A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Which Traits To Buy

As I was updating the skill page for the store I thought I might as well also update the page for traits too. As before the ground rules are that I am not going to include traits earned before rank 6 seeing as they are relatively easy to acquire through normal gameplay, even for casual players. Each trait is rated for value based upon its effects on gameplay.

 Advanced Skill: Howl of the Unnerving

Gained at rank 9

This is an AOE debuff skill that doesn’t break stealth. It debuffs the b/p/e evade ratings of up to 4 targets within 10m. The debuff is quite small, just -600 to each ratings, but it stacks between wargs so with enough wargs it can be a significant debuff. The skill also has a 50% chance to fear each of the affected targets for 5sec,..

Value for money: moderate, if you can afford it buy it, but if TP are in short supply there are better skills/traits to buy first

 Advanced Skill: Pack Hunters

Gained at rank 6

This skill does three different things depending upon the stance you are currently using. Shadow stance – an AOE debuffing hotspot that significantly reduces opponents’ mitigation values; No Stance – a damage buff that causes a single target to take an extra 26 damage each time that target receives damage from any source, Flayer – an ‘unbreakable’ root that nullifies the target’s b/p/e for the duration and makes you immune to all CC for the duration, but unable to do anything else.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy, but rank 6 requires relatively little infamy so may want to gain rank 6 rather than buy

 Enhanced Skill: Flayer

Gained at rank 10

This upgrades the Flayer stance skill that you gain at rank 10. With this trait equipped Flayer stance gains extra physical and tactical mitigation values as well as an increased armour rating.

Value for money: excellent, recommend to buy NOTE: You must have the Flayer skill to make use of this trait!

 Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake

Gained at rank 11

This is a pretty straightforward trait. All it does is reduce the cooldown of your Eye Rake skill (gained at rank 6) by 5 sec. However, that 5sec reduction can be very important. Due to changes in Update 9 wargs’ interrupt abilities were nerfed so this trait helps to improve our interrupt abilities, which can be crucial against induction and self-healing classes.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy NOTE: You must have the Eye Rake skill to make use of this trait!

 Enhanced Skill: Rabid Bite

Gained at rank 14

This trait increases the magnitude of the Rabid Bite debuff by 35%. That means that Rabid Bite’s total power increase debuff value would stand at 75%. It’s a significant increase, but the nature of the debuff itself is pretty weak.

Value for money: poor, don’t recommend buying NOTE: You must have the Rabid Bite skill to make use of this trait!

 Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey

Gained at rank 10

This trait alters the Sense Prey skill to allow you to track stealthed freeps. Obviously you need the Sense Prey skill to be able to make any use of this trait. The ability to track any freep whether he is stealthed or not is an amazingly powerful ability. This ranks as one of our most useful traits.

Value for money: extremely good, highly recommend to buy NOTE: you need the Sense Prey skill to gain any benefit from this trait!

 Foe of the Light

Gained At Rank 10

This trait increases your light mitigation (whoopteedoo!) and your stealth level (fuck yeah!). The fact that it increases your stealth level is reason enough to buy this skill given how few means we have of doing so.

Value for money: very high, recommend to buy

 Pack Alpha

Gained at rank 11

This trait increases your melee offence rating and your melee critical rating. The amounts involved aren’t huge, but it’s a fairly solid trait that will serve you well if you have room to slot it. A permanent boost to your damage output is never a bad thing.

Value for money: very good, advise to buy if you can afford it

 Pack Elder

Gained at rank 8

This trait provides a moderate increase to your Physical Mitigation rating.

Value for money: poor, don’t recommend buying, just use a corruption instead if you want the boost

 Pack Mentality

Gained at rank 7

A pretty decent all rounder this one. It increases our parry and evade ratings as well as increasing our physical and tactical mitigation ratings. Nothing bad about any of that, especially the last one.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy

 Enhanced Skill: Disappear

Gained at rank 7

Reduces the cooldown of Disappear/Topple by 2 minutes. With Disappear/Topple on a 5min cooldown this trait isn’t quite as good as it would first seem. It’s not a bad trait to have, but frankly your TP would be better spent elsewhere first.

Value for money: moderate, only buy if you have spare TP burning a hole in your pocket NOTE: You must have the Disappear skill to make use of this trait!


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