A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The New Ettenmoors: Part III

In the last part I took a look at what were likely to be the busiest ambush routes for wargs after the RoR Ettenmoors changes. In this part I will be looking at how the overall landscape changes will affect warg tactics.

The EC-OC Shuffle …

… is gone! Both Elf and Orc Camps have been moved far apart and neither is beside a bridge or keep, etc that contains NPCs one side can use to hide behind to farm the other. That’s not to say it will be impossible to farm either location, just that it won’t be quite so easy or straightforward as it was before. This is great news for wargs because farm sessions at either location usually turned into pew pew fests, something we aren’t designed for.

Instead what we are likely to see is both locations being used either as fall back points or as staging areas for attacks. Both camps are deep in ‘enemy territory’ i.e. they are far from their side’s home base and relatively close to what are perceived to be the opposition’s keeps. Like now they will also provide a point for a side to rally at should the opposing side be in control of a majority, or even all, of the map.

The key point though is distance. Neither of these camps is particularly close to their home base, which means that people will have to travel to reach them. In the case of Elf Camp this will involve a considerable journey for a freep from Glan Vraig. Reaching it from other points won’t be a short walk either. This of course means freeps moving around more and for longer. That means more opportunities for wargs to ambush them!

Outposts Galore

The outposts now give a faction wide damage bonus when under your side’s control. This makes them really desirable to control, which in turn means lots of fighting over them. The damage bonus they give can be game changing (which it is supposed to be) so your side is really going to want these locations under its control.

This should lead to two important developments for wargs:

  • More people, especially smaller groups, moving around the map in an effort to try and take control of outposts
  • More fights at outposts between smaller groups

Both of these situations present a great opportunity for wargs to kill freeps Small freep groups moving around the map are a great target for warg packs of course. However, it is the outposts themselves that might give us our greatest opportunity. With small groups fighting over them we have a chance to sneak in and pick off already engaged freeps.

Back Doors

Tol Ascarnen, Lugazag and Tirith Rhaw will all have ‘back doors’. How these work is pretty simple: the side that controls the keep can enter and leave the keep using these back doors. The opposing side can only use the back door to leave the keep. The back door leads from the back of the keep (funnily enough) directly to the flag room. The flag room will always be open and will contain the keep’s quest NPCs.

This system is a superb addition for wargs. The obvious tactic here would be to camp the back door for freeps trying to get inside. That will probably yield good results, but there is another, more daring strategy to look at too. A warg pack could sneak inside whilst the fighting is raging and position themselves in the flag room to wait for particular freeps to enter via the back door. The quest NPCs that are there will mean that the wargs will probably only be able to get one or two kills before having to flee though.

A very important point to mention here is that the back doors will be very important for wargs to look at when the creeps are about to take a keep. Because the flag rooms are always open now freeps can’t simply retreat there and map out in safety as their keep is about to fall. The creeps can, and probably will, chase them all the way to keep them in combat. This means some of them may try and use the back door exit to escape. That’s where we come in … wargs positioned at the bottom of the keep at the back door will be in a good position to intercept any freeps trying to flee this way.


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