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Did RoR Screw Wargs?

There have been some interesting discussions on the official forums since RoR launched as to whether wargs are better or worse off than they were in the ROI days. I’ve been following the discussions and even contributed, but those threads aren’t really the place to lay things out properly for me so I’m going to do that here.

What’s The Problem?

Good question! As far as I can tell the main gripe for some people is that wargs’ damage output hasn’t gone up very much in comparison with the damage increase seen by both freeps and other creeps. Added to that is a perception that wargs didn’t really gain much in the way of new toys compared with other classes.

Both are valid points. Wargs saw a relatively modest increase in their damage output with RoR whereas Reavers got a fairly hefty bump. So too wargs received one new skill and no dramatic revisions to existing skills and traits like Weavers did.

So are wargs screwed?


The basically sums up my position, but I suppose you will be looking for an explanation so here it is.


Wargs might not have received a huge boost in damage, but the fact is that our damage output is actually pretty decent at the moment. In fact wargs, as a class, are very near the top of the creep DPS chart. Reavers did get a big boost to their damage, but they needed that considering how shit their damage output was in ROI.

A warg can still output the damage needed to bring down a freep and that’s what counts. I saw one comment mentioning that when sparring a Reaver a warg couldn’t punch through their self-heals. Er … that’s a spar, doesn’t count for jack shit and why are we even talking about that?

I think part of the misconception in this area arises from the fact that in ROI wargs were head and shoulders above the other creep classes in terms of damage output. There isn’t that same divide now that Reavers are packing a punch. That doesn’t mean we are no longer capable, just that Reavers have stepped up to the bar at long last.

Skills & Traits

The skills and traits front is equally no picture of doom and gloom. There wasn’t a whole lot that wargs actually needed in terms of new abilities, but even so we did still get one: Piercing Claws. I think it’s a pretty decent skill, not mind blowing stuff granted, but a useful addition to our arsenal nonetheless. You can read my thoughts on it here.

Traits is actually an area where we fared really well. The reduction in the base cooldown of both Disappear and Sprint to 5min means we can ditch the enhancement traits for those two skills if we want. That alone is worth the admission price because it opens up two previously locked down class trait slots for us. That’s two whole class trait slots we get to use, not as we need to, but as we want to.

In addition to freeing up trait slots we also came away with a really nice little boost to Rallying Howl. Not only do we now have a heal without having to use up a trait slot, but the traited version increases our damage!

These might not be ‘glamorous’ changes in the way Reavers went from having the shit kicked out of them to actually doing the shit kicking, but they are nevertheless solid changes.


Solo Still Flies

I see nothing in the RoR changes for wargs that makes me think I will no longer be able to viably play solo. If anything my ability to play solo has been enhanced through opening up trait slots, boosts to skills and landscape changes.

Now you might be thinking “That’s all very fine and well for you sitting there at rank 12, but what about lower ranked wargs?” Well what about them? If they are having a hard time playing solo then they should do what just about every other warg has ever done … join a pack and gank some freeps! That’s how we did it in the ‘olden days’ of SoA when playing as a solo creep was tantamount to a death sentence.

In short wargs have everything they need to be successful in solo play, and more besides. Some classes may be tougher to beat now, others maybe easier, and maybe some will be as easy as ever (Hunters I’m looking at you). Wargs aren’t screwed, it’s wargs that do the screwing!


3 responses

  1. Bloodspill

    I agree my warg dosn’t feel worse off from this update, creeps as a whole seem to have nice boosts overall and we get the benefit of things like better heals from warleaders and defilers. Plus things like getting infamy from a long distance away is great for we scouting wargs who used to miss out on infamy.

    Can’t say for sure until we get the fully geared/audacitied freeps back in the moors to test against but I am happy with wargs in RoR.

    21/10/2012 at 9:52 am

  2. Feelmybite

    There are two things that concern me. And not all that much I might add. The first is the fact that wargs didn’t really get any survivability changes. Yes, I got 7k moral, but with an increase in freep dps (regardless of how small they say it is), I would have perfered a lesser moral gain (since our regen is crap) and higher mits or some way to get higher mits via. corruptions or something (more than the pitiful mit corruptions that are already there).

    As for the second, at least for me, it is rather disappointing to enter an expansion pack to find that basically nothing has changed. Yes, warg were in a good spot in RoI and yes, every other creep class needed more of an update than wargs, but to jump in and find that every other class, freep and creep, got better while you stayed the same is very disheartening. Whether we will still be as good without any update, we will see (still waiting for freeps to come out), but as you said, we are definitely not screwed.

    21/10/2012 at 1:56 pm

  3. Well, first of all this is the best warg blog I’ve ever found! Gratz on the job well done. I really upgraded my gameplay since I first read this blog.

    As a r8 warg in Brandywine I felt a small decrease on my damage output. When I take npcs down, I usually measure the kill by the stealth 10 seconds CD. Hobbits, norbogs, bears, miners and other weak npcs, I can kill under this 10 seconds window. Since ROR I noticed some of my kills took a little longer. I’m traited exactly the same as i was before ROR so it is not that.

    I have never took notes of my damage before so I can’t give a precise statistic about that, only that it is taking a little longer to kill those npcs I mentioned.

    Maybe this lower damage output does only occur against npcs, since I got pretty good freep kills already, since ROR launch.

    22/10/2012 at 3:14 pm

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