A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Which Skills To Buy

It’s been a while since I updated the section on store items for wargs so I thought I had best do so. Let’s set out some ground rules first. I’m not going to include any skills from rank 5 or below here because it is pretty quick to reach rank 5 and gain enough commendations to buy the various skills through gameplay. That means that no player, even casual ones, should have much problem in obtaining all their skills up to rank 5. Each skill will be rated for value based upon its impact on gameplay.

 Eye Rake

Gained at rank 6

This is an interrupt skill. It’s a pretty useful skill for all manner of situations. Obviously it’s good for breaking inductions, but it is great for knocking freeps off horses. Why not just pounce a freep off a horse? What if it’s a Lore-master with anti-stun? What if it’s a Champion with Continuous Blood Rage? This little beauty is perfect for those sort of targets. With Pounce having a longer cooldown (15sec) since Update 9 this skill becomes even more important to have to ensure that you can effectively interrupt a target.

Value for money: very good, recommend to buy to provide adequate interrupt capability, but may want to achieve rank 6 since it requires relatively little infamy


Gained at rank 6

This is a beauty of a skill, but one that is often overlooked. It increases your evade chance by a flat 5% and also increases your melee crit chance. It can only be used after you score a critical hit on an enemy. The edge it gives you isn’t much, but can sometimes be enough to tip the scales in your favour.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy, but may want to achieve rank 6 since it requires relatively little infamy

 Scratch and Snip

Gained at rank 7

A melee attack that causes you to attack twice. It’s nothing special in terms of damage or effect, but its real value lies in being another damage skill to add to your rotation. With a double attack it can allow you to score some relatively decent damage on a target. especially when using Flayer stance and lacking Shadow’s greater damage from Bestial Claws, etc.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy

  Flea Bitten

Gained at rank 8

This is a debuff skill. The effect is to debuff an opponent’s Attack Duration and Induction Time by 25% each. The skill affects up to 3 targets with a 10m range and a 10m radius, which means that it can be useful for breaking a Burger out of stealth. It’s not a bad skill for using in long 1vs1 fights or in helping to debuff an enemy raid.

Value for money: moderate, buy it if you can afford it, but there are more important skills to spend TP on if you are on a budget

 Sense Prey

Gained at rank 9

This skill allows you to track freeps. The skill won’t track stealthed freeps though. This skill is incredibly useful in that it allows you to scout more quickly as well as being able to see exactly who is around as well as get an accurate count of freep numbers.

Value for money: very good, highly recommended to buy


Gained at rank 10

This is another debuff skill. It reduces the damage output of a freep by 10% across the board i.e. melee, ranged and tactical. A critical hit with this skill does different things depending upon which stance you are using: Shadow/No Stance – silence, Flayer – disarm. It’s useful against targets with high damage outputs, but it doesn’t seem to crit very often, which may be a bug, so value is lessened because of that.

Value for money: moderate, advise to buy if you can afford it

 Dire Howl

Gained at rank 10

This is an AOE debuff skill that has different effects depending upon your stance. In Shadow stance it silences up to 4 targets. In No Stance is silences up to 2 targets. In Flayer stance it disarms up to 4 targets. The cooldown is pretty long at 5 minutes, but a guaranteed silence/disarm is a very useful tool to have.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy

trait_mp_warg_stalker_skill2 Flayer Stance

Gained at rank 10

This is one of our two stances and provides increased protection in the form of boosts to our armour, physical and tactical mitigation values. It also grants a small morale bubble and a self-heal ability It changes the functionality of various skills and whilst in Flayer stance we cannot use any of our stealth abilities.

Value for money: very good, recommend to buy

sk_mp_warg_bestialclawsPiercing Claws

Gained at rank 9

This is a damage skill that will deal a flat 5% of the target’s maximum morale value as damage. It completely bypasses all mitigations and armour, including Audacity. It’s really only effective against targets with a lot of morale i.e. tanks and morale whores. For targets with less than 20k morale it’s better to just use Claws.

Value for money: poor, if you have spare TP it can be worth adding to your arsenal, otherwise skip it


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