A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

The Problem Of Many

Are too many wargs bad for the Ettenmoors? You might expect me to say no, of course not. However, I do actually believe that too many wargs out there are bad for PvMP in general. Now the same could be said about any class really, one only has to look at the current Champion and Minstrel populations to see that. What makes things so bad with wargs though is that we are a stealth class.

Let me be clear here, I am not saying that people should not play a Warg, they should because we are awesome, but it is better for the overall balance of PvMP if wargs don’t make up the huge proportion of the creep player base the they currently do. If you look at the statistics for each server on the Black Appendage site you will see that it is not uncommon for wargs to make up anywhere between 30-40% of a given server’s creep population. That is an extraordinarily high number for any one class, let alone a stealth class.

So what is the problem? Well simply put people find stealth classes annoying. Now in their proper proportion this is bearable. However, when that stealth class is accounting for 1 out of every 3 of the opponents you face it can become unbearable.

Too many wargs can make it very difficult for freeps, and even other creeps, to play the game properly. Freeps get constantly ganked at every turn to the point where they simply log off. That isn’t good for anyone. It also makes it harder for other creeps to get kills when packs of wargs are killing freeps before they can even get to where the action is supposed to be.

Now the answer isn’t to nerf wargs or make them less desirable to play. The answer is to make the other creep classeds more desirable to play than they currently are. We have already seen some inkling of the with Kelsan’s recent post about Weavers. The same needs to be done for the other creep classes. Make them more desirable to play and we should see a more balanced creep side.

A drop in Warg numbers is actually a good thing for wargs. With fewer wargs around it means freeps are more likely to stick around, which means more kills for wargs. It also means that wargs become less of a target for the freeps as with more creeps from other classes around they will present easier pickings for the freeps.


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