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A Warg’s Tale

A quick heads up to let you all know about a new warg blog: A Warg’s Tale. It is basically the journey of a fresh faced pup straight out of Grams. It can be easy to forget what it is like starting from scratch so for old and new wargs alike this is a good read. Go check it out!


Search Term Find #32

hunters suck in ettenmoors

Somehow that led them here …

Critical Rating Boost: Part II

Update 10 introduced a new type of corruptions for creeps: critical rating boosts. These corruptions allowed us, for the first time, to adopt a crit build! Because this had never been available before there was uncertainty over how best to use these corruptions. There are various opinions of course, but in this post I am going to go through the numbers with a view to determining how bet to use these corruptions for different builds.

Note: If you are unsure as to what these corruptions do or how they work please see part one.


First of all let us look at what the different combinations of critical rating boost corruptions gives us:

  • 1 critical rating boost: +3.3% crit chance +1.4% dev chance +4.5% crit/dev magnitude
  • 2 critical rating boosts: +5.8% crit rating +2.7% dev chance +8.6% crit/dev magnitude
  • 3 critical rating boosts: +8.1% crit chance  +4% dev chance +12.3% crit/dev magnitude
  • 4 critical rating boosts: +10.3% crit chance +5.3% dev chance +15.6% crit/dev magnitude
  • 5 critical rating boosts: +12.4% crit chance +5.9% dev chance +18.6% crit/dev magnitude
  • 6 critical rating boosts: +12.5% crit chance +6% dev chance +21.4% crit/dev magnitude

Note that slotting all 6 critical rating boost corruptions will take your critical and devastating critical chance to their cap i.e. 25% and 10% respectively. Compare that with slotting 5 of these corruptions; you are only 0.1% under each of those caps. Even in the case of the critical magnitude increase 6 corruptions only gives you an extra 2.8% above that provided by 5 corruptions. Thus it looks as if slotting all 6 corruptions is a bit of a waste, especially if you then go on to use abilities such as Pack Alpha and Frenzy.

Best Use

If six of these corruptions aren’t really useful for anything then what about other combinations? I have listed them different combinations below and what they might be useful for.

1-2 Critical Rating Boosts – Best used to fill out your corruption slots if you somehow find yourself with a slot free (no idea how that might come about though!). This would also be a good number to include in a traditional dps build that focuses more on high base damage. The extra oomph from one or two crit boosts should increase damage output without sacrificing too much base damage.

3 Critical Rating Boosts – Here we would be getting into half and half territory. By that I mean that we would be walking the line between a dps build focusing on base damage and a crit build focusing on scoring critical hits. You do not really get the major benefit of either build with this setup although it should still produce good damage output.

4-5 Critical Rating Boosts – We are looking at a full blown crit build with this many crit boosts. Four would be the best option in my opinion to ensure some solid base damage to work from. Five crit boosts might push the base damage down too low for your liking, but even so it should still produce good dps.