A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 6 Warg Changes – Tooltips Part II





Eye Rakes

Pack Skills


Note: screenshots are from Bullroarer taken by Pikacho.


One response

  1. Thurinphir

    thinking about it for a bit…even with diminishing returns, you could Topple then Pack Flayers while waiting for stun immunity
    Or Topple could be used offensively as I use Sudden Pounce (I normally watch fights until a freep retreats with 1/3 health left, then pounce! I suppose Topple’s 10 sec duration could be used on 1/2 health enemies too)
    another way could be to Sudden Pounce a burg then, while Find Footing is on cooldown, Topple them (I wouldn’t think many burgs carry stun pots with their ‘free’ pot skill)

    so many methods of death!

    But I assume Topple is a no-no against Guardians

    02/03/2012 at 11:40 am

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