A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Why Are They Tracking Me?

I get email from wargs looking for my opinion on their build, or asking how best to fight this class or that, etc. Most of it is pretty standard fare to be honest. However, recently I was asked a question that was a little more interesting than usual and I thought it might be worth spending a little time looking at it in more detail.

The question was pretty simple: why do Hunters track my warg when there are other wargs closer to them?


I have spoken about tracking before and how best to combat it, but the question remains unanswered; why is one wargs selected to be tracked and not another? Is it not logical to assume that a Hunter would track whichever warg is closest to them? That is indeed logical, but then when was a Hunter ever logical? Remember they choose to play a Hunter in PvMP!

There is method to the madness though because simply selecting the nearest warg to track isn’t always the best strategy for a Hunter. To illustrate that let us look at an example:

A Hunter tracks for stealthed wargs and two come up on his screen, one is identified as being ‘close’ and the other as ‘distant’. Which one does he pick?

The close one.

Let’s add more information. The Hunter recognises the closer of the two wargs as being a well known high-ranked warg, but doesn’t recognise the more distant warg. Which one does he pick?

Probably the more distant one, but why?

Why Hunters Do What They Do

In the above example if a Hunter recognises the closer of the two wargs as being a player who has been around for a while he instantly knows that it’s going to be tricky to kill him. A veteran warg will have a better chance at escaping due to being more familiar with the class, knowing the terrain better, etc. Hell, the warg might even turn the tables and kill the Hunter.

Now if that distant warg is unrecognised or known to be a relative newcomer the Hunter may feel a bit more confident in attacking him. He may think he stands a better chance at getting a kill with a warg that isn’t used to dealing with such situations.

Why Me?

At the end of the day we all try to give ourselves an advantage. If you are a low ranked warg fresh out of Grams then the chances are that you are going to be ‘picked on’ so to speak. A tracking Hunter knows you are still wet around the ears and frankly the freeps are going to have an easier time tracking and chasing down some rank 5 newcomer than they are a rank 12 veteran that knows the Moors like the back of his hand.

We have all been there though and all I can say to you is that it does get better. Make sure that you give any Hunter that tracks you a hard time, whether by escaping or by killing him. That will soon earn you a reputation as a warg that should be passed over in search of an easier kill.


2 responses

  1. Ghamlak

    I see that your “Dealing with hunter tracks” section misses one trick that I saw here: combat starting at timestamp 2:34. The guy evades the track and the Heartseeker using disappear even from stealth, very clever. 🙂

    BTW, very nice warg material in his stream, both solo and small group.

    27/04/2013 at 11:38 am

  2. Mane

    I have a high ranked warg but before I was creeping I used to play as hunter. I got him to r9 a couple years ago and remember how I used my tracks in many different ways. Hunters have poor survivability and a good hunter thinks before he track a specific warg. Tracks can also be used to get situational awareness which is very important for a hunter to survive.
    Why a hunter tracks a specific warg when others are closer have different reasons:

    1. Like mentioned already; You are a new warg and are most likely easier to kill then other wargs. The hunter might have also experienced new wargs who didn’t even knew when they were tracked. You don’t need to be completely new either. Maybe the wargs closest to him are very experienced and he picked out you since he have or thinks he have a chance to win against you.

    2. You are an experienced warg who mostly win against that hunter. He learned from the past what you will do when you are close enough so he spam tracks you to keep you at distance.

    3. The wargs who are closest to him are experienced and the hunter learned that annoying those wargs is very unwise. This is a hunter who thinks before he tracks a warg. Some experienced and very good wargs actually wants the hunter to track and chase them in some situations and the hunter knows this.

    4. You beated the hunter several times this day or in the past so the hunter use his tracks to do revenge as he can’t win against you in a fight. This is a rageing hunter who just tracks you to annoy you and get your atention. As said already, this is an unwise thing to do as a hunter.

    5. You are a good warg and the warg closer to him is average or good as well. the hunter is very experienced and waits for the closer warg to jump him or get close enough to be spotted/walk into a trap because he knows he have a fair chance to win as long as that warg is alone. He tracks you to keep the distance between you and the closer warg since wargs are dangerous when they are close to each other and can cooperate.

    Ofc there can be other unexpected reasons for him to track you. For example lets say he tracks you, you move behind a tree, unstealth to get rid of the track and then a burglar who is grouped with the hunter pops up behind you from nowhere.

    29/04/2013 at 2:41 am

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