A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 9 Combat Changes: Part I

In case you missed it there are big changes coming to the game’s combat mechanics in Update 9. Given how important these changes are it is worth spending a little time looking both at what the changes are as well as how they will impact wargs. In this first part we will be looking at exactly what is changing and then how they will impact wargs in the second part.

What Is Changing?

Several things as it happens, so let’s look at each in turn.

Miss Chance

Simply put there will be no more misses in the game. Up until now only tactical attacks could not miss, but this will now also apply to melee and ranged attacks too. Thus no one will ever see any of their attacks miss, with few exceptions. This is not the same thing as blocking, parrying, evading or resisting an attack; none of those mechanics are changing. Thus it is still possible to block an attack, for example; it is just that players will no longer be able to miss when attacking.

I said there was an exception to this and that is when a player has a debuff that increases their miss chance. All players will start with 0% miss chance. If a debuff is applied that increases a player’s miss chance by 5%, for example, then that player will have a 5% to miss when attacking until the debuff expires.

Inductions & Interrupts

This is where things get really interesting. Both induction knock-back mechanics and interrupts are changing in Update 9.

When a player is performing an induction and you hit them the induction is ‘knocked back’, that is the duration of the induction is extended because of the attack. With Update 9 how this will function is that inductions can only be knocked back once no matter how many times the player performing the induction is hit. This single knock-back will extend the induction by 0.5sec.

In terms of interrupting inductions we see changes here too. For starters interrupting an induction will not only cancel the skill being used, it will also place that skill on cooldown for 4sec before the player can attempt to use it again. For example, if I were to interrupt a Lore-master trying to use Lightning Storm the Lore-master would then have to wait 4sec before he could try using Lightning-storm again.

Because of this change there will be changes made to several interrupt skills on both creep and freepside. This includes changes to our own interrupt skills. The following skills will be changed:

Sudden Pounce/Pounce – cooldown increased from 10sec to 15sec.

Raking Claws Brute Bonus – the existing Brute Bonus will be completely removed and replaced with a new debuff that increases induction times by 50%.

Critical Hits & Damage

The last of the combat changes coming with Update 9 is a big one. At the moment each player has a ‘Critical Hit Avoidance’ rating, which reduces the chance that incoming attacks will be critical or devastating critical hits. Update 9 will change this so that instead of reducing the chance of an attack being a critical hit it will instead reduce the damage of critical hits.

How this works is that when you receive a critical hit from an opponent the amount of damage the critical hit strikes you for is worked as follows:

Critical Damage = base damage of the skill x critical damage multiplier

Once the damage has been worked out you then factor in any defensive measures that will reduce that damage e.g. Audacity, mitigations, etc.

The important part here though is the critical damage multiplier. This is the part of the damage equation that your critical defense rating will modify. For example, a player that has a critical damage multiplier of 50% will increase an attack’s damage by x1.5. That’s the base damage of the skill, the ‘1’ part, plus half again, the 0.5′ part. Now let’s say that your critical defence rating reduces critical damage by 20%. We would then take away 20% of the attack’s critical damage multiplier:

1.5 x 0.2 = 0.3

That means that the critical damage multiplier would be reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 or in percentage terms the attacker’s critical damage multiplier would go from 50% to 20%.

Note: Critical damage multipliers will never be reduced below 1. In other words an attack can never deal less damage than its base value (before mitigations, etc obviously).

What all this means is that you should see more critical hits, but they will be doing less damage than they are right now.

In part two we’ll take a look at how these changes will affect wargs.

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