A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


Last night I casually glanced at my status bar whilst on my freep and saw that the PVE buff for freep control of the Ettenmoors was active. That wasn’t too surprising, after all the mitigation bug has meant that there are very few creeps around these days on my server and thus the map has a propensity to be in freep hands. In short there is more chance of action in a nun’s knickers than in the Ettens at the moment. I digress though.

I read the tooltip for this buff and was floored by the irony contained in it. Take a look at the screenshot below:

The first line read: “Battles go well in the Ettenmoors“. You bet your arse they do! If you’re a freep that is.

The real killer though is this line: “All the Free Peoples there benefit from these good tidings“. It’s hard not to imagine that line referencing the current mitigation bug. Just for a moment imagine that that is what it means … you better believe all the Free Peoples would benefit from such ‘good tidings’.

2 responses

  1. Guthmak

    What I would like to see going forward (assuming the mit bug is fixed and there is something extra to help balance creep vs freep play after ROI uncapped stats) is control in the moors has a deeper impact on creeps and freeps. These are nice bonuses but this could be extended:

    Freeps: The freep people rejoice, everyone is happy so…
    1. 5% discount on travel
    2. 10-15% vendor discount
    3. +1 hope
    Creeps: The eye is happy battles go well
    1. +5% morale
    2. +5% out of combat run speed (stacked with march and whatever else you have)
    3. 10-15% vendor discount
    4. +1% tact crit bonus

    So the effect is to make it more of an incentive to control the moors. I want balance first, but control of the moors should change hands frequently in a more balanced world and if one side dominates in that world the rewards should be noticeable.

    10/01/2012 at 4:34 pm

  2. Roudy

    I haven’t seen any blogging about this mitigation bug. Do you think you could write up something about it?

    12/01/2012 at 2:03 am

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