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Update 5 Goodies For Wargs Part III

Build 2 for Bullroarer has been released and the patch notes bring with them some more PvMP updates, including some warg specific updates. As usual I’m taking a look at exactly what each of these changes mean. First up are the warg specific changes …

Warg Specific Changes

  • Long Strides now provides +5% Stealth Movement Speed
  • Four-legged Foe now provides +5% Stealth Movement Speed
  • Enhanced Stealth- Stealth Movement Speed buff increased by 10%

These are really interesting changes because they increase our stealth movement speed.  These aren’t increases to the existing bonuses these traits give with the exception of Enhanced Skill: Stealth, which only ever boosted stealth movement speed. The changes to Long Strides and Four-legged Foe are in addition to the existing benefits those traits confer.

Our base movement speed whilst stealthed is 50% i.e. we move at half the rate we would if unstealthed. Now every warg will have Enhanced Skill: Stealth traited and at the moment that increases our movement speed in stealth by 45% for a total movement speed of 95%. Long Strides currently provides an extra 5% movement speed as does Four-legged Foe. With both of those traits slotted our movement speed whilst stealthed would be 105% and when not stealthed we would be moving at 110%.

Now what these changes do is to increase our movement speed whilst stealthed. So assuming Enhanced Skill: Stealth is traited we would in fact be moving at 105% since this trait is gaining an extra 10% stealth movement speed. In other words we will be able to move as fast in stealth as we currently can using three traits by traiting just Enhanced Skill: Stealth! Sweet!

Now with either Long Strides or Four-legged Foe traited as well we would be moving at 115% whilst stealthed. This is because each of those traits gives +5% movement speed AND +5% stealth movement speed. The cumulative effect is +10% movement speed whilst stealthed from each trait.

If both are traited then we would be able to move at 125% whilst stealthed!

Isn’t This Over Powered?

In a word, no. You see there are three key factors to consider here that mean these enhancements are not over powered.

The first point is that these speed increases are only whilst stealthed. When not stealthed we will be moving as fast as we always have. In other words freep slows will be just as effective on us as ever.

The second point to consider is that the March! skill is near useless for wargs since it can’t be used whilst stealthed. Simply put stealth is not worth giving up for a 25% speed increase. That means that wargs are at a disadvantage compared with every other creep class then.No other creep class has to sacrifice one of their primary abilities in order to use March! Wargs do. Thus thee enhancements help to rectify that imbalance.

The third, and arguably most important, point is that these speed enhancements require traits to be slotted. There are a finite number of trait slots available and slotting all three of these traits means we have to forgo something else. It’s not necessarily the case that every warg will choose to have all three of these traits slotted (with the exception of Enhanced Skill: Stealth, which is an absolute necessity).

3 responses

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  2. Grashnahl

    Haha! The heck with March!, I’d much rather have this. Not so fast that it’s overpowered, but fast enough to make a difference. So we’ll be moving faster in stealth than out of stealth? I approve 🙂

    24/11/2011 at 9:44 am

  3. Wargon

    Hey, create, test changes and new post !

    This is the best blog, congratulations!!!!!!

    12/12/2011 at 5:23 pm

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