A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

RoR: Warg Changes

With the beta for RoR almost over and a number of change and additions coming the way of the warg I thought it was about time to present a full on analysis of what we can expect come October.

New Skill – Piercing Claws

Let’s start with what’s brand new … Piercing Claws. This is our new skill and will be earned at rank 9. Even if you are rank 9 or higher at the moment you still have to spend the comms to buy it from the class trainer remember!

The tooltip states that Piercing Claws will hit an opponent for damage equal to 5% of that opponent’s maximum morale. Additionally the damage this skill does cannot be mitigated in way shape or form. Not even Audacity will reduce its damage. That means that this skill WILL hit for 5% of the target’s maximum morale.

It’s important to note that Piercing Claws is a niche skill, it isn’t designed to be useful against all freeps. A freep with 10k morale will only take a hit for 500 damage. A freep with 20k morale on the other hand will take a hit for 1k damage … that’s a hit, not a crit or a dev crit. So Piercing Claws is for use against the likes of survivability specced Guardians Wardens and Champions or really anyone who is morale hoarding.

Note: This skill will not work on NPCs. Awww …

Skill Changes

There have been quite a few changes to our skills in RoR, and I am pleased to say mostly for the better.

Disappear & Sprint

The base cooldowns on both of these skills has been reduced to 5min. This is a really great change as it makes both skills actually useful on a consistent basis without having to trait for reduced cooldowns.

Rallying Howl

Rallying Howl no longer needs to be traited in order to use it! Woohoo! Another great change here and it means that we have our heal at all times without having to use up a very valuable class trait slot.

Howl of the Unnerving

The proc chance on the fear effect has been increased from 25% to 50%. A good change to be sure, but also one that was long overdue. It’s still not a sure fire thing of course, but a 50% chance ups the odds considerably and used in a pack it should be a more useful tool than previously.

Rabid Bite

A pet peeve of mine as the regular reader of this blog will know is how shitty a skill Rabid Bite is. The 25% power cost debuff is crap considering a freep with full Audacity reduces their own power costs by 20% anyway. Thankfully RoR will see the magnitude of this debuff increase from 25% to 40%. It’s still not ideal (a return to our old power drain would be better), but at least now this debuff might actually have some effect. I have a full analysis of the Rabid Bite changes here.

Flayer Stance

We no longer have to trait to use Flayer stance! There will be two forms of Flayer stance: traited and untraited. The untraited version works exactly the same as the traited version except that its bonuses i.e. armour value, mitigations, etc. are lower than the traited version. This is a nice change for wargs who don’t normally trait for Flayer stance anyway, giving them another, albeit reduced in effectiveness, option.

Oh one more thing , the size of the bubble has increased from 300 to … 517. Don’t ask me how they arrived at that number, but an increase is an increase.

Raking Claws Brute Bonus

Now for the bad news … the chance of procing the Raking Claws Brute Bonus in Flayer stance has gone from 100% to 5%. The chance can of course be increased to 25% like all other Brute bonuses using the Brute skill. A not unexpected change, but sad to see it all the same.

Trait Changes

There are a number of trait changes coming with RoR, and again its some good stuff we’re looking at here.

Enhanced Skill: Disappear/Enhanced Skill: Sprint

These two traits remain pretty much the same as they are now except that their cooldown reduction for their respective skills has been reduced from 5min to 2min. That means that when traited Disappear and/or Sprint could be on a 3min cooldown. Personally I’m ambivalent about this change as it really adds very little to the warg’s gameplay. It does generate a good amount of freep Q of course, which I have looked at here.

Enhanced Skill: Rallying Howl

As we now get access to the Rallying Howl heal without having to trait for it this trait has been modified to buff the healing skill. When traited Rallying Howl will not only provide an on-defeat heal it will also give a damage buff of 5% for 10sec. Like the heal this damage buff can stack e.g. four wargs in a pack all use Rallying Howl with the trait slotted and they each gain +20% damage for 10sec (+5% for each warg using it). The effect stacks up to 5 times.

I really love this change because it provides an interesting addition to Rallying Howl beyond it being a healing skill. Rallying Howl was always a bit of a meagre healing skill because it needed to be stacked to be effective and this change takes that weakness and makes something interesting out of it.

Enhanced Skill: Flayer

The traited version of Flayer stance will give Flayer stance the level of protection we have come to expect from it. The untraited version usable by any warg who has purchased the skill will have lower armour and mitigation values than normal. Slotting this trait will increase those values to what we would expect.

Enhanced Skill: Rabid Bite

Like the skill itself the trait has seen its effect increased. It now increases Rabid Bite’s power cost debuff magnitude by 35% on top of the 40% the skill itself provides. That’s a possible total of 75%. I go into more detail on Rabid Bite here.


If I haven’t mentioned a specific trait here it’s probably because it isn’t changing in any meaningful way or there is nothing worth noting. Things like Armour Boost etc do the same as they did before except with increased values to reflect the increase in level from 75 to 85.


One response

  1. Feelmybite

    While I like most of the changes, I feel that piecing claws is extremely lack luster. The fact that it’s basically only useful against freeps with high moral and doesn’t work on NPCs means that I will not use it very much at all.

    Personally, I was hoping for some change that would change shadow stance into a more skill based stance and less of an “OMG SPAM ZE CLAWZZZ!!!” stance.

    Also, I don’t like the traited version of rallying howl too much. Don’t get me wrong, it not requiring a trait anymore is awesome, but I would have preferred to have the trait actually make it a semi-useful heal when not in a pack. I honestly don’t like warg/burg packs because I feel that they just annoy the other side and are usually only used to gank solos instead of actually fighting even fights. This change (and some others I believe) encourage packing which means that (at least on Elendilmir where we discourage packing) we will probably see many more warg packs camping gv or other locations. This will more than likely lead to a decrease in the overall pvp and the enjoyment that both sides get from it.

    I am interested in trying the updated rabid bite (maybe even traiting for it due to the Disappear/Sprint changes) to see if it’s finally useful. It is getting a significant boost, but with freeps (at least tactical freeps) have crazy power pools and power regen, I don’t have too much hope for it.

    25/09/2012 at 3:53 pm

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