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Open World PvMP?

Continuing on the theme of the ongoing GM PvMP events currently being held and how poorly they have been implemented and received there is something that has risen from ashes of these events that is really important. If the events themselves have proven to be a damp squib and a disappointment for the PvMP community then the discussions that have arisen from this have shifted a lot more focus on PvMP in LOTRO.

Across the official forums lots of people are talking about these events and what could be done to make them better. Those of us who were with Codemasters back in the day of course have our own take because we actually experienced great GM events in the Moors. However, there seems to be a growing call for some form of open world PvMP in LOTRO.

Now this is a very big topic for all sorts of reasons and I am not going to be able to do it justice in a single blog post. What I will do, however, is outline the basic problems with open world PvMP in LOTRO and suggest how these issues might be overcome.

The Problems

  • For one thing LOTRO has always been primarily a PVE game. You can’t now go and change that focus by allowing open world PvMP almost 5 years after the game launched.
  • The servers were probably never built to cope with the sort of demands open world PvMP would place on them.
  • It may be exciting to roam around the PVE map for a while, but soon the lack of PvMP content there would start to bite i.e. no keeps to take, no control points to capture, etc. Adding those all across the map would be a herculean effort at this point in the game.
  • The PVE regions were never designed with PvMP in mind. The terrain may not always be suitable for PvMP action. So too the areas involved are huge, would that allow for action to be concentrated properly?

The Solutions

PvMP Skirmishes

This is a pretty good idea in my opinion, and also a simple one. How about instanced PvMP fights that take the form of skirmishes? They would function pretty much like skirmishes do at the moment only the freep group wouldn’t be fighting NPCs, they would fighting a group of creeps.

The advantages here are enormous. Creeps would get to experience new locations whilst PVE players wouldn’t be inconvenienced. The artwork for these locations is already present in the game so new new assets in that sense would need to be constructed. It’s true that perhaps new rewards or goals would need to be created for these skirmishes, but that would probably involve less work than creating new regions from scratch.

New PvMP Maps

Part of the reason for calling for open world PvMP is borne out of frustration at having been confined to the Ettenmoors for almost 5 years. Adding new PvMP maps, whether large like the Ettens, or even on a more modest scale, on a regular basis would help mollify this frustration. A change of scenery every six months or so would help to alleviate boredom and keep things fresh.

One Off Events

Allowing creeps out of the Ettenmoors into specially selected and controlled PVE zones once in a while (under GM supervision) might also be a workable idea. A region could be picked and ‘closed off’  from the rest of the game by one shotting NPCs that would instantly kill any creeps attempting to leave. This would probably still illicit whining from PVE players, but if such events were held sparing, say once every few months it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

A PvMP Server

The ultimate solution would be to launch a brand new server that allowed open world PvMP. This server would be advertised as such so players would know what they were signing up for. It would have the benefits of not being bogged down with concerns about PVE impact, and crucially it might also mean that the server could be setup for the heavy loads it might have to bear.


3 responses

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  2. Steve

    Considering the amount I already roam the Moors… with an open PvMP server, I’d never log off. Just feed it directly into my veins!!!

    21/12/2011 at 4:30 pm

  3. Intravenous PvMP! lol

    22/12/2011 at 4:46 pm

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