A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 10

Update 10 goes live today so I thought it was about time to take a look at what changes are coming our way.

Warg Changes

There aren’t too many warg specific changes coming with Update 10, but even so it is worth taking a look at what there is. First up is a change to Shadow stance’s ICPR bonus, which is being increased to 513.  The warg’s base ICPR value has also been increased to around 1,300 or so. This is being done as part of the wider power changes affecting all classes in the game. It isn’t a massive boost, but a boost is a boost so I’ll take it!

The other major change specific to wargs is the introduction of a new appearance! This will be a store only appearance so you will have to spend Turbine points to acquire it. It comes as part of a ‘starter pack’, which costs 3,000 Turbine points! However, it is available separately for 995 TP. I will go into more detail on the starter pack in a separate post, but for now I have posted a screenshot of the new warg skin below.

Courtesy of Tangaar

Courtesy of Tangaar

General Creep Changes

The two biggest changes are of course the introduction of a brand new corruption and a complete re-working of how brands work.

New Corruption – The new corruption trait is called Critical Rating and it does what it says on the tin, it increases your creep’s critical rating. As with most other corruptions there are six levels of this corruption and you are free to slot as many, or as few, as you wish.

This is a pretty big deal folks. Until now wargs have had no way to increase their critical rating except for Frenzy. These corruptions will now allow us to increase our critical rating, which also increases our critical hit magnitude by the way!

Brands – Brands are being completely re-worked. For starters all rank gated brands from rank 1 -14 will no longer give you any immunity to crowd control effects at all. Instead they will allow you to break free from crowd control effects and as such they will be usable in-combat. The rank 15 brand will work in the exact same manner except that it will also give the player 10sec of crowd control immunity.

As for Mordirith’s Brand that will work in the exact same manner as a rank 15 brand, except that both it and the rank 15 brand will share a cooldown.


4 responses

  1. Ghamlak

    Thank you for the heads up, and congratulations for your great blog.

    I never liked the concept of brands in the game, but yesterday I was about to barter my comms for one of them on my R6 warg. Is it still worth it or would it be better to keep rising audacity (currently at 8)?
    And what about the cooldowns on the vendor, bartered stun/root pots and brand. Are they shared or it will be better to have one of each?

    All these questions arise now that I have spare commendations. All in all, I miss an entry explaining where is it best to invest them when you already have all the traits, skills and desired corruptions. It would be great if you have the time. 🙂

    Thank’s a lot!

    06/03/2013 at 10:53 am

  2. Should also note that at least during the last build I was on, overall skill Power costs were way down. Of course we don’t know how efficient the freep classes are going to be in comparison.

    My hunch is that they’re still going to exceed us. :/

    06/03/2013 at 11:08 am

  3. The change about brands was something we already expected. Include when it was very nice to have 1 min of inmunities, it was too powerful when you play a low rank creep.

    About the new corruption, it’s balanced with the new jewelry for freep side, that will have Critical Defense in some pieces, so… we’ll see how it goes this point.

    And replying to Ghamlak, raise your audacity to the top. This is your biggest help against CC, now that Mordirith’s brand won’t give you this protection.

    06/03/2013 at 12:50 pm

  4. Feelmybite

    Do brands retain their CDs? Seems like a waste to have a stun pot on a 20m CD…

    06/03/2013 at 2:26 pm

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