A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The New Warg – Part III

By popular demand (well just Vyxe really!) here is part three of my new warg’s adventures. Having reached rank 2 things began to move pretty quickly for me. Rank 3 came around faster than I expected, I joined a tribe, I met up with some friends who proved extremely helpful and I began to finally accumulate some commendations.

Rank 3

Getting from rank 2 to rank 3 proved a lot less time consuming, and a lot less frustrating, than getting to rank 3. There are a few different reasons for this and I think it’s worth taking a look at each to see how effective they proved to be:

Grouping with my mates again started to pay off more. We were all becoming a bit more effective as we ranked and acquired some more abilities. This meant that we could realistically start getting some kills without continuously dying. We still died a lot and we still missed out on a lot of kills, but it didn’t feel quite so one sided now (mind you it was still taking 3 of us to take down 1 freep).

I managed to get into the odd group/raid at this point and this proved immensely helpful. A low ranked creep gets a massive boost from having been in even just a single raid. The infamy accrued may not seem much to the higher ranked creeps, but it’s a windfall for a rank 2 creep. The same is true of the NPCs that are killed along the way that drop quest items. Again nothing for a high ranked creep to bother about, but for rank 2 Nabby McNabb here it all helps.

Quests were still proving effective as a source of both infamy and commendations. That’s a bit sad in my opinion because really the focus should be on PvMP not PVE. Yet here I was having gained a full two ranks and still busy beavering away handing in quests because they were proving so useful in gaining my next rank.

Store Whore

Hi, my name is Mr Warg and I am an addict.

Yes folks I went back to the store. Not that I feel I need to explain myself, the joke introduction above notwithstanding, buying skills and traits from the store isn’t something that bothers me. However, I realise that it does bother some people so to tackle the inevitable questions of why head on I might as well explain my reasons.

As I have said before I had not intended to use the store with this new warg, however, that proved to be something of a naive hope rather than a practical reality. The first time I did this buying your skills was pretty simply; you went and captured an outpost, took a keep, etc and you immediately had enough Destiny Points to afford your new skills. Now you gain your new rank and are faced with the prospect of not actually being able to afford any skill until you have acquired another couple of ranks, by which time you should have enough commendations.

To say that it was frustrating for me would be an understatement. Eventually I had had enough and decided to buy some traits and skills and damn the commendations system to hell. If the system was broken and not working as it should then I was simply going to ignore it and get my skills through other means.

One final thing to say here though is that even though I bought some skills from the store I would much rather have gotten them through gameplay. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite, but if the commendations system was tweaked a bit gaining these abilities through normal gameplay would be perfectly possible. As it is that just doesn’t happen in my experience and yes I resorted to the store.

A Tribe

Rank 3 proved to be a bit of a watershed moment for my new warg because I joined a tribe. Vyxe, the leader of The Black Appendage of Sauron, had contacted me through this blog about something unrelated and we got chatting as you do and the next thing I know I was being inducted into the tribe!

Apart from mentioning what a thoroughly nice bunch of people we have in that tribe, along with being extremely generous and helpful, I should make it clear that getting yourself into a good tribe as a new creep is a ridiculously good idea.

If you are starting right at the bottom then a group of helpful, friendly people is no bad thing to have around. It’s not just about looking for material support like raid invites or help with quest items that is useful, it’s being able to get advice on things or just plain having someone to talk to to break up the boredom of killing slugs.


2 responses

  1. Supersneakattack

    Are you gonna make a Part 4? I like reading these :D. Awesome blog BTW, it’s really helping my play my warg.
    -Supersneakattack R4 Warg

    13/06/2012 at 9:09 pm

    • nightlily21

      Agreed, I just recently made a warg and this site/these posts are amazingly helpful!
      Freynakh – R2 Silverlode

      22/06/2012 at 4:55 pm

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