A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg Dev Diary

Yesterday Turbine posted the dev diary for the warg changes we heard about from Orion a few weeks ago. The dev diary itself doesn’t really contain anything new that we didn’t already hear from Orion. There was a typo in the diary that saw Flayer stance listed as a rank 15 skill, but Sapience quickly cleared that up and clarified that it will in fact be a rank 10 skill. Sapience also stated that Flayer stance will be replacing Shadow Howler, so if you already have Shadow Howler for your warg it should automatically convert into Flayer stance once Update 6 goes live.

I have posted the dev diary below in its entirety:


Wargs have always been the stealth class of the Ettenmoors. Using the element of surprise to their advantage, they can be devastating to square off with one versus one. However, once exposed from stealth, they usually end up dead in a matter of moments due to their low survivability. This guerilla warfare like playstyle, while fun, feel limiting. The changes made in this update were to address this specific issue.

This update the Warg will have two distinct playstyles that players can choose: The fragile stealthier or the scrapping brawler. For the Warg that has been dying to charge in and ferociously rip their opponents apart while soaking up damage, your time has come.


The Warg is being outfitted with two new stances: Shadow and Flayer.

Shadow Stance:

  • “You attack your enemy from every shadow, dealing devastating damage.”
  • Unlocks: Rank 1
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds (shared with Flayer)
  • Melee damage increased
  • Moderate in-combat power regeneration
  • Some skills will always execute as “From Stealth”

Flayer Stance (Replaces Shadow Howler):

  • “Forsaking speed and surprise for defense, you become a juggernaut on the battlefield.”
  • Unlocks: Rank 10
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds (shared with Shadow)
  • Cannot stealth or disappear while in this stance.
  • Moderately Increases:
    • Armour value
    • Tactical mitigation
    • Physical mitigation
  • Places a morale bubble on the Warg which refreshes every 7 seconds. When the bubble pops, the Warg receives 1% of its max health. If the bubble is not popped, the Warg gains 5% of its max health.
  • Unable to stealth in this stance.
  • Certain abilities have “Brute Bonuses” which have a chance to add additional debuffs to your target.

Skill Changes:

The following skills will be altered to help drive players into the two new stances.

Stealth and Brute:

Stealth will become a new ability in Flayer named Brute. Brute will increase your chance to unlock the brute bonuses for your abilities.

Disappear and Topple:

Since you are unable to stealth in Flayer, Disappear will also become a new ability named Topple.


  • Knocks your target to the ground for a long duration.
  • Shares a cooldown with Disappear.

Throat Rip and Muscle Tear:

While in Shadow Stance or no stance, Throat Rip will function as it had previously; silencing your target for a long duration. However if you are in Flayer Stance, Throat Rip becomes Muscle Tear.

Muscle Tear:

  • Decreased target’s movement speed and attack speed for a long duration.

Changes to Snap:

In Flayer Stance or no stance, Snap will do the following:

  • Reduce melee, ranged, and tactical damage on the target.
  • On critical: disarm the target for a short duration.

In Shadow Stance, it will become Snap! The major difference is instead of disarming the target; it will silence them for 5 seconds.

Claws Changes:

  • No Stance: Claws
    • Deal good common damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • Light power cost
  • Shadow Stance: Bestial Claws
    • Increased damage of Claws
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • Increased power cost of Claws
  • Flayer Stance: Raking Claw
    • Same up front damage as Claws
    • Applies a damage over time effect that does about half the upfront damage
      • This effect stacks up to three times.
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Places a wound on the target that will interrupt inductions every few seconds for duration of effect

Maul Changes:

  • No Stance: Maul
    • Deal common damage
    • Common bleed damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • On critical: Reduces incoming healing
  • Shadow Stance: Sudden Maul
    • Slightly increased Maul damage
    • Slightly increased Maul bleed damage
    • Bonus damage when attacking from behind
    • On Critical: Grants attack speed buff.
  • Flayer Stance: Agonizing Maul
    • Moderately increased Maul damage
    • Moderately increased Maul bleed damage
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Reduces incoming healing.

Savage Fangs Changes:

  • No Stance: Savage fangs
    • Increases attack duration of target
    • Reduces target’s block rating.
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
  • Shadow Stance: Shadow Fangs
    • Increases induction duration of target
    • Reduces target’s parry rating.
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
  • Flayer Stance: Brutal Fangs
    • Increases attack duration of target
    • Reduces target’s parry rating
    • If Crippling Bite is present, adds a bleeding effect
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Reduces armour rating of target.

Dire Howl Changes:

  • No Stance: Dire Howl
    • Silences multiple targets
  • Shadow Stance: Howl from the Shadow
    • Silences even more targets than Dire Howl
  • Flayer Stance: Howl of Aggression
    • Disarms multiple targets.

Changes to Eye Rake:

  • No Stance: Eye Rake
    • Deals good damage
    • Interrupts inductions
  • Shadow Stance: Eye Gouge
    • Deals good damage
    • Increased damage from behind
    • Interrupts inductions
    • From Stealth:
      • Decreases range of all ranged skills
  • Flayer Stance: Eye Gash
    • Deals good damage
    • Interrupts inductions
    • Chance to activate Brute Bonus:
      • Lowers target’s block, parry, and evade rating.

Changes to Pack Hunters:

Pack Hunters will be the only racial skill that will be changing to accommodate the new stances. If a pack of Wargs successfully uses all the variations of this skill to their advantage, they can become a force to be reckoned with.

  • No stance: Pack Hunters
    • Adds a damage boosting effect to the target.
    • Cooldown: 30s
  • Shadow Stance: Shadow Pack
    • The Warg marks his territory, lowering the defenses of all enemies who enter it.
    • Cooldown: 60s
  • Flayer Stance: Pack Flayers
    • Applies an unbreakable root to the target and the Warg. During this channel, the target is unable to block, parry, or evade.
    • Cooldown: 60s

4 responses

  1. Bloodspill

    I am excited to give these stances a try, I enjoy raiding as a warg and having better survivability is great. Looking forward to using Pack Flayers, it’s sort of a ‘if im going down im taking you with me’ skill, will get me killed alot but the freep will be exposed to any other creeps around.
    Also great to see some pvp love from the devs, hope they keep it up.

    29/02/2012 at 3:20 pm

  2. Snap

    The 10 second CD on the stances is nice to see, it should allow us to drop Flayer pop disappear, or pop disappear and drop Shadow, then enter the opposed stance as soon as the 10 second safety net is gone. This could lead to some very interesting solo tactics.

    29/02/2012 at 5:33 pm

  3. Thorgrum

    I have some concerns with the warg updates and I appear to be in a minority. First let me say I’m glad some changes are happening, that in of itself is a positive thing. However Flayer stance lays waste everything we have been groomed to do in the moors. If we are a stealth based class, why would we want to pop from it? It’s clear to me this new stance is designed to encourage packing which isn’t counterintuitive to the class at all. That said little has been given to the shadow warg, while the diary reads as damage increases the astute reader has to observe that shadow howler is gone and the loss is a major one.

    The one potential saving grace is, can you switch stances while in combat? If you can then we get our cake and eat it too because I can pounce, crippling bite switch to flayer. If I can’t switch while in combat the new damage doesn’t make up for what was lost with SH. This is troubling for the solo warg because now I’m almost forced to pack. I can’t imagine running through the moors in flayer fully exposed without the benefit of a group.

    I’ll still be able to in shadow but now I’m going to have to very conservative (more so then before). Overall a good update but a nerf to the solo warg player.

    29/02/2012 at 8:33 pm

  4. Snap

    I’m most concerned that our silence(s) and disarm are being separated by stance. But as long as entering stealth isn’t the same being in the Shadow stance, I don’t see us as having lost much, if anything.

    29/02/2012 at 9:00 pm

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