A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Shadow Stance – QQ

This isn’t so much a guide as it is a commentary because I felt I had to address the issue of the QQ that has been raining on the forums over Shadow stance. To be fair the volume of QQ over Shadow stance pales in comparison to the QQ over Flayer, but we’ll come to Flayer stance a bit later.

Ok so what exactly is the problem with Shadow stance? Well in short it allows wargs to beat freeps. That is pretty much the whole source of the Shadow stance QQ.

Looking at it in a bit more detail the ability to use stealth attacks whilst out of stealth does seem to be the main gripe amongst the usual QQ brigade. These attacks are very difficult to b/p/e and thus they can pretty much negate things like Touch and Go and so on. This means that those players who have become used to popping certain skills and automatically winning can now no longer do so. This means that they now feel underpowered. This means that they QQ.

So is this ability overpowered? No. The thing is even though we can land a lot of hits and output good damage now the fact still remains that Shadow stance does not offer much in the way of survivability. That’s a fair trade off and it’s one we see with some classes in the game that can dish out a lot of damage, but which are squishy in return. If these classes can pick their fights well they stand a good chance of winning. If someone gets the jump on them their chances drastically decrease. That seems pretty fair to me.

What isn’t fair is that a class, any class, can have an array of skills that make it nigh on invincible in just about any situation you care to mention. Shadow stance does not give the warg anything like that so even though it does offer a huge advantage in one sense it also takes away in another.

My advice for those freeps suddenly finding wargs hard when using Shadow stance would be the same advice I’ve seen those freeps dish out to creeps over the years: adapt.


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    05/04/2012 at 10:22 pm

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