A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Common Questions For Pups

I get asked many questions by new wargs. Often these are questions more seasoned wargs would consider to be ‘n00by questions’ or to be self-evident. However, there really isn’t any information source out there to cover some of the really basic issues that new wargs find themselves wondering about. Here I am going to try and some of those questions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it helps some of the new pups.

Can the Maul/Bloody Maul DoT be removed?

No. This DoT is incurable and will only be removed when its effect duration expires.

Can I shorten the cooldown of Disappear?

Yes. Disappear normally has a 10min cooldown, but this can be shortened to 7min by using the trait Enhanced Skill: Disappear.

Can freeps hear me moving through water/howling/etc whilst I am stealthed?

No. You can hear these effects, but freeps cannot.

Why do I get an error message ‘Not within range’ when trying to use a skill even though I am right next to a freep?

This is probably due to server performance i.e. lag. Even though it appears you are right on top of a freep the server has calculated your position and the freep’s position and due to lag you don’t see that the freep has actually moved slightly past you and out of the range of your skill.

How do I know if I am being tracked?

You will see a text message appear in your chat tab that says: “You feel as though you are being followed …”. You need to de-stealth and then re-stealth to throw off the track.

I bought the Sense Prey skill, but I can’t track stealthed targets. Why?

The rank 9 skill ‘Sense Prey’ only allows you to track visible targets. To track stealthed targets you will also need the rank 10 trait ‘Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey’. This alters your Sense Prey skill so that you can track stealthed targets.

I created a warg, but I can’t move very quickly. How do I move faster?

You need to buy the trait ‘Enhanced Skill: Stealth’. This allows you to move faster whilst you are stealthed and also increases your stealth level, making it harder for freeps to spot you.

I have all the traits that increase stealth level, but Hunters can still track me. Why?

Stealth level doesn’t prevent you from being tracked by Hunters. Stealth level makes it harder for freeps in general to spot you in stealth if you move close to them. There is nothing you can do to prevent tracks other than to kill the Hunter! See this post for more information.

How can I get the healing howl skill?

This skill is called ‘Rallying Howl’ and you need to have the trait ‘Advanced Skill: Rallying Howl’ equipped. You get this trait at rank 5 although you can buy it from the store before then.

How do I get racial traits?

You need special barter tokens called ‘stones’ to be able to trade for these traits. The first one you can purchase becomes available at rank 5 although you can purchase these traits in the Store. The barter stones you need drop from mobs in the Delving of Fror zone.

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