A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 6 Warg Changes – Tooltips Part I

Yesterday the public test server, Bullroarer, was made available to players and with that access they were able to check out the various changes coming with Update 6. Thankfully people has been busy scouring the test server for details of the upcoming warg changes so I thought I’d collate the new information here in one post for easy reference. I am not going to re-hash the changes we already know about, rather I am posting the information we didn’t have available before Bullroarer became active i.e. numbers, damage ratings, cooldowns, etc.


It has been confirmed that the stances are usable whilst in-combat, something I had previously suggested might be the case given how Shadow Howler currently works. Still it is nice to have confirmation of this. The actual bonuses for the stances are as follows:


  • +263.3354 ICPR
  • +15% Melee damage
The skills that always act as if used from stealth whilst in Shadow stance are as follows:
  • Eye Rake
  • Claws
  • Maul
  • Shadow Fangs

The skill Shadow Pack… consists of the ‘rude’ animation with the same patch graphic as the Defiler patch whose name escapes me(the one that Freeps QQed about with RoI). On use and for enemies(any and all enemies, NOT Creeps) that enter it they receive:

-2925 Physical Mitigation
-2925 Tactical Mitigation

When the target leaves the patch they receive:

-563 Physical Mitigation
-563 Tactical Mitigation


  • 2925 Armour
  • 1351 Physical mitigation
  • 1351 Tactical Mitigation
  • 300 morale bubble refreshing once every 7 sec
  • If bubble removed/destroyed heal for 1% of max morale
  • If bubble is not removed/destroyed heal for 5% of max morale

Pack Flayers (the unbreakable root) is a ‘Fast’ skill with a 10sec channel duration and a 30sec cooldown.

Note: Thanks to Pikacho for the screenshots!


One response

  1. LOTRO_Fanatik

    Had to leave a comment on this post as I first became aware of Shadow Pack last night in a small group fight. Shadow Pack uses the same graphic as the Defiler “Blight” AOE skill. As the only Defiler in the fight at this time, I was very confused when I started seeing the graphic in a different spot than where I threw it or seeing it when I hadn’t thrown it! That’s when someone asked if Wargs now had Blight and it was explained that it was the Shadow Pack debuff.

    I gotta say, especially when combined with Blight, Shadow Pack seems a great debuff. While in Blight, Freeps have their incoming healing reduced by 75%. Add to this the physical/tactical mitigation debuff from SP, and it’s a killer combo. To make an even better “omelet,” stack on the Weaver’s “Web the Earth” and the BA’s “Fire Trap” and we have a four part combo that should add up to a quick death for any Freep in the mix.

    20/03/2012 at 7:44 pm

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