A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Flayer Stance – Part III

In this last part I am going to focus on the various debuff and crowd control options associated with the new Flayer stance. Please see part one for a look at Flayer stance’s survival options and part two for Flayer’s stance damage options.

Pack Flayers

Of all the changes coming to wargs in Update 6 this skill seems to have caused the most tears amongst freeps. You would think the devs were outfitting wargs with machine guns the way some people are going on. It’s certainly a powerful skill, but it also proportionate and fits the warg very well.

The skill is pretty straightforward: it allows the warg to root a target in place for 10sec and the root cannot be broken by any means whatsoever except for killing the warg. Both the target and the warg are rooted in place with the target unable to block, parry or evade whilst the effect is in place. Since this is a channelled skill presumably the warg using it cannot do anything whilst the channel effect is still running.

Initially I can see two major uses for this skill. The first is of course to stop a freep from fleeing (we know they never do that!). This would obviously only work if the warg using this skill has other wargs/creeps there to help him actually kill the rooted target. Hence this skill will probably see good use in warg packs to prevent targets bolting away or simply to hold the pack’s target in place while the rest of the pack destroys it. Raaawr!

The other major use for this skill that I can see is in allowing wargs to bring a bit more utility to mixed creep raids. Creep raid leaders will no doubt find it useful to be able to use wargs to chase down fleeing freeps after a battle, but it could also be used to lock down freeps attempting to harass the creep raid’s back lines. It could even be used to lock down the creep raid’s RAT target to make it easier to kill it.

Muscle Tear

This is Flayer stance’s version of Throat Rip. Rather than silencing a target it will slow their run speed and increase their attack duration.

The duration of the debuff is pretty short, just 10sec, but the magnitude of the debuffs are pretty high to compensate for that. The target’s run speed is reduced by 50%, which means wargs now have one of the best slows in the game. Equally important though is the +33% Attack Duration effect. This is a pretty serious debuff as increasing a freep’s attack duration basically means he is going to hit you less during the fight. Couple this debuff with Flea Bitten and Brutal Fangs and we could increase a freep’s attack duration by 68% for a short time!

This will almost certainly be a must use debuff during 1vs1 fights!

Brutal Fangs

I already spoke about Brutal Fangs in Part II, but that was looking at the way it would help our damage output. Looking at just the debuffs this is a really great skill to use.

The attack duration debuff is always good of course and when stacked with our other attack duration debuffs can really slow a freep down. Definitely worth using.

As I talked about before the Evade debuff is incredibly sweet. This is a pretty major debuff and should help us land more attacks in 1vs1 situations. Even in pack/group/raid situations this debuff is really useful, especially when used on a hard to take down RAT target as it will make it that bit easier for everyone focusing fire on them.

The Brute bonus is great too albeit with a low chance to proc. Again it will be useful against tough targets as it will mean they loose some mitigations when their armour value is lowered.

Raking Claws

Again I have spoken about this skill before and again it was focused very much on the damage aspects of the skill. However, there is a great debuff associated with Raking Claws too.

This is an amazing debuff in fact. When used against induction based classes i.e. Lore-masters, Minstrels, Rune-keepers and Hunters this is going to really screw with their ability to get skills off. With raking Claws on a  1sec cooldown this debuff can be applied all the time too. It should really help to reduce what an induction class can do if their skill usage is being constantly interrupted, which means they should be pumping out less damage and healing themselves less.

The interesting thing with this debuff is that it is listed as a Brute bonus, but there is no percentage chance given for it to proc. All the other Brute bonuses have a base 5% chance to proc. Might it be then that this Brute bonus always procs? If that is the case then this really is an awesome debuff!


This is possibly our best and our worst crowd control ability. It’s a 10sec knockdown on a 10min shared cooldown with Disappear. I say best because a 10sec knockdown is of course awesome. However, using this also means we burn a very big, and very important cooldown. If you use Topple you won’t be using Disappear for a while.

Personally I don’t see this skill being used too often because of those factors, but when we do use it it should provide an enormous advantage in terms of being able to take someone out of a fight for a short while. Using it against an enemy raid’s healers could be a good alternative to silencing them (since we won’t have silences when using Flayer stance). The healer won’t be able to pot it and will be out for the count for a good while. It might also see use in immobilising RAT targets in order for a raid to better burn them down. Either way it should provide wargs with more utility in raids as well as in 1vs1 situations.


4 responses

  1. Apoluk

    Hey Guys,
    played Beta today and look at this:

    Traitet Dissapear provides now a 5 minute Cooldown for Dissapear/ Topple!

    If someone mentioned it already, ignore my comment.

    02/03/2012 at 6:06 pm

  2. Pawjaw

    I haven’t thoroughly tested it, but Pack Hunter on Flayer stance seems to get “interrupted” after getting hit in succession. Orion promised us a root that would never break, but unfortunatly we’ve been tricked on this one. But it’s quite a long way to go live, so there’s still time to fix this, if it wasn’t intended to be that way.

    03/03/2012 at 1:18 am

  3. Grashnahl

    Another use of Pack Flayers could be to root a Champ or Guard as soon as they pop Sprint to make them burn the duration of it. I realize this might not work so well in practice, however, due to the long duration of Sprint that Champs and Guards have been traiting for as well as the fact that you’d need to be really quick to respond.

    Just a theory 🙂 Probably not so great in practice. Sprint + Tendon Shred will still do the job.

    03/03/2012 at 8:16 am

  4. Feelmybite

    In testing, the brute bonus for raking claws isn’t 100%, but it is much higher than any other brute bones. With the +20% chance to proc brute bonuses buff on, I’d estimate that this procced about 85% of the time.

    03/03/2012 at 8:53 pm

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