A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 5 Goodies For Wargs

Patch notes for the current test version of Update 5 on Bullroarer were released yesterday and praise be there is some new stuff for wargs! Let’s get right into it!

“Rend Flesh” now properly consumes the Critical Response when used.

An expected fix for what was a bug. Nothing else to say on this one.

“Rend Flesh” and “Sudden Pounce” base damage increased by 50%.

Wow! This is a pretty increase to both skills’ damage and a very welcome addition. Neither skill is a big damage dealer at the moment although both have other uses of course. This change should be a very nice addition and not only help to open a fight better, but also pushes Rend Flesh up into a standard rotation even more if it’s hitting harder.

“Rend Flesh” power cost reduced

As above this should help make Rend Flesh a standard part of our rotation. A great wee change this one.

“Bloody Maul” base damage increased by 60%

In a word “Sweet!”. Like the Sudden Pounce increase this should help open a fight with a bigger punch.

Skills that do bonus positional damage are now called out in tooltips.

Thank the maker! There is literally no mention of warg positional damage anywhere either in the game, on the forum or in any official documentation. This should be really helpful for new wargs to let them know to get behind their opponents.

“Bestial Claws”, “Sudden Pounce”, and “Bloody Maul” damage increased

Some of this is covered in the points above, but it’s great to see Bestial Claws being given a boost too. This means that all of our combat opening skills i.e. Bestial Claws, Bloody Maul and Sudden Pounce are now hitting harder. Once the numbers are released I’ll be taking a a more in-depth look at these three skills.

“Sudden Pounce” & “Bloody Maul” power costs increased

No doubt this is in response to these skills having their damage increased. That’s fair enough, and since these skills are generally only used once per fight it shouldn’t present too much of a drain on our power pools.

“Claws” power cost reduced

Oh man is this a good change! It’s one of those changes that on the face of it looks nice, but when you actually look at it a bit more closely you realise that it is in fact awesome! Our standard rotation often sees us falling back on good old reliable Claws to deal damage when other skills are on cooldown or we can’t get crit responses.Unfortunately given our low power regen rates and relatively small power pools the current power cost of Claws means that we run out of juice pretty fast. Reducing the power cost of this skill is simply fantastic!

“Flea Bitten” fixed a bug that caused the effect to be applied to the Warg instead of enemies.

Good to see that this is fixed. Wouldn’t be too fond of having (more) fleas!

Check our Part II for the more general creep/PvMP changes in Update 5 and what they mean for wargs.


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