging a freep towards enemy NPCs.

One particularly useful application of an offensive Disappear is to make a target burn his cooldowns only for you to Disappear, effectively resetting the fight for you, but not for him. You then proceed to attack after a brief rest when you know his his important skills still aren’t ready to be used again.

Know Your Enemy – Class Specifics

Each enemy is different, know them all …

Burglar – The first rule when dealing with Burglars is NEVER STUN A BURGLAR! If you do they can use a skill that not only immediately snaps them out of the stun, but heals them and increases their evade chance by 50%. You will learn later why this rule doesn’t always apply, but for now follow it.

You want to keep as many DoTs on them as long as possible since even if they stealth they might still die or be broken out of stealth by the DoT.

Burglar’s sometimes hunt in groups so fighting what looks to be a lone Burglar is sometimes a bad idea. Also, if you see a lone freep chances are a burg or six might be nearby.

For more information on Burglars click here.

Captain – The Captain is no threat to you, they do weak dps and have no real capacity to harm you in a 1 vs 1 fight. They can last a while so keep them stunned and silenced as much as possible.

Champion – They do impressive damage so make sure you have a morale pot, but unfortunately they are also pretty tough at the same time with their combination of heals and self-bubbles. It’s definitely best to avoid these guys at low ranks unless you are in a group.

For more information on Champions click here.

Guardian – These guys are pretty tough for low ranked wargs. Simply put you probably won’t have enough damage output to take one down before he beats you down. Again it is probably best to avoid them in 1vs1 situations until you have ranked up a bit.

Hunter – Free Infamy. Stay in melee range and use a silence if you have it. A good Hunter will try and fear you, but some don’t. Use a root pot if they root you. As long as you get the jump on them and stay in melee range you have a good chance to win the fight.

For more information on Hunters click here.

Lore-master – These are very dangerous to solo for a low ranked warg. They have a lot of stuns and crowd control effects you will probably find yourself dead very quickly. New wargs are probably best staying away from Lore-masters unless in a group.

The best tactic is to keep them silenced and stunned as often as possible. This isn’t easy as they have anti-stun, which prevents stuns and cures silences. Like the Hunter keep in melee range and make sure you use any interrupt skills if you see them performing an induction because all Lore-master inductions will end very badly for you.

NOTE: Always ignore the pet in a 1 vs 1 fight unless you are near friendly NPCs that you can drag it to.

For more information on Lore-masters click here.

Minstrel – This is probably the hardest class you will face as a low ranked warg. I would definitely recommend avoiding them in 1vs1 situations until you are higher ranked.

Runekeeper – Similar to Hunter in that you NEED to keep in melee range or you are dead. Try and keep them stunned and silenced. If slowed don’t be afraid to use Sprint to get into melee range and don’t be afraid to use Disappear to buy yourself an extra stun or to stop the fight before they can use their big hitting skill that can almost one shot you (it’s called Epic Conclusion).

Warden – Dependent upon whether or not they are in their tanking stance or not Wardens can be next to impossible to kill. They may not output the mega crits of some other freep classes, but their stacking DoTs can pulverise a low ranked warg very quickly.

For more information on Wardens click here.

The Pack

Run with your brothers …

Running with the pack can be very fun, but there are some rules to follow for a successful hunt.

  • Follow the Paw! The leader of the pack will typically mark himself with a Paw, you do as he says, when he says and how he says. This isn’t a raid full of orcs, the warg pack is an exercise in pack mentality efficiency. If you are told to jump you should already know how high.
  • If you are tracked i.e. you get the message ‘You feel as though you are being followed’ you immediately inform the rest of the pack and move AWAY from the pack. When at a safe distance come out of stealth and then re-stealth to break the track. For more information on dealing with tracks click here.
  • DO NOT use Pounce on a target unless told to do so by the Paw. The Paw will usually use Pounce himself and expect you to use Maul on the target. NEVER POUNCE BURGLARS!
  • Don’t pull NPCs! If you pull NPCs the whole pack won’t be able to re-stealth.
  • Have voice enabled. You don’t need to have a mic, but the leader will often be giving instructions over voice so please have it activated when joining.

Those are the basic rules of the pack, but to get the most out of a pack you will need to modify your behaviour a little from solo play.


There will be a RAT (Raid Assist Target) and you will be expected to follow it unless told not to. The RAT picks out targets for the pack to attack. You can enable the RAT on your screen by going into the Social Panel, selecting the Raid tab and then using the check box marked ‘Assist Window’ at the bottom of the screen.

The RAT is very important in the pack because you will be taking down targets primarily through the use of Claws and DoTs from Maul. This means that EVERYONE in the pack has to be hitting the same target at the same time and getting those attacks and DoTs on it.

Once the target has been chosen you go for that target until the Paw tells you otherwise. If that means that you die then you die. You don’t abandon the target unless the Paw tells you to or it is clear that the target is not going to die AND that the pack is going down.

Stay Focused

Just because you are in stealth doesn’t mean that you can go wandering all over the place without being noticed. Freeps do have a chance to spot you, and some freeps, like Lore-masters, have abilities to help them spot you. When in a pack make sure you are following the Paw and not wandering off on your own because if you are spotted it could cost the pack a kill or even put the whole pack at risk.

Disappear Is For You, Sprint Is For The Pack

The Disappear skill can be used at your discretion in a pack. If you need to use it for whatever reason feel free.

The Sprint skill should be kept in case the pack needs you to run down a freep. Obviously if you NEED to use it to escape then do so, but try not to use it for anything else.

For a more in-depth look at warg packs for new wargs click here. For more information on warg packs in general click here.

The Raid

Running with the visibles …

A warg in a raid is not the same as a warg in a pack, in fact it is the complete opposite in many respects. In a pack every single warg acts as one, you move as a single entity, you attack the same target, you use the exact same attack as each other at the exact same time, you stop attacking at the same time, etc. In some respects it’s a hive mind, a single entity.

In a raid the opposite is true, the wargs are expected to act as independent agents separate from the raid. In that respect you will be used as a scout to search for the freeps and shadow them across the map reporting their position, their numbers, etc. It goes beyond that though because you will be expected to act on your own initiative when the raid engages the freeps, picking out your own targets separate from the RAT.

Note: This should be assumed to be the default status of a warg in a raid, however, if the raid leader tells you to act alongside the raid you should then adopt normal raiding protocol.

Raid Duties

Scout – Use maps & stealth to quickly travel across the map checking on keeps to see if they are being attacked, raid leader will often assign a particular warg to a certain keep.

Spy – When freeps have been found you shadow them and report their position to the raid leader. You will also be taking note of their numbers, prominent players present who might be leading or acting as RAT, class composition, who the healers are, etc.

Agent Provocateur – When the fight begins your job is to harass the tactical classes and Hunters, but primarily the healers. Note the use of the word ‘harass’; if you can get a kill great, but the main goal is to stun, silence and generally inconvenience the healers and otherwise force them to move around so that they have a harder time healing. You will also be looking to strike at the Lore-masters and Hunters should they be posing a major problem.

In doing this you make quick strikes, run in, strike, run out. There will be AOE, sticky tar, fire pools and ice clouds so you absolutely MUST NOT stay still for too long. Move away once you have struck and wait to re-stealth and then move back in for another hit.

Vanguard – If the creep raid is wiping I usually immediately go into ‘rescue mode’. This is when you look to do what you can to save any fleeing creeps, but don’t put your own safety at risk, only help if you can do so without being killed yourself. You are about to take on another job …

Scout – As the creep or freep raid wipes you revert back to your initial role, finding the enemy and keeping track of them until another fight breaks out.

Important Raiding Points For Wargs

  • Do have a good supply of all pots as you will find yourself frequently rooted, stunned or mezzed during raid fights. Your job is getting in and out of the fight quickly so you need to be able to break out of these.
  • Do eat food before a raid fight, the extra morale and power you get will be invaluable as you wade through a pool of fire to reach that mincer.
  • Do use your own initiative, the raid leader is not going to tell the wargs which targets to pick, you need to assess who needs to be hit the most.
  • Do keep an eye on the RAT, although you don’t normally have to follow it, sometimes you can be the one who gets the killing blow on a RAT target that has managed to slip to the back of the freep raid with half his health.
  • Do Not hang in the fight, your job is to make life difficult for the healers, not to be a front-line soldier.
  • Do Not give into sentimentality, if your friend or kin-mate is healing the freep raid he has to be taken out of commission just like anyone else.
  • Do Not waste Sprint or Disappear if you are tracked whilst shadowing the freeps, always try to drop from stealth andre-stealth first. Only use your escape skills if you absolutely have to.

For a more detailed look at playing a warg in a raid click here.

Fancy Footwork

Discretion is the better part of valour …

Because wargs are hated so much on the freep side if you are caught and killed it can be a real mark of distinction for the freep that gets the killing blow. This is why it is so important to escape rather than fight to the death. Better to escape and deny a freep a killing blow on you than to sacrifice yourself just so some Hunter can feel smug.

The Great Escape

The following are some tips for escaping sticky situations:

  • Make sure you have at least one escape skill off cooldown before going into combat and preferably both.
  • Find your ‘sweet spot’. This is the point at which you know you cannot win a fight, but have just enough morale left to be able to escape. This takes practice to do right and will of course vary every time since no two situations will be exactly the same.
  • When using Disappear remember that any DoTs on you will break you out of stealth after the 10sec grace period is up. You have 10sec to get as far away from your attackers as you can if you have a DoT on you.
  • When using Sprint actually move away from the freeps and use cover to your advanatge. You want to break the freeps’ line of sight (LOS) so they can’t mezz/root/hit you. Weave in and out of trees, get behind walls, run over hills, etc.
  • Don’t jump off heights unless you absolutely have to; you’ll break your legs, which will leave you unable to parry or evade as well as slowing you and Sprint does NOT negate that slow!
  • Avoid running through deep water because you will move slower if you have to swim and remember that wargs, being shorter, have to swim in much shallower water than men or elves.
  • Keep an eye on whether you are being tracked or not. If you are pop in and out of stealth if possible to shake off the tracks. If there are freeps close behind stay in stealth as not all of them will be able to see you and thus not all are able to hit you. Try and get somewhere where you can come out of stealth and re-stealth as soon as possible.
  • Know where you are going! Don’t just blindly run about, aim for the safety of a creep raid or friendly NPCs. You might not have to actually get that far to shake off your pursuers, but you should be heading in that direction in case you do.
  • Make sure you have plenty of stun and root pots at all times. These are not only invaluable during a fight, but they can often mean the difference between escape and death. A Hunter root or a Lore-master mezz can quickly stop a sprinting warg dead in their tracks. A quick pot has you on your way again.
  • If you are in serious trouble don’t stop to help that unfortunate orc being ganked by the Rune-keeper death machine. His death is diverting attention from you so make use of it!

3 responses

  1. Pingback: 1vs1 Guide: The Lore-Master « The Art of Warg

  2. drew1000

    Rypper – Rank 8 Warg, Laurelin server, europe

    My own personal record is 4 morale

    Happened a couple of weeks ago during the usual daytime OC farm, if the hunter that had the Barbed Arrow DoT on me had spent some points on it I would have been toast, thank god for food though, it ticked up my morale just as the last bleed came in, left me on 4 morale, couldnt believe it, was rofl.

    01/06/2011 at 5:41 pm

  3. Probably whilst stealing a kb! lol

    01/06/2011 at 8:36 pm

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