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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Stealth But Were Afraid To Ask

I have been meaning to write a guide on how stealth works for some time now, but I could never seem to get around to it. Until now. Stealth is such a basic part of our gameplay that it is vital that every wargs knows exactly how it works so that they can avoid common mistakes and best use it to their advantage.

What Is Stealth?

On a basic stealth when a warg activates their stealth skill it does two important things. The first, and most obvious, of these is to make the warg invisible to everyone, friend as well as foe. Only players in the same fellowship/raid as the warg will be able to see him without actually going out of their way to spot him. The second thing activating stealth does is to put the warg into a special ‘stealthed’ state that causes some of our abilities to be modified, but more on that later.

Whilst stealth is active a warg can move around the map and is treated as if he were completely invisible. In other words unless the warg is somehow spotted enemies, and friends, cannot see him at all. That also applies to sound effects; other players will not hear you splashing through water and so on. Other creep players can see any emotes the warg performs in the relevant chat channels, but they cannot physically see the warg himself.

Stealth Level

When a warg enters stealth he is assigned a ‘stealth level’. This is a rating that is equal to the warg’s actual level e.g. a level 85 warg will have a stealth level of 85. There are traits that can increase this stealth level rating e.g. Enhanced Skill: Stealth increases a warg’s stealth level by four points.

On the other side of the coin every player character, creep or freep, as well as every NPC and pet, has a stealth detection rating too. This works similarly to stealth level in that it is equal to the actual level of the player or NPC. For example, a level 20 player has a stealth detection rating of 20 whilst a level 85 NPC has a stealth detection rating of 85.

Spotting Wargs In Stealth

So how does a warg get spotted whilst in stealth? Well it is pretty straightforward really. Whenever a warg gets close enough to another player or NPC the game makes a contested ‘roll’ between the two parties. The contest is between the warg’s stealth level and the other player’s stealth detection rating. If the warg wins the contest he remains unseen. If the other player/NPC wins the contest he spots the warg. However, even if the warg is spotted the warg remains in stealth until he is attacked or voluntarily drops stealth himself. It is just that he can now be seen by the particular player/NPC that spotted him, but no one else.

There are different things that affect the chance of being spotted in stealth and it is worth going through them here:

  • Position – A warg is less likely to be spotted when behind someone and more likely to be spotted when in front of them. Thus when a warg is trying to sneak past someone it is always best to try and remain behind them rather than moving in front of them.
  • Distance – The closer a warg is to someone else the greater the chance of the other person spotting the warg. If the warg is right next to someone else there is a good chance that the warg will be spotted.
  • Movement – Remaining still reduces the chance of being spotted whilst in stealth, even if someone else passes right through you. On the other hand moving around a lot will increase the chance of a warg being spotted in stealth, especially if the warg is moving close to the other person.
  • Speed – In conjunction with being close to someone else a warg who is moving slowly is more likely to be spotted. This is simply because the warg is moving so slowly that they effectively remain close to the other person for longer. A warg who is close to someone else, but who moves past quickly enough has less chance of being spotted because they remain close to the other person for a shorter period of time.
  • Stealth Detection Boosts – Some creep and freep classes have the ability to enhance their stealth detection ratings. For example, Lore-masters can increase their stealth detection rating by up to +5. They will be more likely to spot a stealthed warg when using such an ability.
  • Stealth Level Boosts – There are traits that increase a warg’s stealth level. Using these traits will make the warg harder to spot.


The Disappear skill immediately puts a warg into stealth, even in combat. Furthermore this stealth cannot be broken by damage for 10sec and it also makes the warg extremely hard to detect. In game play terms the warg is given +10 stealth level for 10sec.


Stealth does absolutely nothing to prevent a warg from being tracked by a Hunter (or a freep using store bought trackers). Dropping stealth and then re-activating will nullify a track, but stealth itself cannot prevent a warg from being tracked. For more information on tracking please see this post.


The Laurelin Build

Despite the fact that creeps as a whole are pretty constrained in their build choices there seems to be no end of debate over what is the best setup for a warg. This discussion seems to intensify when it focuses on the best setup for dps. I have covered damage builds before of course, but here I am going to share another build with you that I have recently started using myself. If you are wondering why I am calling it the Laurelin Build it is simply because a number of us on Laurelin are now using this build.


This is the meat of this build so let us spend a little time looking at exactly what we will be using. As you can see from the list of corruptions below this is a bit of a hodge podge of corruptions. There is method to the madness though as I shall explain. The following are the corruptions we shall be using:

  • Critical Rating Boost
  • Mastery Boost
  • Mastery Boost
  • Mastery Boost
  • Damage for Power Rank 2
  • Morale for Power Rank 2

So what do we get from this disparate collection of corruptions? Well we get a hefty boost to our base damage from both the mastery corruptions and the rank damage for power corruption. Added to that is the increase in crit chance and crit/dev magnitude from the critical boost corruption. We also get a rather nice 10% max morale boost from the rank 2 morale for power corruption. it is this last corruption that perhaps seems a little out of place in a damage focused build: surely another crit boost or another mastery would be a better choice? No. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

Racial Traits

There isn’t much diversity here of course we will be going with the usual suspects.

  • Pack Alpha
  • Foe of the Light
  • Four Legged Foe
  • Pack Hunters
  • Howl of the Unnerving

Class Traits

Again we see  the old faithful here and as for the rest, well it’s pretty much up to each individual warg to be honest. What you put in the last four slots won’t really have any impact on the damage output of this build so go with what you like best.

  • Enhanced Skill: Stealth
  • Shadow Fang
  • Element of Surprise


Now we come to the interesting part. You see I carried out some testing on various damage builds and as it turns out this build is pretty much the best balance between damage output and survivability.

Now there are builds that offer higher damage output, for example stacking more crit boosts, but the thing is you end up with relatively little morale and the damage increase over this build isn’t actually all that significant. In fact on a devastating critical with Bestial Claws in Shadow stance the absolute maximum I could get was only hitting 30 points of damage than I could achieve with this build. Yet this build offers around 2,000 more morale than that build (at rank 12).

This was the pattern I saw repeated again and again in testing. Other builds could offer a minor increase in damage over this build, but they were sacrificing a lot of morale to do so. With this build you get close to our top rated damage output, but with a little extra survivability thrown in.

In actually using this build in the field it has so far worked out remarkably well. Furthermore it can be used with Flayer stance to provide a tougher damage dealer, but with reduced damage from Shadow stance obviously. Again this variant has worked pretty well. The key being the relative balance between damage output and the morale boost.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences on this.

Perfect Imbalance

I came across a most interesting video on the official forums and I thought I would share it with you here. What is so interesting about it is that the ideas it espouses could fit LOTRO’s PvP setup so well. I am not going to say too much about the concept at the moment (I will later), but for just now take a look and have a think about the idea of perfect imbalance.

LOTRO Store: Warg Starter Bundle


Turbine currently offer a ‘Stalker Starter Bundle’ in the LOTRO Store that aims to give new wargs some skills, traits and corruptions to get them started in PvMP. There is even an exclusive store only appearance thrown in too! I thought it was time to take a look at this starter kit and see whether it was worth investing it for a new warg.

The Price

The first thing that strikes you about this starter kit is the price: 2,995 TP. Ouch! That is a very expensive purchase indeed, especially considering that the warg itself costs 795 TP to unlock as a playable class. Right from the start then the bar has been set high for this starter bundle; it really needs to deliver to justify such a high price tag.


The bundle contains a variety of skills, traits, corruptions and the exclusive appearance. I have listed the various items below for ease of reference.


  • Disappear
  • Piercing Claws
  • Shadow Stance


  • Enhanced Skill: Sprint
  • Enhanced Skill: Disappear
  • Pack Alpha


  • Power for Damage Rank 1
  • Mastery Boost 1
  • Critical Protection Boost 1


  • Saddled Mordor Warg Appearance

So just how good is all of this? Well let us start with the skills.

Skills – Overall this is a pretty solid bundle of skills. Disappear is a tremendously useful skill for new wargs because it gives them a much needed survivability boost. Shadow stance is a solid choice too because it instantly boosts a warg’s damage output quite considerably. Piercing Claws is probably the weakest of the three skills here because it can be a bit niche in terms of its usefulness, but even so it is still a good skill to have and provides a new warg with another attack to work into their rotation.

Traits – Again we have a fairly solid selection here. Both the Sprint and Disappear enhancements are very solid traits for a new warg. Brand new wargs are incredibly squishy and these two traits offer a genuine increase to their odds of escaping through the reduced cooldowns they provide to Disappear and Sprint. Pack Alpha is one of our better traits and a very solid choice, even for a new warg, because it provides some much needed increases to stats and again boosts damage output.

Corruptions – Unfortunately the selection of corruptions isn’t as solid as either the skills or traits. For starters we have Power for Damage Rank 1. Simply put a new warg is very unlikely to ever be in a fight long enough to actually run out of power. Furthermore reducing damage output is not a good idea for a new warg because they don’t have much damage output in the first place. The Mastery Boost is a better choice at least and provides a solid bonus to damage output. The Critical Protection boost is best described as ‘meh’. Frankly critical protection doesn’t do a hell of a lot for wargs right now, especially when this is likely to be the only Critical protection Boost the new warg in question is likely to be able to slot.

Appearance – Aesthetics come down to personal preference, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that. Each warg will have to decide for himself whether or not he likes the appearance. Personally I rather like it because it is relatively uncommon and because I think it is rather unique looking. I have included some screenshots of the appearance below.


So how good a deal is this package? In terms of the cost alone buying each of the included items separately would cost 3,950 TP. Thus you are saying 955 TP by buying them altogether like this. That doesn’t tell the full story though.

The value of the package will decrease depending upon whether or not you already have some of the included items and how much you like the appearance. It is also worth stressing that the included corruptions really aren’t particularly great, which lessens the value of the package right away. However, if you do not already have the skills and traits included in the package and if you like the appearance then you will still save Turbine Points over buying the items individually even if we ignore the corruptions entirely.

At the end of the day it is up to each warg to decide whether this package is a good fit or not, but it definitely provides a solid start for new wargs and is worth considering at least if you can afford the high price tag.

New Look (Maybe)

Yes there is a new look. Yes it is bright. No it may not be a permanent change.

I thought it was time to redecorate so to speak, but bugger me if finding a look I like isn’t proving sanity destroying. Most pre-designed themes for WordPress seem to revolve around one of two concepts: i) being simplistic, no not simple, simplistic or ii) annoying layouts that present information in a wonderfully frustrating manner to access. Nevertheless I am continuing to look. Hell I might just go back to the previous look.

For the moment this Kill Billesque look caught my eye so I will try it out for a week or so and try to decide whether or not I like it.