A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Shadow Stance – Tactics

Once you actually have Shadow stance and have tweaked your build for it you need some tactics! Fortunately the tactics for using Shadow stance are remarkably simple: do as much damage as you can! It really is that simple because you will be pretty squishy when using Shadow stance so your best defence is a good offence. Even so let’s take a look at a few areas that deserve special attention.

The Stun

The initial Pounce has always been the warg’s favourite opening move and it will still be your preferred choice when using Shadow stance. Audacity means that the initial 5sec stun is cut a bit short though, even rank 1 Audacity will see that 5sec Pounce reduced to 3.75sec. That is stil enough time, however, to get off a lot of damage. In testing against a Hunter with Audacity 2 (and thus a 3.5sec stun) I was still able to dish out approximately 5k damage during the stun.

Obviously against a freep with higher Audacity you will have less time, indeed with Audacity 7 your initial stun will last just 2.5sec. The thing is though that 2.5sec is still 2.5sec where you can get in what are essentially free hits.

The point here is that you really want to get in as much damage as you possibly can during this initial stun because it sets you up for the rest of the fight. Imagine a freep with 8k morale that you manage to burn down to 4k during just the first few second sof the fight.. When the freep wakes up he is immediately at a  disadvantage and not only has to worry about hitting you back, but also about recovering some of his morale if he can.


Because Shadow stance means we can use Bestial Claws, Sudden Maul and Eye Gouge all the time i.e. they act as we were still stealthed these attacks become very difficult to block, parry or evade. In other words most of our attacks will always land, even when a freep is using some sort of buff like Touch and Go or Pledge.

This is very important to remember because your first instinct when you see one of those skills used might be to kite or run. On the contrary, we can now burn right through them! In fact it means we can now Pounce Burgers to disrupt them and still be able to hit them!

Pick Your Moments

Shadow stance is something of a glass cannon build, which means that you would do well to pick your fights wisely. That doesn’t mean that you can’t just charge into a fight, but it does mean that with a little savvy you can really get the most from thi stance.


Because of the high damage output in Shadow stance you can kill an already weakened freep very quickly. One tactic that I have found to be particularly effective is to hover around the sidelines of a battle and wait for a freep to have take a bit of damage and then make my move. The sudden burst of damage I can unleash is usually enough to finish them off and I can slink away to re-stealth and repeat this.


If you can coordinate with a couple of other wargs using Shadow stance you stand a very good chance of blitzing down a freep even when they are standing in the middle of NPCs or a freep raid. This obviously works best against squishy targets like Hunters. You just race in using stealth and everyone blasts the target with Bestial Claws as quickly as they can. A couple of decent crits from three or so wargs and the target dies extraordinarily quickly.


It might seem counter-intuitive to use Shadow stance when there is a raid vs raid fight taking place, but it can actually prove very useful for getting infamy. If you aren’t in the raid you can still be in the middle of the fight hitting freeps. The goal here isn’t to actually kill the freeps, just to do significant damage to them and let the creep raid finish them off. Because of the high damage output of Shadow stance you can do enough damage to receive a decent amount of infamy from each target even though the raid does the dirty work for you.


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