A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The DPS Build

When considering how to trait for a build that will give the maximum amount of DPS possible it should be obvious that such a build will be built around the use of Shadow stance. Flayer stance simply can’t match the raw damage output of Shadow stance so this build will assume that you will be using Shadow stance.


This can go one of two ways depending upon just how much damage you want to do. If you are fully committed to DPS and don’t mind being squishy then you will want to slot in four Mastery corruptions and Damage for Power and Damage for Morale, both rank 2. If you want to give yourself a little more morale you can substitute another Mastery for Damage for Morale rank 2 or even slot in Morale for Power rank 2. The difference between those options won’t be huge to be honest and I personally favour going with the all out damage approach. If you are going to be squishy you might as well get the most bang for your buck!

  1. Mastery
  2. Mastery
  3. Mastery
  4. Mastery
  5. Damage for Power Rank 2
  6. Damage for Morale Rank 2 / Mastery / Morale for Power Rank 2

Racial Traits

Pack Alpha is the obvious choice here since it gives a solid boost to our offensive capabilities. Foe of the Light is another must have since it increases our stealth rating. The rest are pretty much par for the course given that we don’t have much in the way of choice when it comes to racial traits. I’d suggest Four Legged Foe for the run-speed increase; Pack Hunters for the mitigations debuff and Howl of the unnerving for the fear.

  1. Pack Alpha
  2. Foe of the Light
  3. Four Legged Foe
  4. Pack Hunters
  5. Howl of the Unnerving

Class Traits

This is the point where we get a bit more choice, but let’s start with the must have traits first. Enhanced Skill: Stealth and Shadow Fang are both essential so just slot them and let’s move on. Element of Surprise is a great offensive trait to have since it will significantly enhance our damage output. We now have four trait slots to fill and a few decent options to fill them with. Long Strides is a good choice because the extra run speed helps prevent kiting, which is great for an offensive build. Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake can be useful too. The cooldown reduction on our best interrupt is superb, not just for interrupting freeps, but also for cutting shot our longer animations. Armour Boost can be useful too to provide at least a little survivability in this build. Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey is a good choice for the last slot to enable us to track down targets.

  1. Enhanced Skill: Stealth
  2. Shadow Fang
  3. Element of Surprise
  4. Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake
  5. Long Strides
  6. Armour Boost
  7. Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey


You will be doing as much damage as it is possible for a warg to do with this build. However, you will also have little survivability once in a fight. This build is probably best for pack play as well as sniping at the edge of larger fights between raids, etc. Having said that it can be a good solo build if you are skilled enough to pull it off. I wouldn’t really recommend this sort of build for new pups, a mixed build would be better for them to get the hang of the different aspects of warg gameplay.

This probably isn’t a great choice for use against the heavier classes like Champions. It should be a pretty good choice against lighter classes and the likes of Hunters though. The sheer raw damage output will be able to overwhelm lighter classes without too much morale before they can respond. You can probably take off anywhere between 30-50% of their morale in the initial stun with this build.


2 responses

  1. After checking this new Moors in Live yesterday, I’ve noticed that freeps are REALLY scared with us. Most popular comment I readed is ‘wtf… wargs with 20k moral???’… LOL

    Well, going to the post, my setting is slightly different, just changing Armour Boost for the Flayer trait (for Guardians and Captains is funny to bubble yourself too), and I enjoy a lot with it. Actually, I got 17k moral, 4k power and a gorgeous Physical Mastery and direct damage. Tried some new NPCs for checking (I didn’t have time in Beta), and I killed the Major Mat in less of 20 seconds on Flyer mode, when I needed 30 before! Of course, we had the Mastery buff, letting me make 115% damage, when I usually made 98%, but with all…

    Btw, the heal still sucks. Wearing ot not the damn trait, it still requests a defeat response, so it’s so useless than before. Having 3 min CD on Disappear and Sprint, I prefer these options for leaving the danger zone than trusting a heal that still needs a death for activating.

    17/10/2012 at 12:40 pm

  2. Thurinphir

    didn’t PvP much but when I logged in, my reaver had 14k and weaver had 16k. We have a war-leader on Riddermark who has 30k ;D he’s somewhere around rank 12 now

    I’ll probably go warg when enough freeps hit 85 🙂 now that Traits and Skills are affordable

    18/10/2012 at 10:23 am

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