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Wargs Getting Buffed! Send For The QQ Brigade!

With the upcoming changes to wargs in Update 6 there has been a fair bit of QQ from the usual suspects over various aspects of the changes. One of the biggest sources of QQ has been the emphasis placed on promoting wargs to group in packs. The regular reader of this blog will be well aware of the enormous QQ that regularly erupts over the madcap notion of wargs grouping up, but with these changes the QQ seems to be gaining new momentum.

I’m not going to re-hash previous posts on this subject, I’m simply going to cover two important points related to this update. The first of which centres on the new abilities wargs are getting i.e. Topple and the unbreakable root.

Oh Noes I Can’t Get Away!

One of the QQ arguments with these skills is that a pack of wargs will be able to lock a target in place and demolish them and that this isn’t fair. Well let’s just look at this for a moment because this really isn’t anything new. A pack of wargs can already destroy a single target pretty quickly so what is the difference here? It’s the idea that the freep won’t be able to move whilst it’s happening that is causing the panic.

There are two things I would say about this. Number one is that this will really only impact classes that have become too used to popping speed enhancing skills and/or bubbles, etc to skip out of danger. For the likes of Hunters, etc it’s really just business as usual given that they have little survivability once actually engaged by a pack. In other words this unbreakable root seems to be more a case of upsetting those who are a little too used to getting away.

The second point is that the warg using this skill will also be rooted in place. That means the freeps have a chance to kill that warg, and a relatively good chance compared with normal play given that the warg will be a sitting duck. If anything this should be welcomed by freeps because it means a warg is placing himself right in the firing line and giving his opponents a better crack at taking him down.

They’re Playing That Old Tune Again

The other major point here is the warg pack itself. I saw a great quote (great for all the wrong reasons) on the forum today and thought I’d share it with you:

This update is just giving bad players playing wargs more reasons to pack up instead of learning their class and playing as well as the top 5-6 wargs on their server

There is so much wrong with this statement it’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Let’s start with the notion that joining a pack somehow means you can’t learn how to play a warg. Well that is not only false it is actually contrary to how many, perhaps even most, wargs actually do learn to play their class. A freshly rolled warg on his first day is not only weak, he is inexperienced. How does he gain experienced? He joins other wargs. Playing in a pack allows the new wargs to learn from the older wargs; they can pick up useful tips, gain advice on traits and skills; see how certain abilities are used in practice; watch how more experienced wargs handle certain situations and so on. Far from retarding a warg’s learning curve the pack accentuates it and makes them a better warg.

Another point here is the idea that the ‘top 5-6 wargs’ don’t play in packs. This is a pretty sweeping statement. Is this true for all servers? I know that on the server I play on the top wargs do join packs as well as playing solo. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this was the case on other servers too. The idea that wargs reach some sort of plateau where they no longer play in packs at all is patently false. Some individual players may not enjoy packs, etc, but that is a rather different statement than saying that the best wargs simply do not play in packs.

Last, but not least, is the implied notion that playing in a pack requires no skill when compared to playing solo. Again this is simply untrue as any warg who regularly plays in a pack knows all too well. In fact it could be argued that playing in a pack requires more skill than playing solo, or at the very least an equal, albeit different, level of skill. You have to be mindful of positioning; you have to react quickly to orders; you have to be aware of what everyone else in the pack is doing; you have to control your skill usage and so on.

What we actually have with this sort of QQ is the same tired old arguments against warg packs and they all rest on the same basic principle: I was ganked and I feel it is unfair. There is nothing new at all here.


One response

  1. Inga

    I think the main issues for the complaints are
    1) compared to some other Creeps, the Wargs aren’t in that bad shape, it’s more of a general creep vs freep imbalance
    2) we have too much Wargs already

    so the question becomes did they really have to buff the Warg first?

    And as far as packs go, some are fun and require skill, but often they really are just ganksquads. Like that packleader I ran into recently that walked away from a 3 (freeps) to 11 (wargs) stealth hit on a slow afternoon because the freeps were with ‘too many’. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find 11-to-1 fights very interesting from either side.

    01/03/2012 at 1:16 pm

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