A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


Have you come across that particular breed of Ettenmoors clown yet, the self-righteous preacher who wishes to impose their views upon everyone else? These aren’t normal QQers, they aren’t merely moaning about being killed or that a certain skill is unfair, rather they are seeking to impose their will upon others and have them conform to their own values.

What we have with these people is a case of certain players defining what they believe to be a ‘correct’ way to play and anyone who deviates from that is labelled ‘lame’, an ‘ezymoder’, a ‘coward’ or some other silly sobriquet. In short if you don’t conform to the expectations of these people you are persona non gratis.


This attempt to enforce their will is to be opposed because it leads to not only misconceptions, but also to absurdities. As Voltaire famously observed “… qui est en droit de vous rendre absurde est en droit de vous rendre injuste” (Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities).

What these people claim to want are fair and honourable fights. There is the first problem, PvMP, and by extension PvP, is intrinsically unfair. The fundamental aim of PvP is to kill the opposition and how do you do that? You look for some form of advantage over them. If two sides were exactly equal then neither would ever loose. There has to be the means to gain some form of advantage over your opponent. That is how PvP works.

As for honour this is a much abused word by these people. Ostensibly they want fights were both parties fight to the death, no one suddenly jumps in to help either side and neither party uses any sort of store buff or ‘over powered’ skill. In short what they want is for their opponent to gimp themselves and allow themselves to be killed.

I’ll give you one example of one person’s definition of what would make a warg honourable:

The criteria are that 1) they have to be willing to fight a full Audacity heavy class (except Captain) 1 v. 1; and 2) not run away when they are losing but finish the fight.

That quotation can be summarised quite simply: a warg should take on a heavily armoured opponent with maximum defences and even when there is no chance of winning the fight should stand there and allow himself to be killed. In other words it’s a fair fight if the warg can be beaten.

Be Proud

There is no ‘correct’ playstyle. So what if you use Disappear or Sprint to get away from a fight? That is one of the functions of those skills, why shouldn’t they be used for that? What’s to be ashamed of? So what if you kill someone who is AFK? Why the hell are they AFK in the middle of the Ettenmoors anyway? So what if you kill someone trying to make their way back from a graveyard? They will just have to find another route. So what if you come across a soloer with your pack? That’s just bad luck for them.

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t apologise for the way you play. If you are having fun that is what matters. Other people don’t have to agree with your playstyle, hell they don’t even have to like it. However, if they have a problem with it then that is their problem, not your’s.

You pay your money the same as they do and you are entitled to play in any way you choose within Turbine’s rules. It’s not for others to tell you how you are to enjoy your free time.


5 responses

  1. Kevin

    Great write up. Some people think if they don’t have things their way they shouldn’t even venture out of the keep.
    Creeps outnumber us and there is not hope. Great! Then they’ll not expect the push. So we die a few times at least we had a good fight.
    I normally play a warg on one server and started an new one on another. Poor little rank 0 got killed by two freeps between Grams and the slug pond. Unfair? Some say yes. I say it was fair. 1) I stepped out of Grams thus consenting to be a target 2) Freeps that close to Grams are taking a bit of a risk to be there. Did it really take 2 to kill me. No, but then they probably didn’t stop and examine me.
    “Gee Ted, that’s only a Rank 0. see how slow he’s crawling. It wouldn’t be fair for us both to go after him.”
    “You’re right Larry. Let me change to lesser armour and and a weak weapon to give him a fair chance”
    Never going to happen and shouldn’t.

    My dwarf champ got killed 9 times his first time out and at least 4 from one warg. They were great fights! I even logged in later to my warg to thank him for the action since other freeps were holed up and wouldn’t come out in fear.

    24/08/2012 at 2:28 pm

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  3. Silence Darkhunter

    Nice post. Just about sums up how things are in the moors right now.

    24/08/2012 at 3:43 pm

  4. If everyone played the same way as their opponent, then we would have 2 things happen: no one would engage in pvp b/c they would be too defensive or massive sustainable fights for long periods b/c everyone would be aggressive…guess which style is more exciting. The problem with this is when the population cannot support this sort of action and one side gets beat down so hard and often that they cease to have a reason to come out.

    28/09/2012 at 1:03 pm

  5. Threeclaw

    I also think we must expect that honour is up to an individual and we can’t expect others to follow. I often hear creeps mocking a freep who has ran to npcs etc. So what, that is called smart. He knows he is beat. I would do the same ( and do it!). People run when they are panicing or know they can’t win (or in some cases leading you to a trap).
    On the other hand I have 2 things which I have as personal honours in my limited time on my wargs.
    1) Don’t interupt 1v1s and don’t jump the weakened victor of a 1v1 unless he turns on you. I was watching with a weaver a fantastic 1v1 the other day which could have gone either way. 2 wargs just jumped out and ruined it. That stank. Otherwise I will take opportunities as they come. I want to re-phrase by 1v1 I mean only when a fairly balanced fight is taking place
    2) Don’t call out solo freeps OOC (unless they are notorious gankers). In my time zone someone calls out a solo LM in HH suddenly 12 creeps are there. To me it discourages freeps from venturing and is also incredibly boring to fight a solo with 12 creeps.
    I tend to follow a solo and see what they are up to, gage whether I should bother attacking or wait for an opportunity.

    26/11/2012 at 10:45 pm

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