A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

RoR: Rabid Bite

Some of our skills aren’t exactly great at the moment, not the least of which is Rabid Bite. Thankfully this skill will be getting some much needed love when Riders of Rohan launches, but will it be enough to make it useful?

What’s Wrong With Rabid Bite?

The premise of Rabid Bite is pretty straightforward; it applies a debuff to the target that increases the power cost of their skills by 25%. We also have a trait that will boost this effect by a further 15% for a total of 40%. This all sounds fine and well until you realise what a horrible debuff this actually is.

First of all the effect is curable as a disease. Secondly it can’t be stacked. Thirdly it’s single target. Last, but not least, the standard 25% magnitude from the untraited version become irrelevant when a freep has full Audacity because that gives them -20% skill power costs! In other words Rabid Bite will only increase a freep’s power costs by a paltry 5% if the freep has full Audacity. Even the traited version will only increase the freep’s power costs by 20% with full Audacity, which is less than the base value of the untraited version!

In short Rabid Bite, traited or untraited, is a pretty weak debuff. Most wargs I know barely use it. Against non-tactical classes it can have some effect and, but is easily curable. Against tactical classes though,with their oceans of power, it is next to useless.

How Is It Being Changed?

What is changing with RoR is that the debuff magnitude is being increased. Instead of a base value of 25% untraited it will be 40%. This sounds a little more useful all of a sudden! Even with full Audacity that is still a 20% power cost increase, something we would have had to have traited for before. As above this is relatively good for use against non-tactical classes.

Where things get really interesting though is when we look at the traited version. The trait to increase Rabid Bite’s debuff is getting boosted too! It will rise from 15% to 35%! That means that traited Rabid Bite will have a total debuff magnitude of 75%. Even taking off the 20% for full Audacity that still leaves us with a debuff total of 55%.

The non-traited version should suffice against non-tactical classes, but when traited this could be a fairly serious debuff to apply to them. Against tactical classes the traited version should slow them down a bit and they might, just might, see an effect on their power bar.

Is It Worth Using In RoR?

The question is of course will it be worth using and traiting for this skill? That’s a tough one to answer right now without having had a chance to see these changes in action. My gut instinct is to say that the untraited version will probably still remain underused even though it will be more effective, especially against non-tactical classes.

The traited version though is something to consider. This could be a really useful debuff in certain 1vs1 encounters or even in raids to debuff freep healers. It does mean using up a valuable class trait slot though, but with the changes to Disappear and Sprint we have potentially two free slots now. It’s definitely worth considering in my opinion.


4 responses

  1. Feelmybite

    I will definitely be testing it out, but atm, my thoughts are that (especially against tactical classes) it won’t be of any use in any situation except as a buffer for fleas.

    Even a 55% debuff with the traited version is not nearly enough, especially for a potable effect. To use an example from my champ (who I haven’t touched in 6 months and it severely undergeared), I estimated that I could get off 200 skills based on my power pool and disregarding any kind of regen, power pot, or even second wind. This debuff would cut my total skill usage to slightly under 100. Sounds good for raids (not so much for 1v1), but then factoring in all the ignored effects means that I’m right back up at virtually unlimited power. Especially against tactical classes who have crazy power regen, it takes spider baby bombs and constant skill usage to drain their power and the bomb is a ~150-300 damage to power every second.

    What I wouldn’t give for old school Rabid Bite. At the very least it was good for bleeding up burgs :P.

    14/08/2012 at 11:57 pm

  2. eli

    you forgot some things…

    audacity or not, heroes have a ton of icpr, they have skill to regain power or worst( look at the runekeeper) ,they have potion, they have the loremaster..etc

    everything for a 5min fight

    so? our debuff (‘s warg) + the spider debuff can only put away the icpr from a player that doesn’t have audacity yet.

    i don’t have buy this skill, i don’t plan to buy it after ror
    anyway, i find ridiculous to wait to be high ranked to update the skill

    16/08/2012 at 8:02 am

  3. Akart

    On the unstoppable killing machines that are Wardens it is our only salvation use it often people you have nothing to lose.

    22/08/2012 at 3:46 am

  4. Feelmybite

    It’s useless on wardens. Their power return gambit (can’t remember the name) restores >50% of their power and can basically be spammed.

    24/08/2012 at 7:47 pm

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