A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The New Ettenmoors: Part IV

There remains one last part of the Ettenmoors for us to look at: the Delving of Fror. Now before we get into the specifics let me just state that all of the below is just pure guesswork on my part. The Delving has been underused for so long that it is incredibly difficult to say how the changes in RoR will effect its use. I have tried to make some educated guesses, but ultimately this is just conjecture and speculation.

What’s Changing?

The Delving in RoR will essentially have two main functions: provide faction wide infamy/renown/commendations bonuses by killing three bosses in the central room of the Delving and act as an underground ‘fast travel’ system for the Ettenmoors.

The first is the easiest to explain. The central room of the Delving will contain three boss NPCs that when killed will give the side that killed them infamy/renown/commendations buffs. The buffs are pretty big so chances are people will actually go and kill these NPCs unlike the current Delving bosses, which see little action. This of course presents opportunities for battles down there.

The ‘fast travel’ system takes a little more explaining, but I’ll try and keep it as short and simple as I can.

The Delving of Fror runs the entire length of the Ettenmoors underground, however, the Delving is a physically smaller space than the Ettenmoors itself. That means that travelling from point A to point B in the Delving is a shorter distance to travel than going from Point A to Point B in the Ettenmoors. That rule doesn’t always hold true, but as a general rule of thumb it helps to illustrate the concept of the Delving acting as a fast travel mechanism.

Each of the outposts, along with both Elf and Orc Camps, will have an access point to the Delving. The two existing access points for the Delving at Dar Gazag and Ost Ringdyr are still present. Each of these access points leads to a specific room in the Delving. This room will be filled with NPCs of whichever faction controls the access point e.g. if River Outpost is controlled by freeps then its corresponding room in the Delving will have freep NPCs. Following that logic Elf and Orc Camps’ Delving rooms will always have their faction’s NPCs in them.

Thus you could enter the Delving from the River Outpost, for example, make your way towards the room for the Isendeep Outpost and exit there. Of course if your exit point is under enemy control then you may get a nasty surprise.

These access points can also be used for escape. For example, if Orc Camp is being overrun by freeps the creeps could flee through the Delving portal. Any freeps who pursue them would run into creep NPCs in  that room.

How Can Wargs Use The Delving?

There are three main possibilities I have identified so far for wargs in the Delving:

  • Attacking freeps trying to take down the central bosses
  • Patrolling the Delving looking for freeps using it as a travel route
  • Camping access points waiting for freeps to enter the Delving

The first is pretty straightforward stuff. A freep group trying to take down the  bosses might present a warg with an opportunity to pick off someone getting low on morale.

The second is the hardest to predict because we don’t know how much the Delving will be used as a travel mechanism. The Delving does offer the benefit of allowing a freep or a group of freeps to move around the map relatively quickly and unseen. That’s a pretty big incentive to use it, especially for smaller groups. If that turns out to be the case then it could be well worth a warg’s time to patrol the Delving and look for such freeps.

The third point is really an extension of point two. Positioning yourself near a known freep access point e.g. the entrance to the Delving from EC might produce some good results. There will of course be freep NPCs near their access points so you will have to wait for them to move out a bit before attacking, but the theory at least is sound.


As I said above we simply don’t know what impact the new Delving will have on gameplay yet. It’s a part of the Ettenmoors that has been barely used over the years so now that it actually has the potential to have an impact on gameplay it’s difficult to predict what that will be.

My instinct is that it will see more use than it does at the moment, but I suspect that probably won’t become a major hive of activity. Having said that though the bonuses the central bosses give are very tempting so it might end up acting like a sixth keep.


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