A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The New Ettenmoors: Part II

In the last part I gave an overview of the landscape changes coming to the Ettenmoors with the Riders of Rohan expansion. In this part I will be examining what these changes mean for wargs and how wargs can best use them to their advantage.

Trade Routes

As any warg who has been around for a while will know one of the oldest tactics is to camp a busy travel route hoping to catch a passing freep. The landscape changes coming with RoR mean that the travel routes we’ve grown accustomed to will almost certainly change. Now I should point out that without any of these changes actually being on the live servers yet it isn’t possible to say for sure what the new travel routes will be, or which ones will be best to patrol. However, we can make some educated guesses and that si exactly what we are going to do here.

The premise is very simple; a travel route takes a freep from somewhere they start out from to somewhere they want to go. With that in mind we can try to predict what those new travel routes will be. I have included a map below showing what I believe will be the busiest of these new routes.

The Red Line

This route leads from Glan Vraig to Elf Camp and it presents us with some of our best opportunities to intercept freeps. Elf Camp is now positioned a considerably distance from Glan Vraig and to reach it a freep will have to travel most of the way across the map. One potential route is to go via the cow field and cross the river at the position where Orc Camp used to be. This will probably be the route of choice for freeps when Tol Ascarnen is under creep control. It is a pretty dangerous route though because if TA is under creep control then freeps have literally no safe spot with friendly NPCs for the entirety of their journey from Glan Vraig to Elf Camp.

As to where the best ambush points will be I can see three main spots: the area around the crossroads leading to the old position of Elf Camp; the spot where Elf Camp used to be and the river crossing near the Good TA map point.

The first of those is already a staple of wargs looking to ambush freeps and needs no explanation save to say that it’s a nice wide open spot with plenty of visibility to spot incoming freeps.

Now the second spot is where Elf Camp is currently. Once RoR launches this will be an empty space and a natural point to pass if a freep is looking to get to Elf Camp via the cow field. This spot offers a great advantage if TA is under creep control because that means that South Bridge will also be under creep control and thus you have a safe spot to retreat to should the need arise.

The last spot is at the river crossing near the Good TA map point. This is a great spot for three reasons: i) the freep has nowhere to go because Elf Camp is still a distance away ii) you can call in help if you need it as the map point is close and iii) the freep may panic and run into the water, which will only make it harder for them to escape.

The Purple Line

This is similar to the red line above except that instead of going via the cow field the freeps go via Tol Ascarnen. Freeps can still be ambushed at the crossroads near the former site of EC or at the former site of EC itself next to South Bridge. Both of these are good locations, but if the freeps control TA the bridge will have freep NPCs so ambushing them near there may provide a safe spot for them to run to.

Ambushing on Tol Lawn is another option and it has the benefit of having the element of surprise if TA is under freep control. Passing freeps will likely feel a modicum of safety as they cross South Bridge and see the keep under their control. That may cause them to let their guard down.

The Yellow Line

This is the route I perceive from Glan Vraig to the south western corner of the map in general. Freeps may take this route to reach Hoarhallow, the new Horahallow Outpost, River Outpost or perhaps even to reach Elf Camp.

You can of course set up your ambush point at an early stage of the route to catch them as they start coming out from Glan Vraig or you can wait until a later stage of the route. The danger here is watching out for what the freeps control; ambushing a freep near a friendly outpost or a freep controlled Lumber Camp isn’t the best idea.

What might work is to ambush them near the spot where South Outpost used to be. Once they pass by the Huorns there they will hopefully aggro them and that gives you an advantage in your ambush.

Another possibility is to wait at the bridges leading to the Hoarhallow Outpost. You will probably want a pack for this though as it is unlikely a single freep will be able to take the outpost by himself given how hard NPCs are hitting now.

The Blue Line

This is the route back to TR from the TR graveyard. The assumption here is that TR is under freep control of course. The freeps have to get off Candy Mountain first and then they are free to take a relatively direct route towards TR.

Two possible intercept points spring to mind here: close to the Good TR map point to ambush them just as they are coming down from Candy Mountain and down towards the bears that are just north of TR. The first of those options is probably the safest since there is less chance of pulling aggro from the nearby bear NPCs. Both points will likely see good traffic though.

The Orange Line

This is the route from Glan Vraig to the north eastern section of the map for access to the two northern outposts and the Isendeep Mine. The first part of this route allows the freeps to use the safe pass from Glan Vraig so our ambushes will have to take place in the latter stages of the route.

Again the Good TR map point might be a good choice here. It will allow for scouting of the approaches to the snow plain in front of the Isendeep Mine and the nearby outpost.

Another possibility is the cliff top path from Ost Ringdyr towards Grothum. Freeps may utilise this pass and a well positioned warg would be in a good place to intercept them with the possibility of calling in backup if needed via Grothum.

The Pink Line

This is the route from the TR graveyard to Elf Camp. It isn’t clear how much Elf and Orc Camps will be used in RoR, or indeed what they will be used for, given that it won’t be as easy to farm them as it is at the moment. However, I believe that both will still see significant activity given that they are friendly spots in hostile territory.

The best ambush points along this route are probably going to be at the ford separating TR and TA. This will be a great place for us to fight now because the water has been made shallower so we don’t need to swim, but rather can move around normally in the water.

TR plains will be another possibility. Because of the new location of Orc Camp freeps will probably ‘go wide’ of it when coming back from the graveyard. This means that in order to reach TR ford or South Bridge they have to pass through TR plains. This is a nice wide open space with plenty of visibility for us and few places for freeps to go save back to TR (assuming it is under their control).


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