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Last Man Standing – An Encounter With A Champion

I posted about the current state of play vis a vis Champions a few days ago. The general consensus in the comments was that Champions are walking gods in the Ettens at the moment and that wargs should leave them alone. I personally think Champions are still beatable, but only under certain conditions e.g. the player isn’t very good, you get lucky, etc. However, this evening I had an experience, which shakes that view a bit.

I was leading a small pack of five wargs (including myself) and we happened upon a Champion and a Minstrel at South Bridge. With a dash of bravado I decided we should go in for the kill. We attacked the Minstrel first and whilst it wasn’t a super quick kill the Minstrel did die. The Champion, however, proved to be a different matter altogether.

With FIVE wargs attacking him he not only managed to survive for a considerable length of time, he almost managed to kill TWO of us! Just to emphasise this point, five wargs attacking one Champion struggled to kill him whilst he almost killed two of us in return.

That can’t be right surely? How can it be considered fair or balanced that a group of five players struggle to kill a single opponent and almost loose two of their number in the process?

Now I can hear the freep whiners reaching for their keyboards to tell me to stop moaning as I type this, but this isn’t a post designed to whine. I am genuinely asking how this can constitute balance.I realise it sounds rich for a warg to be saying he is puzzled/annoyed/upset/whatever that his pack couldn’t gank a lone freep, but leave your views of that to the side for the moment. Consider just the facts: five versus one.

Whether it’s five freeps versus one creep or the other way around it can’t be right that that single player can stand up to that punishment for so long whilst simultaneously dishing out huge amounts of damage. One or the other by all means, but not both.


3 responses

  1. Feelmybite

    It all boils down, imho, to Turbine’s view of PvMP and human nature. Turbine views PvMP as a side thing and a very small side thing at that. It takes long periods of time to fix bugs and balance issues and that is one of the things that we’re experiencing now. Between Turbine’s ineptitude with fixing our mits and the crazy OPness of champs atm, creeps are hurting. Freeps are happy with this since it means more renown for them, and Turbine is more worried about bugs in their precious PvE instances. Now, don’t get me wrong, not trying to be bias and say that creeps wouldn’t do the same thing. I think that if the roles were reversed and creeps were OP, the majority of us would say that things were fine as they were.

    20/01/2012 at 4:30 am

  2. Slim

    Maybe he is just better geared/higher ranked than you. In dark age of camelot, my sorc killed a group of 8 one time, because they were all RR1 and I was RR8 with all cds up.

    27/01/2012 at 5:53 pm

  3. Ghamlak

    My warg was R2 or R3 when he had his first encounter with a Champion. Reviewing the combat log, I saw that he had Exchange of blows activated, which reflects a little damage when taken.
    Well, I was astonished to see that my DOTs actually did more damage to me than to him! He was reflecting about 30-40% higher damage from them. Of course my warg was still doing common damage (shadow is R4), but it didn’t look fair at all to me.

    30/01/2012 at 12:06 am

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