A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

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Video: Warg Herd

I have posted this before, but I had forgotten about it and only just came across it again and I thought it was worth sharing again. The sole reason for posting this video is the sheer number of wargs involved. Seriously I have never seen so many wargs in one place; presumably there was some event on. The EC scene at 1:32 shows just how many wargs were there; when you think they are all inside more keep pouring in!


Freeps: Easiest To Hardest

People have been asking me how this class or that class fares against a warg so I thought I would compile a list of the freep classes and rank them from easiest to hardest to beat for a warg. I should mention that I am not a fan of making generalisations and this list is a generalisation because each player is different and will offer a different level of challenge. For example, Burger A might be complete shit whilst Burger B only has to give you a dirty look to defeat you. Nevertheless some may find this useful so without further ado let’s look at the list.

Captain – Shock, the Hunter isn’t the easiest class for a warg to beat! The Captain’s generally low dps just isn’t up to the task of taking us down quickly.

Hunter – The whipping boy of the Ettenmoors! A Hunter stands a good chance of beating a warg if they get the jump on the warg. If. Chances are though that the warg will get the jump on the Hunter and with limited melee damage and lacklustre panic buttons most Hunters just keel over.

Burger – Our halfwitted stealthy cousins are not in terribly good shape at the moment. They do have half decent damage output, but against a Shadow warg their survival options are limited so they often don’t survive long enough to bring their damage to bear and against a Flayer warg they often can’t last the distance. The more competent amongst them are still dangerous though.

Guardian – Guardians can still pose a problem for a warg, but they aren’t as strong as they once were. The only reason I am ranking them above the Burger is due to their better survivability. They can usually last long enough to stack enough bleeds on a warg to get a kill. They may or may not die themselves in the process.

Rune-keeper – Now things are getting difficult. You really only get one shot at a Rune-keeper; either you burn them down very quickly or you loose the kill (and possibly get killed yourself). Great self-heals combined with a very high damage output means that most Rune-keepers can finish off a warg with relative ease.

Minstrel – The Minstrel has enough self-healing to negate our damage and they have enough damage of their own to burn us down. It isn’t impossible for a high ranked warg to beat a Minstrel although it will be tough, but most wargs probably won’t fare very well.

Champion – This is a very tough fight for a warg. The Champion has so much survivability and damage that defeating one in a 1vs1 situation is a very tall order. It isn’t that a warg can’t burn their morale down quickly enough, it is more that they can keep popping bubbles or heals to get back on their feet and their own high damage output means that the warg will soon find his own morale disappearing.

Warden – We have now reached the point where you are more often than not better off just not bothering even attacking at all. A Warden setup for survivability is, simply put, nigh on impossible for a warg to kill. The Warden might not burn the warg down quickly, but he will outlast you and he will slowly, but surely, wear the warg down. A Warden setup for damage is a lot squishier and a warg stands a decent chance of burning the Warden down … except that you probably won’t survive long enough to do that due to the Warden’s incredibly potent bleed damage. The chances are that the warg will be dead very quickly, even in Flayer.

Lore-masters – I don’t often throw around the term ‘gods amongst men’, but in the case of the Lore-master it is appropriate. There is nothing a warg can do to seriously threaten a Lore-master.  The Lore-master’s abilities effectively negate our debuffs, our CC and our damage. The Lore-master’s own damage is extremely potent and a warg can find himself dead very quickly. In short there is little point in even thinking about taking on a Lore-master.

Note: Rankings are current as of September 2013. Ranking assumes both players are equally skilled and that the freep has relatively good equipment.