A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Camping Spots – Tirith Rhaw Area

As always lease note that the routes listed below may vary from server to server.

Freep travel routes are shown in blue. Warg camping spots are shown in red.

Tirith Rhaw Intercepts


In the map above we see essentially one freep travel route, which can be split into two sections. The travel route is from the Tirith Rhaw graveyard locate don top of Candy Mountain and heads for the keep of Tirith Rhaw itself. Whilst the goal is to reach Tirith Rhaw there are two routes to get there: one going towards the front of the keep and the other heading for the back door entrance to the keep.

These routes are most likely to be used when there is fighting at the keep with freeps seeking to re-enter the keep to defend it after having been killed. Another possibility is that of freeps having been killed elsewhere on the map and looking to get to the nearest friendly spot after rezzing at the Tirith Rhaw graveyard. In either case the end result is pretty much the same.

Note: These camping spots obviously assume that Tirith Rhaw, and thus the Tirith Rhaw graveyard, are under freep control.

Tirith Rhaw – Front Door

This route is more likely to be used when the keep is under freep control and an attacking force of creeps is fighting downstairs in the lower hall. Freeps using this route gain direct access to the fight and can reinforce their friends most easily.

There are two good spots for camping this route. The first is on the flat plain area in front of Candy Mountain. Freeps coming straight down the hill from the graveyard can’t help passing you here so it’s an ideal spot for intercepting them. You don’t want to be too close to Candy Mountain itself though so make sure you intercept freeps after they come out of the trees that are on the hillside. If you attack them too soon whilst they are till on the hill they can more easily run back towards the graveyard and its one shotter NPCs.

The second camping spot for this route is further towards the keep. If you position yourself around the rock formations between Tirith Rhaw and Candy Mountain you will again have a good spot to intercept freeps. Those coming towards the front door will have to pass by you here even if they are going to head for the wall at the side of Tirith Rhaw and sneak around to the front rather than simply heading straight for the door. Thus this is a good spot to intercept freeps using both of those options.

The other advantage you have here is of course that the freeps are further away from the graveyard so they can’t easily runt o that for safety. However, they are closer to the keep so they can potentially make a run for the keep and friendly forces there. Make sure you kill quick in this spot to prevent that.

Tirith Rhaw – Back Door

This is essentially the same deal as we had with the route to the front door. The first camping spot is identical to that first camping spot for the front door route so I shan’t go over it again here.

The second spot is behind Tirith Rhaw, near the bears that roam around there. Now you may be wondering why I have chosen a camping spot near freep NPCs. The simple answer is that it is the lesser of two evils. If you move the camping spot further back you risk being too close to the back door of the keep and if the keep is under freep control, as we are assuming it is here, then all a freep has to do is click on the door, whether they are in combat or not, and they reach safety. This spot is far enough away from the door to help prevent that.

As for the bears obviously try not to attack freeps too close to them that you pull them. If you do pull the bears then don’t worry too much, you can kill them fairly quickly. This is especially true if you are in a pack. Don’t try and run the bears off because there really isn’t anywhere good for you to run here without possibly running into freeps.


These can be productive trade routes for wargs assuming that Tirith Rhaw is under attack. Whilst the freeps are busy fighting the creep raid inside Tirith Rhaw you can get busy intercepting stragglers to the fight or those returning from the graveyard. Obviously these aren’t good routes when Tirith Rhaw is not under attack, but when it is they can often be better options for kills than fighting inside the keep itself where stealth can be broken easily and more NPCs pulled than you can deal with.

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