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The White Warg


Recently I found myself  speaking with some friends about the white warg and it occurred to me that this is a little piece of Ettenmoors history that no longer exists. Newer wargs may not even know what the white warg was. Well I am going to tell you in an effort to preserve this slice of PvMP history.

The white warg refers to wargs using the rank 8 appearance. It is the first of the white coloured warg appearances and the only one available until rank eleven. I can hear you ask the obvious question “I thought you said it no longer exists?”. It doesn’t. Yes the appearance is still there, but the white warg was more than just the appearance, it was a symbol of achievement.

‘Back in the day’, so to speak, ranking wasn’t as fast as it is now. When LOTRO was first launched rank 5 was considered to be a fairly high rank given that it could take some players anywhere from weeks to months to achieve it. Infamy gains were lower and creeps were much weaker than they are now ( yes I am being serious with that last point!). All told it took a fair bit of time and effort to get your ranks. A blue rank back then was considered to be fairly high ranked. There were few green ranked creeps when compared with the present, and even fewer purple ranked creeps. Thus rank 8 was a prestigious rank and the ‘badge of office’ for a rank 8 warg was the white appearance.

When a white warg appeared a freep knew that he was facing someone with experience under his belt and someone who could pose a challenge. It wasn’t just a nice looking cosmetic appearance, it was a sign that the freep was facing a tough opponent. The white warg had meaning to it.

Fast forward to today and a creep can quite easily go from rank 0 to rank 5 in a single night. Rank 8 can be achieved in a couple of weeks. Rank 12 in three or four months. With ranking having become so fast the meaning attached to higher ranks has diminished and even the definition of what constitutes a high rank has changed. Rank 8 is no longer particularly special and whilst that white furred appearance is still great looking, that is sadly all it is now. The white warg is no more.