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Critical Rating Boost: Part I

Update 10 sees the introduction of a new corruption for creeps: Critical Rating Boost. This corruption increases your critical rating, which means that both your critical hit and devastating critical hit chances are increased, and also the magnitude of those hits.

Since these corruptions present wargs with a brand new setup I am going to spend a little time looking at how we might best use these new corruptions.

What Do The Corruptions Do?

Each of these corruptions provides a bonus of +1,717 critical rating. Thus with all 6 slotted the total bonus would be +10.302.

That is a fairly significant bonus. So much so in fact that with just 5 of them slotted your warg will almost be at the cap for critical hit and at the cap itself for devastating critical hit chance i.e. 24.9% and 10% respectively. Five of these corruptions will also mean that your critical and devastating critical magnitude is increased by 34.3%.

Slotting all 6 of these corruptions will push you to the cap for critical hit chance (25%) and increase your critical and devastating critical magnitude bonus to 37.1%.

In short these corruptions provide a means for wargs to adopt a full on crit build!

How Should I Use These Corruptions?

I will be posting some specific builds using these new corruptions in due course, but for now let’s take a more general view of how these corruptions can be used.

Previously a warg wanting to do maximum damage would have to slot either all six Mastery corruptions or 5 Mastery corruptions and Damage for Power rank 2. It is therefore tempting to assume that slotting all 6 Critical Rating Boost corruptions will be a similar build in terms of outputting lots of damage. That is a dangerous assumption to make though because the fact of the matter is that there simply hasn’t been any testing done to see how such a build performs on the Live servers.

From what I have gathered so far though the following seems to be holding true:

  • A full crit build i.ee all 6 Critical Rating Boost corruptions doesn’t provide a noticeable increase in dps over a full damage build i.e. 6 Mastery corruptions. This is due to the fact that even though critical magnitude goes up, the base damage goes down and in the end it seems to (approximately) even out.
  • A ‘half and half’ build i.e. 3 Critical Rating Boost corruptions and 3 Mastery corruptions provides an increase in dps over a full damage build i.e. 6 Mastery corruptions. This is due to maintaining a decent level of base damage and coupling it with an increase in crit magnitude (and critical hit rate of course!).

So the obvious solution is to use 3 Critical Rating Boost corruptions and 3 Mastery corruptions, right? Yes, and no. As I said above there simply hasn’t been any testing done with this on the Live servers in real PvMP. That means that we simply don’t know how any of this will work out in practice. The best advice anyone can give you at the moment is to go and try it out for yourself and see what works and what doesn’t. I will of course be doing that myself as soon as I can and reporting back so stay tuned!


Update 10

Update 10 goes live today so I thought it was about time to take a look at what changes are coming our way.

Warg Changes

There aren’t too many warg specific changes coming with Update 10, but even so it is worth taking a look at what there is. First up is a change to Shadow stance’s ICPR bonus, which is being increased to 513.  The warg’s base ICPR value has also been increased to around 1,300 or so. This is being done as part of the wider power changes affecting all classes in the game. It isn’t a massive boost, but a boost is a boost so I’ll take it!

The other major change specific to wargs is the introduction of a new appearance! This will be a store only appearance so you will have to spend Turbine points to acquire it. It comes as part of a ‘starter pack’, which costs 3,000 Turbine points! However, it is available separately for 995 TP. I will go into more detail on the starter pack in a separate post, but for now I have posted a screenshot of the new warg skin below.

Courtesy of Tangaar

Courtesy of Tangaar

General Creep Changes

The two biggest changes are of course the introduction of a brand new corruption and a complete re-working of how brands work.

New Corruption – The new corruption trait is called Critical Rating and it does what it says on the tin, it increases your creep’s critical rating. As with most other corruptions there are six levels of this corruption and you are free to slot as many, or as few, as you wish.

This is a pretty big deal folks. Until now wargs have had no way to increase their critical rating except for Frenzy. These corruptions will now allow us to increase our critical rating, which also increases our critical hit magnitude by the way!

Brands – Brands are being completely re-worked. For starters all rank gated brands from rank 1 -14 will no longer give you any immunity to crowd control effects at all. Instead they will allow you to break free from crowd control effects and as such they will be usable in-combat. The rank 15 brand will work in the exact same manner except that it will also give the player 10sec of crowd control immunity.

As for Mordirith’s Brand that will work in the exact same manner as a rank 15 brand, except that both it and the rank 15 brand will share a cooldown.