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Interrupt Changes: Part I

Update 9 should just be around the corner and it brings with some changes to PvMP. Most of the changes in Update 9 are not out and out PvMP changes, but rather changes to the wider game that will impact PvMP. One of these changes is a biggie … how interrupts work. Before we get into how this will affect PvMP let’s look at what is actually changing.

What’s Changing?

In a nutshell most interrupt skills will be on a longer cooldown than they are at the moment and when an induction is interrupted that skill will be placed on cooldown for 4sec before it can be used again. Specifically for us wargs we will see the cooldown of Sudden Pounce/Pounce extended from 10sec to 15sec and the Raking Claws Brute bonus is being removed entirely and replaced with a new bonus that will extend induction times by 50%.

The Good

There isn’t any.

The Bad

The first change to look at is Sudden Pounce/Pounce. With a 50% increase in the cooldown of this skill our ability to interrupt an opponent will be diminished. Even worse though is the knock on effect that this will have on our CC abilities. Remember that we use this skill to stun opponents so a longer cooldown means fewer stuns. A nerf to our interrupt capacity has the knock on effect, intentional or otherwise, of also nerfing our ability to CC.

The Ugly

Now we come to the really bad news: the Raking Claws Brute Bonus that applies an interrupt to the target is being removed entirely. Yes you read that correctly, it will be completely gone. Instead we gain a new Brute Bonus in the form of a 50% induction time debuff. I’ll have more to say on that in a subsequent post.

The Long & Short Of It

What we are seeing here is essentially a fairly wide ranging nerf for wargs. Not only can we interrupt at a slower pace, but we loose one of our interrupt abilities entirely and we also have one of our stuns nerfed into the bargain for good measure.

Wargs were in a reasonably good place after Update 6 and that continued right through until the present day. The changes brought in with RoR weren’t particularly great for wargs, but then we didn’t need very much. Rather RoR brought the other creep classes, for the most part, into line with the power level that wargs had been enjoying since Update 6. There really wasn’t any need to tinker with wargs in any substantial way, but instead what we have here are a round of nerfs. I understand why interrupt abilities might have had to be altered to fit in with the new interrupt system, but to do so in such a drastic way seems a bit ham handed to me and frankly impacts upon areas that shouldn’t have been touched.

As always we shall adapt, but more of that in part II …


2 responses

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  2. Well… the changes won’t make us weaker, that’s sure. If you were able to kill a freep without abusing of these nerfed skills, you’ll still be able to kill it.

    07/12/2012 at 3:46 pm

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