A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Max Damage Build

I previously set out a damage build for use with Shadow stance that sought to get the best damage output alongside a little survivability. However, for those of you looking to squeeze every last drop of dps out of your warg and stuff survivability here we have the Max Damage Build.

The Max Damage Build

Unlike the Damage Build the aim with the Max Damage Build is to focus on damage output and nothing else. This is a very squishy build and the chances are that you will die a lot using it so it is more of a ‘for fun’ setup. With that out of the way let’s dive straight in.


The choice of corruptiuons is similar to that of the Damage Build, but with a few changes.

  • Damage for Power Rank 2
  • Critical Boost x5
  • Mastery Boost x6

We slot in an extra mastery boost and also damage for power rank 2. the effect of this is to increase base damage, which in testing proved to output slightly more damage than if using all six critical boost corruptions.

Note that both of the morale corruptions have been removed.


The choice of racial traits is the exact same as with the Damage Build.

  • Foe of the Light
  • Four Legged Foe
  • Pack Alpha
  • Racial Skill: Howl of Unnerving
  • Racial Skill: Pack Hunters

Foe of the light improves your stealth (always a good thing); Four Legged Foe gives a boost to run speed (handy for helping to catch freeps and mitigate slows), and Pack Alpha gives a small boost to damage output. Howl of the Unnerving isn’t a particularly reliable CC skill, but it even so a fear that works 50% of the time is better than no fear at all. Pack Hunters allows for the use of the Shadow Pack skill in Shadow stance, which boosts your damage output by reducing freep mitigations.

Class traits are again the same as those used with the Damage Build.

  • Enhanced Skill: Stealth (a must for every warg)
  • Armour Boost (provides a little more survivability)
  • The Element of Surprise (provides a significant increase to dps by boosting crit chance of various attacks)
  • Enhanced Skill: Disappear (provides extra survivability by being able to use Disappear more often or alternatively boosts offence by allowing for an extra stun/surprise attack)
  • Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake (allows you to interrupt more often and boosts dps with more frequent attacks)
  • Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey (you need to know where the freeps are before you can kill them!)
  • Enhanced Skill: Sprint (provides extra survivability by being able to use Sprint more often as well as allowing slows to be negated more often)


As mentioned above this is really more of a fun build than a serious build you would want to use given the almost total lack of survivability. Having said that it might actually prove viable with a strategy of picking off already weakened targets. It is almost certainly not viable in 1vs1 situations against any freep that has a measure of staying power. Against a squishy target it might be possible to burn them so fast they don’t have time react, but for general usage this build probably isn’t the best choice.


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